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We design and develop native taxi booking apps solution like Uber & Lyft for Android and iOS platforms.

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Taxi Booking App

Want to manage your entire taxi business from riders to bookings, drivers to taxis, and billing to rating at one single platform? Get your own taxi management solution now and automate your day-to-day taxi operations.

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Taxi Booking App Development

Let’s Digitize Your Taxi Business

If you are a taxi business owner and tired of managing daily business operations like booking of riders, payments, the total number of drivers along with their taxis, and checking and maintaining manual reports on revenue, then you are at the right place.

We design and develop online taxi booking app solution, including a dedicated driver and passenger apps, taxi dispatch desktop panel (Control Dashboard), and Manager/Operation partner panel that automate your taxi business with less human intervention.

We do have a big and dedicated taxi app developer team, which has years of industry and technology experience. The same team has already delivered over 54 Uber like apps from scratch. So, you can be confident that you are in safe hands.

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Are you looking for a company who can develop apps like Uber?

Whether you are just a taxi startup or your taxi business is already in full gear, our experienced team can develop a custom taxi booking app solution as per your requirements. Based on our taxi industry experience, we have successfully automated daily operations of these businesses through uber like app solution:

Taxi Businesses

Taxi Business

If you own a taxi startup or business and want to improve your customer service, your taxi has reached the right destination. We along with our team develop ride-hailing apps to streamline your taxi business errands. From tracking down drivers and their location to maintaining billing information, rider’s ratings to rider’s bookings, there is nothing that our custom taxi app solution can’t do.

Rental Car Businesses

Rental Car Businesses

Whether you an owner of a growing rental car business or planning to enter a vehicle rental business, we are here by your side to expand your business exponentially. Allow your riders to choose a car and duration of renting a car with car rental app. From booking a car to keeping tabs on your fleet, we make it easy to track vehicles and strengthen user experience without your intervention.



Happy employees make a better business! Do you own a company where you provide cabs for your employees’ commute? Make sure that employees never face any problem while commuting. To make it easy for different shift’s employees to book a cab as per their shift timing, provide your employees with an app. An app to book a company cab as per their shift timing.

Tow Truck/Roadside Assistance

Tow Truck or Roadside Assistance

Whether it’s in the middle of a highway or the clock has struck midnight bell, be ready to help your customers with tow truck services. We develop apps like Uber for Tow Truck or HONK. Allow your customers to select a location, choose a service like a flat tire, dead battery, an engine problem, out of fuel, or any other problem through an app like Uber for the tow truck.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

It doesn’t matter if you have to manage 10 cars or 1000 vehicles, we’re here to assist in managing a fleet. We design and develop a custom cloud-based fleet management solution from scratch, allowing businesses to manage car rentals to aviation and shipping services with just a few clicks. Now, tracking the physical location of fleets, monitor the driver’s behaviour to stay compliant with ELD and FMCSA regulations become much easier with fleet management solution.

Bus Services

Bus Services

If you own a bus service company, a bus booking app is the need of the hour. The bus booking app helps both travelers and daily commuters to have instant access to your service. We develop a bus booking app, depending on your requirements with custom features and functionalities.

Whether you own any of these mentioned businesses or one that we have missed to mention here, get in touch with our us and know how Uber like app solution can help your business to grow.

We have Developed Customised
Uber like Apps with these Features

Rider App
  • Advance Booking

    Allow your valued riders to book a cab in advance whether they are scheduling it for office, doctor’s appointment or any other reason. With advance booking feature, the riders will never be late and don’t have to wait for cabs. To book a cab in advance, riders just need to enter the time, date, and select destination and its done.

  • Special Requests

    Make it easier for passengers to do special requests like car seats for newborn babies, special arrangements for the elderly, disabled and kids and even request woman drivers for women passengers, among other things. This feature caters special needs of passengers without compromising the quality of service.

  • Save Destinations

    How about it if passengers only need to select the destination where they want to travel? Without entering the entire address, again and again, they select the address from the saved list and book a ride. Save destinations allow passengers to save their frequent travel destinations like home, office, regular check-up to doctor and other places.

  • Map View

    Through map feature, users easily view the route and know the distance between their pick-up and drop-off location. It allows passengers to constantly track the route and check whether the driver is the right route or not.

  • Feedback and Rating

    With feedback and rating option, passengers can easily share their feedback and riding experience with you through the application. The passengers can rate the driver and share their experience it was a comfortable ride or not. The rating and feedback help future riders to decide if they wish to confirm/decline the ride or change the driver.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Passengers don’t need to worry even if they’re short on cash. Provide your riders with multiple payment options like e-wallets, net banking, debit/credit cards, and other payment options. As per the convenience, passengers can make use of any payment option and make payments securely.

Driver App
  • Real-time Request

    Taxi drivers will get requests from the riders in real-time and as per their convenience, drivers can accept or cancel the request in a limited time-frame before sending it to the other optimal driver.

  • Rating & Reviews

    Not only riders but even drivers can also share their opinions and give ratings to passengers. Drivers can also share their experience with the rider and share their feedback. It allows other drivers to easily handle customers.

  • My Destination

    Just like Uber’s Destination Trip, allow your taxi drivers to enter only predefined routes at the time of heading back so that they get only those requests from passengers that come in their routes.

  • Emergency Contacts

    All the drivers can save emergency contacts in the application so that whenever the drivers are in any problem, they can click on emergency contacts, so selected numbers will get the text messages with a location. This promotes driver as well as customer safety.

  • Referral Codes

    Allow all the drivers to earn more by sharing referral codes with other drivers and privileges. There is an “Invite Friends” button, availing to share the code with friends.

  • Driver Dashboard

    Drivers track their continuing trips, performance, passenger experience and feedback and other details to gain useful insights to review their work and improve it.

