11 Best Snapchat Filters That You Must Try

Who does not like to add Snapchat filters to their photos? By the end of Q3 2020, over 1.5 million new Snapchat lenses and filters were created. Therefore, if you are planning to create a photo editing app, you must consider these “11 Best Snapchat Filters that you can implement in your photo editing app as features”.

It has become a new way to express yourself. Almost all teens and tweens use Snapchat mainly for the filters. And people are always in search of new filters to use. Thus if you are planning on creating an app for editing photos, we have studied the current app development trends and compiled these filters for you. So, let’s get started.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a messaging mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. It allows users to share images, videos, aka Snaps with friends and family. The USP of Snapchat is that the message becomes inaccessible for the receiver after a short time.

The reason for its popularity is the set of features. Snapchat has features like:

  • Story,
  • Snap Code,
  • Background Music,
  • Retail Spaces,
  • Snapstreak, &
  • Memories.

But the feature that made Snapchat what it is today is the Snapchat filters. So, before getting down to the list of most popular Snapchat filters, let’s first define Snapchat filters.

What are Snapchat Filters?

Snapchat filters are fun and quick editing presets. After taking a snap, you can swipe right or left to add and see cool Snapchat geo-filters, color adjustments, current time, weather, stickers, and everything in between. You can add any of these Snapchat funny filters to your photo editing app and make it fun. Let’s explore the list of top Snapchat filters.

11 Best Snapchat Filters

Below are the popular and funny Snapchat filter names, adding them into your photo-editing app as features will make your app stand out from various photo-editing apps.

Do you have a different set of filters to add in your photo editing app?

  1. Vogue Noir

    Vogue Noir Snapchat Filter

    Being on the cover of Vogue magazine is everyone’s dream. Getting there takes a lot, but to experience how it feels takes nothing but a Snapchat filter. Vogue Noir is one of the best filters in Snapchat of 2022 because it allows your users to see their dream come true.

    And the best part about this Snapchat filter is that it can also be applied to a silly photo. This way it gets even funnier.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Classic GIFs Para
    • Ever Trending Social Media Filter
    • Works Best only with Black & White Images

  2. Polaroid Frame

    Polaroid Frame Snapchat Filter

    To attract all the touch device users who love simplicity, this is one of the best Snapchat effects for Android and iOS to be added to your Snapchat app. Even though we can always put various Snapchat lenses, filters, and stickers to transform our look, sometimes, all we need is a simple and old-school filter that is easy to tweak.

    It softens the face and adds appropriate brightness to the photos. It is perfect for the days when people do not feel like putting so much effort into make-up. It takes care of the texture of the skin and makes the selfies look even glamorous. In short, this is the best Snapchat filter to embraces the beauty within.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Easy-to-use
    • Autocomplete Results
    • Flower Frame Does not Match Every Photo

  3. Cartoon 3D Style

    Old Snapchat Filter

    When you were a child, did you wish to get a look like a Disneyland character? Back then, there was no way to do that. However, with Snapchat’s new filter Cartoon 3D Style, you can get a cuter face of Disney character’s cartoons. This filter uses Augmented Reality to provide you look from Disneyland’s movie Frozen. Till now, this filter has been viewed 1.7 billion times.

    This Cartoon 3D Style filter enables women to look like Anna and gentlemen to look like Kristoff. Try out these fun face filters on Snapchat, capture them, and share them with your friends and social media.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Add music to video along with this face filter
    • Only one person in a frame gets effect of this filter

  4. Old

    Old Snapchat Filter

    Everyone wonders how beautiful they would look when they get old? This Snapchat filter lets them have a glance at the future. It takes the face and just turns it old. A few years ago, people might have questioned the thought process behind this, but this filter is quite a trend now in the Snapchat filters list. Therefore, implement this filter and ride the trends curve.

    Where almost every other filter tries to make users look younger, this one does the exact opposite by greying the hair and adding a few wrinkles on their face.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Funny
    • Swipe Gestures
    • Not Always Accurate

  5. Pecan

    Pecan Snapchat Filter

    Nobody knows when it is going to be okay for us to get on the beach and get a perfect tan. And not everyone likes to spend time and money on tanning salon appointments. Right? Therefore, the Pecan Snapchat filter by Luckee Bains is just perfect for your Snapchat app.

    It gives a perfect tan effect instantly and the best part is users can control the effect with simple tweaks. It is the aesthetic Snapchat filters that ace the textured filter and add graininess. And if users don’t like graininess, they can remove it with just a tap.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Best Option For A Tan Look
    • Sometimes It Can Overdo The Grains

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  6. Fire Sunglasses

    Fire Sunglasses Snapchat Filter

    This filter is when the users are feeling pumped up and motivated. They want to show the world that the game is on. There couldn’t be a better Snapchat filter than the Fire Sunglasses.

