How to Find App Developers for Your Business in 2024

Do you have a great business idea and want to build an app for that?

Without a doubt, finding the best application development company that turns your idea into reality can be an uphill struggle.

As per Statista and 42Matters, approx. 100,000 Android and 30,000 iOS apps are published respectively in the Google Play Store and App Play Store.

Can you imagine the competition in the app development industry? Of course, it’s huge.
Building an application is essential to make your business successful. Creating a similar app to just launch in the app store is a bad approach; instead, you should have creative application concepts to convert them into loyal users. Ultimately an app becomes perfect simply by choosing the right mobile app development company.

That’s why here we’ve put all our efforts into this guide while looking at how to find app developers for an app development.

Let’s look at the process of finding an app developer your application development project.

How to Find Mobile App Developers for Your Business

An app developer who shares instincts for your project and understands your goals as well is rare to find in the market. But, do you think it’s that easy? No.

Before picking up a mobile application developer you also need to ensure which source is best for your in-house application development or hire a mobile app building company.

How to Find Mobile App Developers for Your Business

Here, we have jotted down the quintessential points needed to search and hire app developers.

Deciding whether to choose the in-house application development or outsourcing mobile application development company depends on the requirements of your business. Let’s understand it well by knowing the difference.

In-house vs Outsource App Development Company

It’s crucial to know “which is the best option for you in-house or outsourcing company?”

  • If you are running a business and want to build a solution for your organization, you should choose in-house development.
  • This will help them to understand your business and to create a complete and flexible customizable product for your company.
  • Hiring an outsource app development company is a preferable option if you want to launch a product in the market for your target audience.
  • Although both options have different pros and cons, hiring an expert mobile application development company, you need to provide them with the cost of the product. While in in-house development, you need to provide the salary, equipment, and other resources.

To find app developers online, you need to consider the following steps that helps you to know how to find iPhone app developers or Android developers for your project.

  1. Do Primary Research

    The first step includes the research to check the candidate’s profile and get information as much as possible about their previous projects. You check the different technical blogs (VentureBeat, TheVerge, TechCrunch, CNET, etc.) to find them. There are various platforms which helps finding talented app developers for your app project.

    Even if you are a non-technical person, search the basic information online to gain info about application development, ultimately it will help you in choosing the best app developers. After that, knowing their experience will give you an understanding of their work expertise.

  2. Look for Experience

    Checking the experience of app developers helps you to know the work they have completed in their careers. You will get the idea of how well they have performed in different software and mobile app development projects by checking their websites or portfolios at Clutch. Testing on their website can help you in shortlisting the right candidate.

    Although, you also need to check the work approach and technology they’ve worked on previously. It enables you to select a full-time app developer team to accomplish your concept in a real-world project. Ultimately you are hiring app developers to launch your visionary app into the market. Hence, it’s highly recommended to check the experience and the best way to know them is by communication.

  3. Communicate With Them

    Every mobile application development company offers a quote option on their website, making it easier for you to reach them. Arranging a meeting with them will help you understand how well they can deliver your project. It also helps you to know the involvement they will have to build your project. We advise you to be crystal clear in the communication as it won’t lead you to any critical situations in the future.

    During communication, you can ask them to provide you with a demo presentation of work patterns and how they’ll update you on the progress of the application. Through communication, you’ll also get to know if the app-building team shares the same vision as you have for your project.

    Here, outsourcing an app developent company from a different timezone could be a small problem as you need to coordinate with the developer team to conduct a meeting regarding the progress of the project. Different software such as Zoom, Slack, and Trello can be helpful for arranging meetings with the project manager and team members to accomplish the project within the deadline.

  4. Create Your Business Requirement

    A clear vision and an ample understanding of your goals help you create a better product. Thus, you will be able to explain your idea in a very smooth way and you will share your vision exactly as you’ve with your developer team.

    According to your business requirements, it will help them to build a perfect solution with the right approach to the software development life cycle. Delivering the exact idea of what you want from them helps project managers to streamline the choice of technologies and methods to optimize it while creating. It will also become easy for them to manage the changes while creating the product. Building an app is easy for startups as well as enterprises but what is more worthy here is clarifying each detail before associating them with your product idea.

  5. List Criteria to Judge Developer Expertise

    Preparing a list of criteria is a good approach to cut down your efforts in choosing the right agency or freelancer app building team to build your business application. Remember we are judging them to know whether it’s our right decision to provide them with an app concept which they can convert into reality. Let’s check the criteria to check them.

    • Testimonials on Website
    • Work Experience
    • Programming skills & technologies in which they’ve mastery
    • Previous Work Examples
    • Product Development Path
    • Integrity and Law Contracts
    • Project Management Process
    • Communication Bridge

As you learned the process, now you would be clear on how to find a mobile app developer that helps you convert your concept into reality. If you are specifically looking to hire application developers from Toronto then we can help you out.Let’s talk and schedule the call below.

Looking to Hire App Developers for Your Project?

