10 Best Weather Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Today, technology is proving itself as a boon in our daily life. However, no invention we can compare with the invention of incredible smartphones! From purchasing clothes to buying groceries, everything is a click away. Think of any product or service, and you can order it from your smartphone. One can read news online and create a virtual network of his own through mobile phones.

Not only this, but it is also possible to see the local weather forecast for the upcoming days and next few months on your smartphone! Yes, you read it right. There are apps that let you know everything about the atmosphere around you and across the world. The weather forecasting systems market will reach a global value of 3.3 billion USD by 2025, with a CAGR of 5.7% from 2019 to 2025. With passing days, the number of weather app users will increase drastically.

Keeping this in mind, we have summoned up the ten best weather apps in this article. We have compared these apps, their services, user ratings, and functionalities. You just have to decide which one you want to put on your smartphone.

What is a Weather App?

In simple words, a weather app is one such mobile application that informs the users about the climate conditions, atmospheric predictions, and any updates on the weather.

It is the best medium to know any upcoming weather patterns in the environment. If someone is planning a trip to any destination, they can know the weather of that destination in advance.

Accordingly, one can plan a visit to that particular destination and postpone/prepone it if the weather is unsuitable on a specific day or time.

Moreover, with the best weather application, one can know

  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Weather situations
  • Visibility distance
  • Heat index
  • Air quality index
  • Precipitation level
  • Dew point
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Hourly weather forecast
  • Ten-days weather forecast

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10 Most Accurate Weather Apps Comparison

Combining our knowledge and feedback from different platforms like Popular Science, PCMag, and Tom’s Guide, we have curated this table of the top ten weather apps.

App NameRatingPricingSupported PlatformsBiggest AdvantageBiggest Disadvantage
4.2/5FreeiOS and AndroidEasy to install and useIntrusive pop-up advertisements
4.5/5$10 per yeariOS and AndroidAccess to NEXRAD level 3 weather dataiOS app crashes when users save images
4.1/5FreeiOS and AndroidCustomizable weather alertsComplex navigation
4.5/5FreeAndroidPerfect app to plan a trip based on the weather forecastInaccurate temperature showing in micro-climate areas
4.8/5Free: Basic features
Pro: $9.99 per year
iOSIntegrated navigation and on-the-way forecastsOnly available for iPhones
4.5/5FreeiOS and AndroidIntegrated Flickr imagesA bit slow
4.6/5FreeiOS and AndroidApple Watch IntegrationLack of customization
3.5/5For Android: Free
For iOS:$4.99 per year
iOS and AndroidExcellent app designAnnoying banner advertisement at the bottom of the app
4.7/5$3.99iOSCrowd-sourcing featureExpensive
4.0/5Free: All features
Pro: $1.99 to remove ads
iOS and AndroidAccess to animated weather radarOccasionally delayed notification delivery

10 Best Weather Apps Providing Up-to-date Forecasts

We have compared these ten apps based on different factors. Now, we will proceed to know in-detail information about these apps. Keep on reading till the end.

  1. AccuWeather


    Yet being a free platform, the AccuWeather app serves a lot. For each screen, the app offers a gigantic set of features. From quick reading on current temperature and weather situations to detailed analysis of precipitation, you can do it all on AccuWeather. This AccuWeather app for Android and iOS is so comprehensive that it has set over 3 million locations for weather assumptions.

    One of the best features of the app is MinuteCast. This feature helps an individual to know the minute-by-minute forecast for the next two hours. Being one of the free weather apps,
    this app is designed to send severe weather alerts for contingencies like snowfall, thunderstorms, and tornadoes to its users. Besides telling sunshine and rain situations, the app lets you know UV index, air quality, wind direction, humidity, and cloud coverage, too.

  2. RadarScope


    The name of the app itself signifies its value. Scientists and weather enthusiasts prefer RadarScope because it delivers high-resolution radar data. This live weather app facilitates weather enthusiasts with NEXRAD level 3 data from the radar stations running across the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Okinawa, and Korea.

    RadarScope is a great option for those who want precise weather information, and paying a few bucks isn’t an issue. Being the best weather app in Canada, its design is sophisticated, but its use is pretty simple.

    More particularly, RadarScope is the best app for weather network tracking and following storms in a specific region. It also displays the velocity, dual-polarization, and reflectivity of the present weather conditions.

    You could always save yourself before being in a storm situation or a tornado and flash floods using RadarScope. We agree that the app is a little challenging to understand compared to others. But trust us, it’s a worth investing tool.

  3. Weather Underground

    Weather Underground

    The Weather Underground app gives enough reasons to install it on your phone. The app’s interface is intuitive and keeps the users engaged in it while offering the required weather information.

    To deliver precise weather forecasts, this app depends on over 30,000 individual weather stations. The reports and estimations of these stations contribute a lot to the app’s estimates. This app can even tell you how long a rainfall will last or at what speed the wind will blow in the next month.

    This best weather forecast app may earn the user’s attention in the long run because of its ‘Smart Forecast’ feature. With this feature, you can command the app to predict a time for hiking, running, or a trip in the nearest future.

    For instance, you have to describe the weather you would like to go out. Say you love partly cloudy weather to go on an excursion. The app will provide, daily, weekly forecast, or monthly when the climate will be cloudy the next time.

  4. Flowx


    Flowx has managed to create an Android app that represents data attractively. If you want to look at the weather data interestingly, you should definitely download Flowx. It gives accurate forecasts to its users and presents additional information with maps, graphs, and charts. The users can set custom locations by themselves or opt for automatic location information insertion.

    Flowx has created a scrolling radar map function system with animations. You can scroll through the animated weather maps with your fingers. Also, while looking at the weather map, you can go back and forth between different time zones. Based on its current working and customer reviews, there is no harm in installing Flowx on your phone.