Admin Panel
  • Assign Trips

    Admin of the business can assign trips to drivers when the customer is not able to request a ride because of the network or technical issues. Admin may also assign trips to drivers in areas that have high request rates.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admin can take follow up on every single trip if wish to: ongoing, upcoming, pending, cancelled and completed. At one single platform, admin can have a look at all the trips in one view. This will assist the admin to monitor all the activities happening on the user and driver apps.

  • Customer Grievances

    To maintain a loyal customer base, the admin needs to know if the customer has any complaints or special demands. Each feedback is recorded and is used as a source for market research for improving client experience.

  • Fare Management

    This one is the most important features for the admin of the business. Admins manage and strategize fare prices according to the area, time, fuel prices, and other parameters with this. Fare management is necessary to reach and maintain a profit margin.

  • Driver Commission

    With this feature, admin manages commission rates of all drivers, depending on their work experience, professionalism, passenger feedback, and performance. Commission rates may vary depending on the group of drivers.

  • Admin Reports

    Admin generates a quarterly and yearly report on his taxi business and checks the total trip statistics for a period defined. Whether the admin wants to generate a report on vehicle management, customer management, the total number of invoice creation or work order & maintenance planning, with some clicks on the dashboard, the report is here to generate.

Found these features useful to include in the taxi booking system? Do you have any other feature in mind that you want to discuss? Get in touch with us and discuss your list of features.

Taxi Booking Apps Developed By Us

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Our Process of Taxi Booking App Development

Gathering Requirements


Acquiring Information

The first step is to understand your taxi business, its specific requirements, and processes. Our sales representatives will contact you to comprehend all your requirements and necessary information in order to discuss the type of solution you need for your taxi business.




Your taxi booking app solution now needs a blueprint structure. This is expertly created by our business analyst team. The wireframe for each screen explains the features, aims, and specifications of different screens.




Our designing team keeps the relay going on by designing your app. Our skilled team will design perfect graphics, colour schemes, subject and iconography as per your needs and expectations.

Designing Development



Our mobile app developers commence their work as soon as the designs are finalized. Our developer team develops your taxi app solution with requisite features and functionalities so that you can manage your entire taxi business at a single platform.




To ensure that the developed app solution has no discrepancies, our quality assurance team will test the app for bugs. The developers fix any bugs found and the app works as smoothly as you want.




The last step is to deploy the car booking system app to your server and upload it on App Stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store), where the riders can find it and use it to book taxis from your services.

Planning to start your own taxi business or already have one that you want to grow? Let’s connect and discuss how taxi booking app solution grows your business and expand it worldwide.

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Technology Stack

  • Objective C

    Objective-C (iOS)

  • Swift

    Swift (iOS)

  • Java

    Java (android)

  • Kotlin

    Kotlin (android)

  • Xcode


  • Android Studio

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Why Choose Space-O Technologies as Online Taxi booking App Development Company?

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Single point of contact
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Flexible hiring models
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Total technical support

Taxi booking apps developed

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Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we sign an NDA with all the clients to protect their idea for the taxi app development and to keep all the data confidential.

Can Space-O Canada build a white label taxi app for me?

Yes, Space-O Technologies builds white-label taxi booking app solutions that you can rebrand and resell under your name.

Why should I choose Space-O for my taxi booking app development?

We have dedicated taxi app developers who have already developed and launched over 50 taxi apps. These apps have unique features and functionalities and are currently being used by our clients worldwide.

How do I communicate with the developers regarding any changes?

You are free to reach out to the project manager for any changes in the taxi app development. That person will be responsible for ensuring that your message reaches and is understood by the team of taxi app developers.

What technology will you use for my taxi dispatch software development?

Depending on your requirements, we can develop your taxi booking app on both Android and iOS platforms. For this, we use Objective C, Swift, and Xcode for iOS apps, and Java, Kotlin and Android Studio for Android apps.

How will you keep me updated on the progress of my project?

We will assign one experienced project manager, who will keep you updated at each turn of the development process to ensure that you know everything that’s going on in the project.

Who will have the rights and ownership of the code as well as the app?

In most cases, the rights and the ownership of the coded app belong to our clients. We assure you that we will play no part in the same.

Do you require anything from me?

Yes, we need only 2 things from you. Firstly, we want you to be prompt when giving us suggestions, feedback or changes. This will help us to finish your project on time and at the earliest possible. Secondly, we expect clarity about your likes and dislikes regarding the app. This will make sure that you get exactly what you wanted.

How will you ensure the security of my mobile taxi booking app?

We are very serious about data security. We follow several protocols and procedures to ensure that your data is safe, secure and remains confidential. We apply for signature-based permissions, disallow access to your app’s content providers, and apply for network security measures.

Will you submit my App to App Stores?

Yes, of course. Our mobile app development team will take care of submitting your application to App Stores without any extra cost because it is a part of our taxi booking app development process.

Happy Clients

I am really pleased with the prompt responses I got from Space-O. Inquiries were answered within a very short time and issues were fixed within 12 hours. The Space-O team kept open communication at every stage of the process. Working with them felt like a collaboration resulting in the creation of a platform we are more stan satisfied with. The team took our concept and successfully create the platform we have today. Rakesh and his team really have the clients vision as a priority.

Gideon Banahene
Gideon Banahene

I was mostly happy with the high level of experience and professionalism of the various teams that worked on my project. Not only they clearly understood my exact technical requirements but even suggested better ways in doing them. The Communication tools that were used were excellent and easy. And finally and most importantly, the interaction, follow up and support from the top management was great. Space-O not delivered a high quality product but exceeded my expectations! I would definitely hire them again for future jobs!

Bashar Anabtawi
Bashar Anabtawi
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