Uber for Delivery: 3 Unique App Ideas for Your On-demand Delivery Business
December 6, 2019

Uber for Delivery: 3 Unique App Ideas for Your On-demand Delivery Business

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Are you planning for some sort of Uber for delivery app development? Whether you have decided which app you want or still looking for ideas, give this blog a read. Here, we have compiled 3 unique ideas for on-demand services that you should check out before you get into the development business.

Almost everything can be uberized- Taxis (obviously), food, packages, grocery, and whatnot.

But what is ‘Uberization’?

In simple words, it is the process of making it possible to buy something using mobile technology. We will specifically mean “buying something on-demand”.

There is a race of building an app like uber for everything and anything. It is understandable as there is a demand for such Uber for X apps. 

People have become quite spoilt. Every other thing is available online and most of these can be delivered within a few hours. A few years back, who would have thought that it would feel like everyone has a butler.

The on-demand economy is soaring in the market like never before. We have numbers to prove.

On-demand Is In Demand

  • As reported by Statista, about $3.5 billion were spent on eCommerce in 2019 and this amount is expected to reach $6.5 billion in 2023.
  • You can the growth of the eCommerce market in the image.

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Source: Statista

  • According to the  National Technology Readiness Survey, participation in the on-demand economy is increasing every day.
  • About 56 million total consumers in the U.S. were estimated in 2018 which is set increase to about 93 million by 2022.

All these facts and figures imply that on-demand services can be great opportunities to be explored. 

This is why we decided to tell you about some of the unique on-demand delivery app ideas that you can check out before developing your own uber for delivery app. 

3 Unique Uber for Delivery App Ideas for Your On-demand Delivery services

#1. Uber for gas delivery

A car runs out of fuel on the road and there are no gas stations nearby. This is a fairly common scenario that has happened to a lot of people. What would the driver do in this case? 

Instead of calling some friends for help, there is a better option- Uber for fuel delivery app. This saves a lot of time and is extremely convenient. The users can use simply enter their location and a fuel delivery person will reach there as soon as possible to deliver the required amount of fuel.

Features of on demand gas delivery app 

  1. Pin location: Integrate Apple Maps or Google Maps or any other such service so that the user can easily locate himself and put it in the app.
  2. Request fuel: The users should be able to request for the fuel by filling information like the type of vehicle, type of fuel and amount. 
  3. In-app chat: It is also important for users to stay in contact with the delivery person until he arrives. In-app chat is a great option for that.
  4. Real-time tracking: Using GPS functionality, the users can track where the delivery personnel has reached and see the estimated time of arrival.

#2. Uber for pharmacy delivery

A lot of people fall sick and don’t have the energy to go and buy medicines themselves. Sometimes they forget some medicine among other products. It is also common that certain medicines are sold only at specific shops.

In any of the above cases, an uber for medicine delivery app can be of great use. If you run a pharmacy or medical store, this can be your way to go digital.

Features of on demand medicine delivery app

  1. Search medicines: The users should be able to search a medicine by its brand name, salt composition or even by disease it treats.
  2. Upload prescriptions: To prevent fraudulent activities and to get the right meds, the users should be allowed to upload an image of the prescription 
  3. Compare products: Medicines with the same compositions have different prices according to different brands. The app should let users compare products and buy the best.
  4. Expert tips: If the users have any sort of doubts they should be able to get tips or suggestions from the expert. This feature would help users to a great extent.

#3. Uber for construction material delivery

This is one of the unique uber for delivery apps. The main problem in the construction industry is a material shortage. 

So many times it has happened that some important material is either missing or is not enough for the work to continue. In such cases, on-demand apps for building material delivery are the last resort. This is a great idea for an on-demand economy app if you run a construction material supply service.  

Features of on demand construction supplies delivery app

  1. Search product: The users must be able to search for the required product easily. They can search for the product by brand or product name.
  2. Provide information: The user must also have information like price, brand, availability and time of delivery should be displayed so the users can make the right decision.  
  3. Real-time tracking: The users should also be enabled to track the shipment so that they are updated with the location and estimated time of arrival of their order. 
  4. Payment integration: The transactions should be safe and fast with the help of integrated payment gateways into the app. 

Wrapping Up

If you have any sort of on-demand business ideas, now is the time to make them a reality. You can turn your on demand delivery service app into a successful business with the help of mobile technology. 

Feel free to share your on-demand app idea with us as we are a premier mobile app development company based out of Canada. We have experience in developing apps for web, android and iPhone platforms for various categories. 

Just fill the contact us form given in the footer and one of our sales representatives will reach out to you within 2 working days. You may also ask for a 30-min consultation with our technical expert which is confidential and free of cost. You may clear all your doubts about mobile app development cost, process, and timeline.

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