Hire Top App Developers in Toronto to Build a Successful Mobile App

Looking for the best app developers in Toronto? Having years of experience in building user-focused mobile apps, our mobile app developers in Toronto strive hard to convert your idea into a valuable product.

However, the digital landscape in Toronto is evolving at a rapid pace, so needs app developers to be vigilant and up-to-date. So, it’s important to select the right software developer because it will save your time and resources and contribute to an app that lets your business stand out. Therefore, our developers take care of everything, from validating the product concept to getting it live on the Google Play Store. Are you interested in sharing your business needs with our specialist developers?

Hire App Developer in Toronto?

Hiring developers is tricky. But it doesn’t have to be always. Space-O Canada has pre-vetted quality developers for you.

As an entrepreneur, you need developers who can sit and listen to your business priorities and strive to fulfill them, regardless of where you are in the mobile development process or how large the budget is.

Whether you would like to start from scratch or convert an existing product into an advanced platform, you can build a multitude of smartphone apps with Space-O Canada, one of the leading mobile app development companies. It includes matrimony, taxi booking, event management, classifieds, real estate, eCommerce, healthcare, social media, and many more revolutionary industries.

However, if you’re a business and stepping into the app development segment for the first time, you will also have an opportunity to hire developers who are well experienced to develop a minimum viable product (MVP). Our committed application developers can guarantee that the software product is delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Plus, our app developers are deeply invested in local Toronto-based startup incubators, offering advice on project management and technologies in order to help entrepreneurs thrive.

Whatever the product or service is, we make sure you’re set to go digital. Our mobile app development company wins our clients’ trust and confidence by respecting their needs, engaging with them regularly, and working hard to accomplish their business goals.

Services We Offer as a Leading App Development Company in Toronto

App Development Services

When you hire app developers from Space-O, a custom mobile app development company located in Toronto, below are the core mobile app development services we provide. Take a look.

  • iOS App Development

    Our iOS app developers in Toronto can assist you from the initial stage to the final delivery of the app to the iTunes app store. Our mobile app development team designs mobile applications using a suitable programming language. We also have an established record of developing customized iOS mobile appsthat are tuned to visual elegance and technological excellence, which is sufficient to create value.

  • Android App Development

    As the leading Android app development company in Toronto, Space-O guarantees a rich user interface and user experience without compromising quality using languages like Kotlin, Java, C++, and more tools and technologies. Our Android developers develop the app solutions and design for everything whether it’s a mobile app, smartwatch, or AI-driven software that is customized to your individual business needs to streamline your operations.

  • Web Application Development

    Space-O is a leading web development company in Toronto to create customized website experiences, that specializes in PHP, Ruby on Rails, open-source development, e-commerce, etc. Our Toronto web developers are experts at turning digital concepts into immersive and innovative website design projects, whether it is full-stack web development or migrating your web app from other technology.

  • Native App Development

    Being a native mobile app development company, our top react-native app developers are experienced in design and development of mobile apps for Android, iOS, and cross platform to complement your idea with 100% client satisfaction. The space-O team of Native developers is well-versed in the most up-to-date React Native tools and technologies and puts resources into development so that our clients can release new potential.

  • UI/UX Design

    Our user interface or web designers have a thorough understanding of web design and development as well as the technical skills required to make mobile applications run smoothly on your respective devices (iOS/Android). We, as the leading professionals in the mobile application development industry, have a “Get It Done” environment that leads to a successful journey for startups and entrepreneurs from UI design concept to app deployment.

  • Full-stack Development

    We are a full service web and mobile marketing agency that covers all advanced technology of on-demand full stack developers to provide you with best-in-domain product solutions, within a defined time period. Our full-stack programmers are familiar with a number of custom software development tiers, including servers, databases, APIs, MVC, and hosting environments to deliver you the best product.

Want to build cutting-edge solutions using such mobile development services?

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Hiring Models: Hire Experienced App Developer in Toronto

We, being one of the trusted app development companies in Toronto, deliver 3 different engagement hiring models, encouraging entrepreneurs to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Hourly BasisDedicated TeamOn-site Development
Suitable ForStartup, MVP, MAPEntrepreneurEnterprises, Government Firms
Client’s ControlMediumHighHigh
FlexibilityMedium to HighHighHigh
IT expert SuggestionsYesYesYes
Daily ReportsYesYesYes
  1. Hourly Basis

    In the hourly base model, you can hire a developer depending on the number of working hours needed by your project. You can connect directly with the recruited professional and may also make adjustments during the development process.

    The hourly pricing model is the best option if you have a small project that includes minor adjustments, backup or patch, or crash recovery, or if you want to upgrade the software with new functionality.

  2. Dedicated Team

    The dedicated team model is for you if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to create a mobile app for your company but doesn’t have the time to interact with each team member on a regular basis, such as a developer, designer, quality analyst, or web developer.

    All you have to do is communicate the project specifications to the project manager, and he or she will handle the whole team and oversee the project. In a nutshell, the key aim of this concept is to recruit a dedicated team who would work as though they were your own.