    Some apps are developed for both Android and iOS. However, Flowx is only available on Android devices. Besides being on the app store, the company is preparing an iOS version, too. You can currently register yourself for its iOS version through the official website of Flowx. But before you do so, watch this five-minute tutorial video to understand how the Flowx app works.

  5. Weather on the Way

    Weather on the Way

    A location-based app like Google Maps shows route directions only. Bad weather situations can be dangerous for driving, too. Most weather apps do not show bad weather situations for driving, but Weather on the Way does.

    When you start a journey, enter your starting point, the final destination, and leave time in the app. The Apple-powered app will show you the best route along with the weather situations. If you allow the app, it will automatically catch your current location data as you start driving.

    Well, the best part of the app is a ‘Timeline feature’ for its pro version users. This feature will show you the weather condition at specific points coming on your route.

    When you click on it, it will give you more detailed weather information like wind speed & direction, humidity, temperature, and precipitation level of that place. Weather on the Way app has combined navigation with weather news updates and proved really beneficial on-road. This Canadian weather app shows severe weather alerts only in the US, Canada, European Union member nations, and Israel but works globally for more than 70 countries.

  6. Yahoo Weather

    Yahoo Weather

    Pretty – it is the one word for describing the Yahoo Weather app. The interface of this app is very much appealing. Not only it attracts the eyes of users who open the app but also provides the necessary weather news and information.

    Yahoo Weather links the crowdsourced wallpaper from Flickr to its app and brings life to the app’s interface. These images are of your present location matched with the current time and weather conditions of that day.

    This option extends further with a button, clicking on which, you can have a five-day forecast, radar data, and satellite maps. People who dislike Weather Underground have moved towards using Yahoo Weather just because it’s more user-friendly.

    If we compare Yahoo Weather with other apps, it provides fewer features. However, its neat and clean presentation makes it more preferable for human eyes. The latest updates in this app have made both Android and iOS versions stand parallel and equal today.

  7. The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel

    There is no doubt that The Weather Channel can become your everyday weather app. The slick and stylish design, hourly and extended forecast, and Apple Watch integration are enough reasons to use this app.

    The unique part is, the app has thousands of short weather forecast videos. You can watch them and get the desired climate coverage.

    The app is equipped with features to alert users for lethal viruses and racing hurricanes. This weather control app also has features for social sharing. Using this feature, users can upload images, videos, and tweets, and share links with other users on the app.

    Whether you want a quick daily forecast update or want to get into the detailed future forecast for the next week, TWC can do it for you. The weather channel app also has interactive maps that show the Doppler radar data regarding rainfall & lightning alerts and other weather events.

    The add-on feature to this app is the ‘Flashcard’ pop-ups. These flashcards are rotating carousels that show crucial data about precipitation or sunset time.

  8. Carrot Weather

    Carrot Weather

    Carrot Weather is known for putting the simple weather condition data dramatically. It fetches the basic data from the Dark Sky app and represents it on its platform with a zest of sarcasm. Alongside the weather predictions, you’ll find film dialogues and quotes mixed with it on the Carrot Weather.

    There’s a graphic on the top right side of the home screen page that’s useful in knowing the weather for the next few hours. It even displays the present, hourly, and 7-day forecast on the app.

    With this app, you can receive severe weather alerts of upcoming events in real-time. You can even switch between different platforms like AccuWeather and The Weather Channel using this app. Carrot Weather is free for Android devices with some inclusive features. However, you need to pay a few dollars to use it on any iOS device.

  9. Dark Sky

    Only RadarScope and Dark Sky are the two apps on this list with no free version. The price is premium because its services are exclusive. The Dark Sky app is so good that Apple bought the entire company in March 2020 to integrate it into the Apple Store.

    Because of this reason, Android users are unable to download and use the app from August 2020. Dark Sky, the exclusive app of Apple Inc., is one of the great weather apps that received Apple Editors Choice awards.

    Dark Sky received this award because its users appreciated the app’s looks and its feature of sending severe weather alerts for rainfall and similar conditions. The app’s ‘Time Machine’ feature is the most attractive thing you will observe ever.

    With it, you can fly over to any time in the past or future for knowing the severe weather situations. The straightforward algorithm of the app shows indications for approaching storms and how long it is going to last. Download this app on your iPhone, and you will know why Apple loves it!

  10. NOAA Weather Radar Live

    NOAA Weather Radar Live

    Most weather apps rely on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to obtain data. Wouldn’t it be best to draw weather forecasts directly from NOAA’s app?

    NOAA Radar is the best app to check local forecasts and monitor weather patterns through satellite maps. There is no consistency in the weather. The pleasant weather can plunge a few seconds later.

    However, with NOAA Radar Live, you get alarmed the same moment something bad is heading towards you. The app sends you a notification immediately when a weather issue is announced.

    Because of this, you never get captured in a situation of a snowstorm or thunder strokes. The radar images on the app shows real-time weather changes. It’s an app offering everything as exact as you would expect from a mobile weather app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which are the most accurate weather apps?

    AccuWeather, RadarScope, WeatherBug, Hello Weather, and The Weather Channel are the top five most precise weather apps for weather information.

  2. Which are the best weather apps for Android?

    AccuWeather, Dark Sky, Weather Underground, Today Weather, and NOAA Radar Live are the best weather apps for Android.

  3. Which are the best weather apps for the iPhone?

    RadarScope, The Weather Channel, Dark Sky, Weather Bug, and Weather Underground are the best weather apps for the iPhone.

  4. Which is the most accurate free weather app?

    Works on both Android and iOS, AccuWeather is the most accurate free weather app. You will be proud of the company’s precise predictions and its day-to-day weather updates.

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