Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2020 That You Shouldn’t Miss
January 10, 2020

Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2020 That You Shouldn’t Miss

mobile app development trends in 2020
Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2020 That You Shouldn’t Miss
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  1. AI And ML
  2. IoT
  3. Big Data
  4. Blockchain
  5. App Development For Foldable Phones
  6. Voice Search And AI Chatbots
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. 5G Network
  10. APM and EMM
  11. What’s Trending?

If you are wondering about what’s hot and what’s not in the mobile app industry this year, we are here to your rescue! Here is a list of the top mobile app development trends in 2020 that we believe will change the way we make and use mobile apps this year. Interested? Let’s dive right in.

“You know I don’t remember the routes too well, ya.”

Everyone has that one friend in their group who tends to get lost even if they have been living in the same city since they were born. Well, fortunately, we have Google Maps and GPS services to our rescue.

But before these smartphones and apps and solutions were released, there was no option except to remember the routes.

If you didn’t, then you had to carry around actual, physical maps of the routes to find your way back home. Back then, these kinds of books or maps were the mainstream Google Maps. Oh and if someone was feeling a little too adventurous, they depended entirely on the direction signs, milestones or the good old let-us-ask-the-next-person-we-see method.

Fortunate for us, things have become way easier nowadays. And as we complete another revolution around the sun, there are surely many new technological advancements that we will see in 2020 as well.

We are growing and changing at a fast pace, and nobody has ever really been able to stop growth, right? This is specially true when it comes to mobile apps and other related technologies. Hence, we wanted to share some of the top mobile app development trends in 2020 that we believe will change the way we currently use our smartphones.

So without wasting any more time, let us skip straight ahead to what you are here for.

Mobile App Trends In 2020 That You Should Know About

  1. AI and ML

    Artificial intelligence was mostly at the forefront last year when we talk about mobile app development trends. While AI has been limited a lot to customer experience, there were many new improvements over the year that will be reflected more this year.

    With artificial intelligence at the forefront, could machine learning be far behind? Both of these technologies together are working to improve solutions, find patterns and make processes faster and easier for everyone involved. Both of these technologies have been highlighted for the past few years in fact. They have a strong impact on the mobile app development industry because they revolutionize even basic concepts. This year, the IT industry would get acquainted with these technologies more deeply and many of its components.

  2. 2. IoT

    Possibly one of the more popular and upcoming mobile app development trends, Internet of Things, or IoT, is revolutionizing the industry. By collecting all the data available, various smart devices analyze the data and then send the results to the connected smartphone. In essence, the smartphone acts like a beehive where all the honey is collected and stored by various worker bees.

    With the help of this information, you can easily control various functions in your home even if you are not at home. This includes devices like television, air conditioner, lights, fans and other similar physical devices. But to apply these actions and to receive the data, there has to be a remote, right? This remote is integrated into smartphones in the form of an application. While IoT makes use of smart speakers with AI voice assistant, the main command is given from the mobile app.

    This app needs to act like a remote, without making it too bulky since the entire purpose of IoT is to make things easier for the users. Hence the mobile app developers usually keep these aspects in mind before developing or designing such apps. The way it helps people function is changing the mobile app industry. With the use of IoT, there is also an increase in the usage of voice search and AI-based voice assistants.

  3. Big Data

    big data

    Big data is mostly connected with enterprise-level software or solutions. But here’s a lesser-known fact: big data can be made use of even in mobile apps. Yes! And it is also going to be one of the popular mobile app development trends in 2020.

    Several big brands such as Amazon and Uber make use of big data to keep a track of their customer behaviour, for getting better analytics and data, for providing good customer service and for enabling the end-users to make the better choice. It not only helps them cater to their customers’ demands but also enjoy higher ROI.

    Big data is more like a blanket term for a number of tools and technologies that are employed to carry out tasks of gathering, organizing, and analyzing large sets of diverse data. This data helps discover various types of information such as market trends, customer demand, consumer preferences, patterns, correlation and other factors that can influence the buying decisions of a consumer. It is going to impact all retail industries, management, fintech companies and other industries in ways not many of us have imagined yet.

  4. Blockchain


    Highly secured apps are good for building your customer’s trust in your mobile app. And such apps are possible with the help of an amazing mobile app development trends in 2020 called blockchain. Apps developed with blockchain are not only highly secure but also stable and reliable. This is a big factor for people who want to store a lot of data on their mobile app or software.

    The growth rate of blockchain technology is also high in comparison to other upcoming technologies. The tools and processes for developing with blockchain are readily available and there are many updates on a regular basis. The number of these updates will keep going up with time and it will promote the growth of the technology.

    When it comes to simplicity, blockchain stands at the top. It is also very transparent and is used mostly for peer to peer transactions, thereby reducing the need for a middle man and simplifying the entire process. Soon, blockchain will be considered as a crucial part of many mobile apps for various industries like retail and finance.

  5. App Development For Foldable Phones

    app development for foldable phones

    This is possibly one of the most awaited mobile app development trends in 2020. Foldable phones were announced in early 2019. However, the first one to be released pretty later in the year.

