Uber for Trucking: Trucking Startups Need to Consider These 5 Features to Develop an App like Uber for Trucking
June 11, 2019

Uber for Trucking: Trucking Startups Need to Consider These 5 Features to Develop an App like Uber for Trucking

Uber for trucking app development

Are you planning an Uber for trucking app develoment? This blog is for Trucking startups that wish to drive their business toward success. It is also for the established trucking companies that wish to stand the test of time. In this blog, we have laid out 5 features that you must consider while developing your own app like uber for trucking.

From getting a single egg on demand to on demand trucking services, there is hardly an area that is bereft of ‘uberization’. Yes, people have actually started to use this term. Uber or on demand apps have completely changed the picture of on demand services. They have also entered the transport sector with uber for trucking app development, and they’re welcome here. 

If you own a trucking or logistics business you must deal with a lot of challenges right from managing shipment requests to tracking the drivers. An app like Uber for trucking carries out these functions effectively with much less scope for human errors. Before jumping on to the features of such apps, let’s see how they fetched so far.

Some Facts and Insights about Trucking and Logistics Industry

  • American Trucking Associations reported that trucks move 84% of total freight in the United States, and 16% of all other spendings i.e. shipping and flying.
  • According to the report from PR Newswire and American Trucking Association- The revenue of the global Freight Trucking market was estimated at US$ 3,844.76 billion in 2016, and it is projected to reach US$6,252.81 billion by the end of 2025.
  • According to Transparency Market Research- The global market for the transportation management system was valued at US$ 9,600.8 million in 2016. It will be rising at a healthy CAGR of 13.6% from 2017 to 2025. It is also predicted that it will touch US$ 30,044.1 million by the end of 2025.

Some Success Stories

  • Kargo

Kargo is the first smooth running app like Uber for trucks in Burma (Myanmar). It has managed to disrupt logistics solutions in one of the most curious nations of the world. In fact, recently TechCrunch reported that Kargo has raised a US$800,000 round of pre-series A-deal funding

  • Convoy

It reached the unicorn status in 2018 in just 3 years of its foundation in 2015. This, one of the fastest growing startups is valued at $1 billion valuations. This freight marketplace ranked 11 on the top 50 disruptors of 2019 by CNBC.

  • Uber freight

Ironically, Uber launched the uber for trucking in 2017. Now, it is expanding internationally and hiring executives from companies like Airbnb. Uber Freight has roughly 750 employees and $1 billion in revenue.

You Need to Load these 5 Features in your Uber for Trucking App Development

1. Real-time tracking and chatting

Every app for trucking must have an integrated location tracker. With the help of GPS, the shipper keeps a tab on the driver’s location, decreasing the chances of fraudulence.

Enhance driver’s safety, as the driver can access real-time traffic information and also find an optimal route.

Specifying the exact pick-up and drop-off location becomes easy if there is a map. The feature also displays available trucks on the road making it easy to request the nearest truck.

If you are planning to develop an app like uber for truckers, you might as well include an ‘in app chat’ feature. This helps to chat with a shipper in real time so any requests or schedule changes are updated easily.

2. Driver’s personal preferences

As a startup, you must be concerned about your drivers as well. Therefore, while developing apps for truck drivers, you should include a feature like Post My Truck.

This feature of the Uber Freight app allows truckers to notify the app about the availability of their empty truck. They can also specify the type of job they’re looking for, whether it is long haul trucking or short haul trucking.

Not only that, they can even choose to decline or accept a request based on their preferences for distance, location, time and type of cargo. When a request matches the preference, drivers get notified with push notifications on the app.

3. Requesting and accepting a booking

Best trucker apps allow booking trucks both in advance as well as at the last moment. Prices for any booking can be managed with the app itself.

Before accepting any booking request, drivers see freight details including the type of load, pick-up and drop-off locations, and scheduled pickup-dropoff time. They also see a waiting list with shipping requests, helping them to decide which bookings to accept or decline.

If you are planning to develop an Uber of trucking, this is one of the main features you should focus on.

4. Trip history and fare estimation

Both, the driver and shipper must have access to details of their past, active and upcoming shipments. This helps to decide which requests to accept and which ones to think over.

These details also help in scheduling future shipments along with managing earnings and transactions as well.

Before requesting a shipment, the shipper must get an estimated fare. This freight quote is a deciding factor whether the shipper wishes to avail the services or not.

This is why, while developing an Uber for truckers, you must not overlook these features.

5. Payment integration and proof of delivery

Integrated payment gateways like e-wallets, cards, internet banking and even an option for COD if both parties agree, is a must.

While building an Uber for trucks, the payments should be simple and quick.

If there is a feature for uploading documents, it will only make the app better. The carrier and driver can take a photo of the bill of lading or e-sign it.

After the delivery, the driver can also upload the proof of delivery on the app. Upon which the shipper will make the payment or pay the remaining balance as applied.

So these are the basic features that you must not forget while developing an Uber for Trucking.

Let’s sum up

Well, running a trucking business is difficult. It can take a long way to make it profitable and successful. With the perfect Uber for trucking app development, this can be a short haul.

Are you still mulling over the decision to build an app like Uber for trucking for your trucking startup? If you still have any doubts or queries regarding uber for truckers,  truckers app, a trucker app for android, trucking app for iPhone, or anything else, we are at your disposal to solve them. Why should you trust us? Well, we are a leading mobile app development company in Canada having an experience of developing over 3500 apps in various categories.

We feel it is our responsibility to provide digital solutions for your problems. If you wish, you can get a free quote for your Uber for trucking app development by just filling out this contact form and answering a few questions.

Happy Trucking!

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