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Additionally, consider the below question you could ask:

    1. Can you show the mobile applications you’ve already built?

    2. Could you explain your app development services and technologies you use?

    3. What types of apps have you worked on?

    4. What are the programming tools and language you use to create the app?

    5. How do you handle the product development process?

    6. How will we communicate to get the updates during the product development?

    7. Where will you deploy the app in the app stores or in the marketplace?

    8. Will you be willing to maintain the app after launch?

Which Skills are Required by Mobile App Developers?

There are multiple skills that are required in mobile app development. To give you a brief, we have described core skills in the following section. Read further to learn about them properly. This helps you to select the talented app developers for your project.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: Knowledge of programming languages like Java (for Android), Kotlin (for Android), and Swift (for iOS). These are the tools to build your app’s functionality.
  • UI/UX Design: Understanding of the app design and guidelines to make an app look and feel good. So, creating a user-friendly and attractive design becomes easy.
  • APIs (Application Programming Interfaces): Command on APIs to connect apps for interacting with other services and data. Imagine APIs as connectors that open up a world of possibilities for your app.
  • Version Control (like Git): Command on the tools that help to manage the entire development environment. The version control tools are like a history book for your app’s development.

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving: App developers should be good problem solvers means they can tackle issues effectively.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration with other team members to lead better and more innovative results during development.
  • Communication: Should have good command of explaining ideas and understanding others’ viewpoints.

Understanding of Business

  • Market Research: Understanding the potential users’ needs and preferences that guides the entire app development process in the right direction.
  • Project Management: Skills to manage time and tasks efficiently to meet deadlines.
  • Customer Focus: Knowledge and understanding to solve end users’ problems and meet their needs.

Quality Assurance

  • Testing: Understanding and knowledge to carry out testing thoroughly to catch any issues before users do.
  • Debugging: Debugging skills help maintain a high-quality app.

Where to Find an App Developer for Your Business?

Where to Find an App Developer?

As you’ve seen, the steps on “how can you find app developers and the necessary actions for it?”. Moving further let’s check out where you can find top mobile app developers. It’s pretty easy, browse the different resources in an intended path that will lead you to find experienced app developers. In this guide, we’ve picked steps to make the process easier for you.

  1. Google – “Search for App Development Company”

    When you want to search for anything, the very first thought we come across is to search it on Google. Searching on Google for an mobile app development company will offer your numerous results that are accurate with the keyword. You can then check all the results from top to bottom and from pages 1 to 10 until you get the right one. We know it’s very time-consuming and quite frustrating at a time. Though, it will provide you with the perfect results as per your needs.

  2. Marketplaces Website to Hire Freelance Developer

    If you are looking to hire a freelance app developer then there are various websites that have tons of it. Say for Toptal, Upwork, and Hired are very popular platforms to search the top-grade app developer with a strategic rating. You can check their work and check the rating of their work at the same place while knowing the cost also. Freelancing websites have all the information about the app creators right from the technical knowledge to the project that they have accomplished.

  3. Tech Web Portal

    Many developers tend to provide their technical knowledge through blogs on various complex topics. They offer valuable information on the problems to solve them subsequently. There are various famous technology blogs such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat and TheVerge. These are a few of the leading ones to get all the information about the app industry and mobile application development processes.

  4. Community / Portfolio Website

    There are famous self communities such as Dribbble, and Behance. In these communities, they upload their work samples and portfolios which will help you know their work. These are the board networks that have great resources for the designers and developers too. You can surely find a great team for mobile application development.

    StackOverflow is the largest developer community where you can search for lots of professional developers to convert your business concept into reality. Various developers with good knowledge are always active on these platforms to help out the community with their knowledge. You can find several app developers as per your requirements.

  5. B2B Directories

    B2B directories are widely used platforms to search for well-known expert iOS and Android app developers to build your product. These websites include all the information about the companies with the category and review rating of their work. You can check out different websites such as Clutch, B2B Marketing, and GoodFirms.

Now, let’s check about the hiring option for an app developer.

What are the Options for Hiring Mobile App Developers?

There are three options to hire mobile app developers for your app development project. We have explained each of them in detail in the following section. Let’s first start with building an in-house app development team.

  1. Mobile App Development Agencies

    App development agencies are specialized firms offering comprehensive mobile app development services related to app development, from initial ideation to post-launch support. The app-building agencies employ a diverse specialist team, allowing them to tackle complex, multi-faceted projects.

    According to the Clutch platform, the leading mobile app development agencies have average hourly rates ranging from $50 to $250, varying by region and expertise. Let’s learn about the pros and cons of app development companies.

    Benefits and Limitations of App Development Agencies

    Benefits Limitations
    Mobile app development firms provide comprehensive end-to-end solution services, from development to deployment and maintenance.If outsourcing overseas, differences in time zones and work culture may pose challenges.
    Get high-quality work for your project due to the availability of multiple specialists in various fields.Hiring an agency is typically more expensive than freelancers or in-house teams.
    Easy to scale projects up or down with an agency, as they have more resources.
  2. Creating an In-house App Development Team

    An in-house development team refers to full-time employees dedicated exclusively to your company’s projects. These professionals are either onsite or working remotely, but are entirely integrated into your company’s culture and infrastructure.