    It gives the users a pair of aviators that look dashing no matter what. And the fire just adds to the energy of selfies. It is one of the Snapchat lenses that use AR to its best. Users can even use this Snapchat lens to create videos full of energy. Such as after-workout posts and morning motivational posts. From our Snapchat filters list, it is one of the best Snapchat filters for selfies guys and girls.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Energetic & Mood Uplifting
    • Might Not Suit Everyone

  7. My Twin

    My Twin Snapchat Filter

    To make your app an instant hit, you should add the current trending Snapchat filters and the latest technology, and this one is both.

    We all have wished for a cool twin to hang out with at least once in life. So, this filter introduces users to the twin they never had. It creates a replica of their face but with the opposite gender. It changes the eyes, hairstyle, and skin texture to completely transform them into the opposite gender.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Creative
    • Might Offend A Few People

  8. Neon Horns

    Neon Horns Snapchat Filter

    Apps like Instagram, VSCO, and Snapchat do not wait for Halloween to flaunt the evil side of you with a scary mask. So why should your app?

    Devil horns filter is a classic and here to stay for long. But, the Neon Horns filter just takes it one step further by adding the neon colors. By implementing this Spanchat filter as your photo editing app feature, you let your users turn any Snapchat snap in black & white and color the horns in various neon colors.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Evergreen Filter
    • Limited Colors

  9. Fashion Sunglasses

    Fashion Sunglasses Snapchat Filter

    By adding this Snapchat filter as a feature of your photo editing app, you tell your users that they do not have to wait for years to grow a perfect beard. It is one of the perfect and best Snapchat filters for guys.

    All they need is a smartphone with a camera and your app. This filter can give users a great beard with the perfect shades. It attracts all motorcyclists or ‘want to be a motorcyclist’, and can portray users in a completely different avatar.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Easy-to-use
    • Reflection May Not Work Smooth Every Time

  10. Lips Freckles

    Lips Freckles Snapchat Filter

    What could be better if your image editing app can make your users feel loved? If you add this Snapchat filter, your app can give a good ending to a bad day. And don’t people need this more than anything right now?

    All this amazing filter does is it automatically puts lips freckles right on the blush. This simple filter can have a great impact on uplifting the users’ mood. Users can also utilize It to hide those spots and pimples and create a perfect snap for the hashtag cute at the same time. Lip Freckles is one of the best Snapchat filters for girls to use.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Cute
    • Gender-Specific Social Media Filters

  11. Sailor’s Cap

    Sailor's Cap Snapchat Filter

    Okay, now who will ever say no to being a captain. True to its name, this filter takes the users on a voyage of the childhood dream and you to any app developer’s dream. It can attract users from all over the place including Saint Martin.

    Every millennial growing with the iconic ‘Popeye- The sailor man’ has dreamt of being a captain. And this Snapchat filter fulfills that wish very well. It puts an oversize captain’s cap on your head and gives you a perfect beard for the outlook.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Excellent AR
    • Does Not Match Every Outfit

Want to know an accurate estimation of adding these features in your app?

FAQ About Trending Filters on Snapchat

  1. Can I create Snapchat like filters in my photo editing app?

    Yes! You can easily create Snapchat like filters for your photo editing app. Make sure your filters are as unique as your ideas.

  2. How do you get the best filters on Snapchat?

    The best filters on Snapchat are the ones that are trending right now. Thus, to get them to follow the steps mentioned below:
    Step 1: Get the latest version of the Snapchat
    Step 2: Open Snapchat and click on the emoji button on the screen
    Step 3: Swipe the screen up to see all the filters
    Step 4: Tap on ‘Trending’, or slide right to get see all the trending best Snapchat filters.
    Step 5: Pick the right filter for you.

  3. What are the best Snapchat lenses?

    • Dog with Tongue Hanging Out
    • Burgundy Makeup Snapchat Lens
    • Beauty Products Snapchat Lens
    • Glitter Gold Snapchat Lens
    • Pink Glow Flower Crown
    • Rosy Cheeks Retouch
    • Camera Roll Face Swap

    These are some of the best Snapchat lenses. We picked these because of their popularity and creativity.

  4. Does Snapchat change filters every day?

    Yes! Snapchat adds new filters every day and removes them depending on the popularity. So, you can not tell when the filter you like the most will be gone.

  5. Are Snapchat filters free?

    Snapchat filters are free but for a limited time, if you want to get a free filter you have to make one.

  6. How much does a Snapchat filter cost?

    The cost of a Snapchat filter depends on many factors, such as the area of the geofence and the time for the filter to be run. On average, it may cost you right from 5$ per 20,000 square feet.



If you implement any from the above list of best Snapchat filters in your app, it will skyrocket its popularity. Moreover, if you need any guidance on creating an app like Snapchat, we already got your back.

Still, got some questions and queries in mind? We would be more than happy to answer your questions related to photo editing app development and the cost to develop an app. Our experienced mobile app developer will help you and guide you further. Just fill our contact us form and we will get back to you asap!

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