    The latest Android 10 has added support for foldable devices and multiple foldable patterns too. On the other hand, Apple is not really rushing to give any updates regarding this new technology.

    The thing with this technology is that folding and unfolding a device does change the screen size, density, and ratio. However, this is not a completely new problem since it is kind of similar to multi-window usability as well as switching between portrait and landscape modes.

    The main issue would be the transition of an app from one screen to another. So far as we have seen, there are usually 2-3 display types in a foldable phone. Since a significant number of smartphone companies use Android for their operating system, it becomes important to note that each company will be making its foldable phone a little different than others. Hence, the main issue here would be to ensure that the transition between various screens is seamless and smoothe. The app should stay in the same location and page even if the user is switching between 3 different screens. This will ensure a great and smooth user experience.

  6. Voice Search And AI Chatbots

    voice search

    Smartphones are unarguably one of the most popular marketing mediums at all stages of a consumer’s journey. When that is coupled with IoT, artificial intelligence and smart devices like wearables or smart speakers, there is nothing that could stop the revolution that is coming in the form of voice search.

    Up until 15 years ago, all of these digital assistants were nothing but a distant dream for most of us. However, the rapid technological advancement that has taken place is the main reason for the widespread use of AI voice assistants and chatbots. eCommerce is taking new shape as more and more online shopping apps add the option for voice search.

    From Siri and Alexa to the latest Google Duplex, we have come a long way. And it is only going to become better and more widespread. Voice search integrated with artificial intelligence is reshaping the eCommerce and online shopping interface that we know now. Being one of a popular mobile app development trends in 2020, you can make the most out of this technology by developing AI chatbots or voice assistants using tools like Rasa and Google Dialogflow.

  7. Cloud Computing

    cloud computing

    Cloud computing is deemed as a more secure way to backup data easily. When we look into the this mobile app development trend deeply, there are 4 major types of cloud computing namely private, community, hybrid and public. The type of cloud computing you will need is based on your requirements.

    Not everybody realizes this but all of us make use of cloud computing on a daily basis whether it is for sending emails, editing documents online or watching movies. Cloud computing is possibly one of the big players that does everything from behind the scenes. A variety of organizations all the way from small startups to government corporations are making use of this technology for various purposes.

    Here are some of the uses of cloud computing in mobile apps:

    • Create new apps
    • Store, backup and restore data in apps
    • Streaming audio and video
    • For on-demand apps
    • Making predictions
    • Analyzing data and reports
  8. Cybersecurity


    In 2016, we saw the rise of artificial intelligence in the form of fake political ads during the U.S. Presidential Elections. These ads played a major role in changing the mindset of many people and swaying their votes. Cyberattacks are becoming more political and may even be weaponized in the coming years.

    Hardly a day goes by without a cyber incident or a breach being reported. With new complex technologies coming up every day, not everybody has complete information about all these new technologies. This leads to misinformation and high vulnerability to cyberattacks like phishing and hacking. There are a lot of people who believe that machine learning and artificial intelligence are not vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. However, this is not at all true. Every software, solution, data hub, mobile app, and website can be hacked. As the threat starts to rise, it becomes important that you make use of best practices and tools to ensure maximum security.

    So while cybersecurity should have been a major trend in the previous years, we believe that it will be more important this year. We are hopeful that mobile app developers, software toolkit providers as well as the industry changers like Google and Apple will focus on cybersecurity more this year. This is not really a mobile app development trend in essence but more of a step that will help us bring our focus on security along with all the bright new technologies.

  9. 5G Services


    With 5G services, faster mobile internet is definitely one of the core benefits but that is just the beginning. With a better connection density, it will improve the number of devices that can access the internet at once. It will support up to 1 million connected devices in one space at a time as opposed to only 2,000 devices in 4G. This will be a boon for IoT developers who depend on an added number of devices and their connectivity for a smooth flow of commands from one end to the other.

    With better speed, the new speed of the internet will also change the way we stream content online, make decisions, analyze data and much more. Ultimately, faster browsing will result in better apps and more content being consumed by the end-users.

  10. APM and EMM

    APM and EMM

    A popular mobile app development trend in 2020, Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management are 2 main elements of the enterprise mobile management development process. APM was integrated in Google in 2016 for mobile metrics, introduced mostly to get rid of a snag that slowed down application performance. Helping in boosting the overall application performance and speed, it helps boost the value of the app in customers’ eyes. It has become the preferred tool of many app developers and QA analysts.

    On the other hand, enterprise mobile management enables organizations to securely enable mobile devices that are being used by their employees. This helps a company streamline its processes easily. EMM includes app security, finance management, and application maintenance. It fortifies the security structure and also helps in increasing the productivity of the employees by enabling them with an easier and smoother communication flow and exchange of data.

So those were some of the top mobile app development trends of 2020 that will change the way we are working as a software and mobile app development company in Canada. Not all of them were new and shiny, but they are popular like hot-cakes.

If you think we missed out on any new app trend for 2020, feel free to let us know. We will keep improving this list with your help and will update it when we hear about a new trend. Our contact details are below, get back to us any time!

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