  3. On-site Development

    This model allows you to recruit a dedicated team of developers from our development agency who will work from your office under your oversight. You will meet with the staff in person, explain your expectations, and have them function according to your company specifications.

    Since the resource operates from your workplace, you will have full control of how the resource is handled and how the skills are used. If your project necessitates your continuous involvement and approval, this model is 100% optimal.

Why Hire Space-O for Your App Development?

Hire Space-O as App Developer

When you partner with Space-O for your app development, finding app developers will not be a headache for you. You’ll get a range of advantages as one of the most well-known mobile app development companies in Toronto. Below are some of the unique benefits:

  1. On-time Delivery

    At Space-O, a mobile app development company, we believe in completing projects on time. Once you’ve recruited the developers and defined a timeline, it’s completely up to us to reach the deadline. We have a significant number of repeated buyers purely because of this main value we have.

  2. Regular Reports

    We use tools like Basecamp, Jira, and Skype to keep track of success and achievements to make sure we’re all on the same page. Such project updates allow you to keep track of the overall progress. And if necessary, we recommend improvements so that our developers as being part of a leading app development company can fix them as quickly as possible.

  3. Rights and Ownership

    We are a software development company that is committed to protecting intellectual property. We will not have any rights to your code or concept, and we will not share it with anyone without your permission, as we sign the NDA.

  4. Experienced Developers

    Our developers have spent years making award-winning and chart-topping smartphone apps. The team knowledge helps us to create mobile products that have a positive effect on the users’ lives. We create an intuitive and smooth user experience for your company’s online interaction.

  5. Rapid Development

    Having years of experience in software and mobile app development, we, as a top Toronto mobile app development company, are capable of evolving at a rapid pace without sacrificing quality. Our professional developers make sure that our clients get the digital products on time.

  6. 100% Transparency

    We believe in full transparency for our trusted multinational customers as the best mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada. Regardless of the scale or type of your business, our diligent technical staff promises to keep you updated about the software project and its status during the mobile app development process.

  7. Flexible Hours

    The biggest stumbling block in recruiting committed developers from top app development companies is the time zone disparity. To fix this issue, we encourage our developers to work at their own speed. It offers you more chances to talk about your idea with the rest of the team. Our programmers are available anytime you need them.

  8. Post-delivery Support

    We offer technical assistance for three months as part of a custom app development company to ensure that you don’t run into any trouble after the software is released on the app store. In this time frame, we will assist you in technical challenges when using the software and fix issues for your business.

  9. Proper Documentation

    Our Space-O team maintains comprehensive, standardized, straightforward, and scannable company records for your understanding of the app product. It is a concise overview of how the app’s users can integrate the SDK, as well as a sample app with the code.

Do you have an app idea? Not sure where to start?

Our mobile application development expert team can guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to build an app in Canada?

    The projected cost of designing a simple application in Canada from the professional app development companies ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. However, the cost of creating an app is determined by a number of factors such as the app’s functionalities, the technology used, and the medium on which the app is created.

  2. How much does it cost to hire an app developer in Toronto?

    If you choose a medium size mobile app system with no customization, it will cost anything from $10,000 to $150,000 to hire a mobile application developer in Toronto.

  3. May I see your app development portfolio?

    Yes. You can check out our diverse development portfolio here.

    Our developers have developed 100+ successful software solutions using various programming languages and advanced technologies. Our developed projects include customized software to complex mobile apps solutions for managing logistics, inventory, warehouse, supply chain, photography, aviation, restaurant, and many more industries.

  4. Can you share client testimonials of your developed mobile app?

    Yes, definitely. We, as a top mobile app development company, are pleased to share client input from a recent project with you. We’ve also kept it on our website. Please visit our customer testimonials page for detailed information.

  5. Will you sign an NDA for a mobile app development project?

    One of our top priorities, being a top mobile app development company, is the safety of your intellectual property. All of our mobile and web design experts sign a legal document specifying that they will not exchange sensitive details about our customers with someone else.

    Aside from that, we only share details about the idea with people who are directly interested in it. This allows us to protect the privacy of your software creation concept and ensure that your data is secure.

  6. How can I book a FREE consultation with a technical expert?

    To begin, you first need to fill out our contact us form and inform us about your business needs. Then, our sales agent will set up a FREE meeting with one of our technical advisors to go over your needs and make sure you get exactly what you want. Then we’ll recommend you suitable mobile solutions, and if you’re satisfied with the planning, we’ll move ahead with your project.


So are you ready to hire our app developers in Toronto for your business project? We have years of experience in this area. We have developed many popular Android and iOS apps solutions for our global clients such as on-demand photographer, meat processing app, coloring book, Up-maid, on-demand ride-sharing, etc.

If you are ready with the app idea, you can share your requirements and fill out our contact us form. We will help you recruit Android software developers or iOS developers to create an Android or iOS app for your business.

We will be pleased to provide you with a complimentary 30-minute consultation during which you can learn more about our software and web development expense, process, and timetable. As well as any other questions you might have about mobile application development services or mobile app developers, feel free to ask us.

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