    In addition, according to CA Talent, the average app developer salary in Canada ranges from $124,987 to $155,048 per year based on experience level. Providing such an annual wage for app developers indicates a significant investment in maintaining an in-house team. Let’s learn about the benefits of an in-house development team.

    Pros and Cons of Building an In-house Development Team

    Benefits Limitations
    Complete control over project timelines and deliverables.Initial high costs for recruitment, training, and infrastructure.
    Direct communication with the team enables agile responses.Risk of project inefficiencies or failure due to inexperienced management.
    The team gets fully aligned with your company culture and objectives.Additional overhead costs include employee benefits, office space, and utilities.
  3. Freelancer Mobile App Developers

    Freelancer app developers are individual professionals contracted on a per-project basis, bringing specialized skills to specific tasks or short-term needs. With platforms like Upwork and Toptal, you can hire a global talent pool for your project. Let’s learn about the benefits and limitations of hiring freelancer mobile app developers.

    Benefits and Limitations of Freelancer Mobile App Developers

    Benefits Limitations
    Freelancers often have multi-disciplinary skills, which results in better adaptability to various aspects of iOS and Android app development.The lack of a centralized communication platform may lead to misunderstandings and delays.
    Easy to scale the team up or down based on project needs without long-term financial obligations.Freelancers may be juggling multiple clients, which might lead to delays in your project.
    Cost efficiency as freelancers generally work at a lower cost compared to full-time employees or agencies.Ensuring proper IP agreements with freelancers can be more complicated, which might lead to security challenges for your project.

Why Hire App Developers from Space-O Technologies?

Choosing the right software development partner is crucial to achieving your business objectives. That’s where Space-O Technologies stands out as a top-tier choice for resolving your business challenges. Read further to know why you should hire app developers from us.

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We offer end-to-end IT software services, from concept to development to ongoing maintenance. Our core expertise lies in software, mobile, web, and AI-based solutions development. With the use of different methodologies tailored to your unique business goals, we deliver powerful and user-centric mobile apps.

In addition, our app programmers have experience and expertise in technologies like Java, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, Python, PHP, ROR, and Django, which allows us to create futuristic and powerful mobile-based solutions for your business. Above all, we have a 4.8 rating on the Clutch platform, which showcases the satisfaction of clients who have worked with us.

Want to Make a Custom App for Your Business?

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Do you still have questions regarding looking for an app developer for your project? Read the following section of FAQ.

FAQ About Finding App Developers

  1. Where can I find a mobile app developer?

    As a founder of your business, if you want to make an app from scratch for your business concept, then below are places you should curiously look for,

    • Freelance Websites
    • Technology Blogs
    • B2B Websites
    • College Friends
    • Google Search
    • Tech Communities
  2. What are the benefits of having a mobile app for business?

    In today’s era, having a mobile app for business is one of the powerful steps to grow your business. Here are the benefits which you can have,

    • Increase engagements with customers
    • Build better connections with customers
    • Provide additional values to customers
    • Make your reach better in the market
  3. How much does it cost to hire an app developer to build an app?

    The cost to build an app (Android/iOS) depends on several factors and the region from where you are hiring a mobile application development agency. In Northern America, the hourly rate starts from $50 to $150. While UK developers charge around $70 per hour.

  4. How do I find the best mobile app development company?

    Finding the best mobile application development company is a bit hard, but here are a few tips. That can help you by looking into several factors such as testimonials of clients, easy to reach, portfolio on websites, and types of services they provide to clients.

  5. How do I hire an app developer?

    Hiring an app developer is a process to search for candidates on well-known freelance sites such as UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and many more.

  6. How much does it cost to build an app?

    With the investment of approx. from $40,000 to 150,000 you can build an app. The pricing depends on the different factor which is narrated as below,

    • Complexity
    • Features
    • Duration
    • Technology
  7. How do I validate my app idea?

    If you have an app concept for your business needs and are looking to validate it to gain better results you can follow our detailed guide on validating your app idea.

Hire Dedicated App Developers for Your Project

Making an application for your organization is an easy process, but the actual task here is to find the right resource with proper research that can lead you in the right direction. Mobile business applications are becoming essential to streamline all management processes faster and offer a better platform to communicate with employees. It is highly essential that you follow the correct steps because it will lead to your success path in your stipulated time frame.

Until you are aware of the proper information, you won’t be able to make the proper decision on making app flow, wireframe, features, and functionality. We advise you to follow the above guide thoroughly, to know how, where, and when you can find an app developer.

If you are stuck at any stage while performing research on your application development layer, don’t hesitate to contact us instantly. We have an expert team of mobile app developers that can guide you on a robust application for your business.

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