How to Build a Serverless SMSChatbot Using OpenAI’s API

As a business owner if you are looking to create a SMSChabot, you are reading the right blog.

Whether you are running a restaurant or salon business, a constant flow of customers brings profit. That’s why retaining as many customers as possible is the core focus of any business.

One of the ways to bring more customer engagement to your business is by building chatbots. What if you can create an intelligent SMSChatbot?

Yes, you read right. You would be surprised to know that 84% of people want to receive a text from a business. In addition, 64% of texts are read within a few minutes. So, there is no doubt in saying that SMSChatbot would be beneficial for your business.

In this blog, you will learn about how to create a serverless SMSChatbot for your business, its use cases, and its features. So, let’s get started.

5 Steps Process to Make Serverless SMSChatbot Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT3

Here is the step-by-step process of creating a serverless SMSChatbot.

  1. Consult an AI Software Development Company

    To develop a SMSChatbot for your business, you first need to contact an agency that provides software development services using OpenAI. To hire the best AI software developers, you can research Upwork, Fiverr, and Stack Overflow. Or you can hire experienced software developers from Space-O.

    Furthermore, you need to discuss your requirements with software developers. Describe your specific requirements for which reason you want to create a SMSChatbot. This will help to know what would be the use cases of the chabot, which type of customers it will serve, and the tasks or information this chatbot will provide. Next, the API integration is done.

  2. OpenAI API Integration with Messaging Platform

    At this stage, once the requirements are clear, integration of OpenAI API is done with the messaging platform. For integration, you need a valid phone number with an SMS facility from Twilio or any messaging service provider. Software developers connect OpenAI Completiong API and Twilio API for creating SMSChatbot. Some of the popular messaging service providers are Twilio, Nexmo, and Messagebird.

  3. Training and Testing of Your SMSChatbot

    Once the integration is done, then the SMSChatbot trains with a sample questionnaire or example of a dataset. This step includes the coding to make requests to OpenAI API, parse the user’s response, and generate a response to the query. Once your Chatbot works fine after performing all the tests, further, it is deployed.

  4. Deployment of Your SMSChabot

    If all the test results are positive and your SMSChatbot performs as per the expectations, then your Chatbot is deployed on the server. If you have created a serverless SMSChatbot, it is deployed on AWS Lambda and API Gateway. This process includes uploading your code to the Lambda server and configuring the API Gateway for triggering the Lambda function when receiving an SMS.

  5. Monitor and Maintenance of Your Chatbot

    Once deployment is done, it’s time to monitor your SMSChatbot. Monitoring your SMSChatbot allows you to know whether it’s performing as expected in live or not. Furthermore, the model is trained and optimized to improve the overall quality of the response.

Want to Build SMSChatbot Using OpenAI for Your Business?

Let’s connect. Discuss your requirements with our experienced software developers. Validate your requirements.

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This is the overall process of creating a serverless SMSChatbot. By following these steps, it becomes easy to create a Chatbot as required for your business. Above all, hiring professional OpenAI software developers ease the complete process of developing SMSChatbot. So, you get SMSChatbot as per your expectations which leads to the profitability of your business.

6 Use Cases of Creating AI-based SMSChabots for Your Business

So, you have developed a SMSChatbot for your business. Now, you might think, what are business scenarios where SMSChatbot could be helpful? Here are some of the possible use cases listed.

  1. Customer Service

    Providing a smooth user experience helps you to sustain good customers. One of the ways to do that is using SMSChatbots if you are into the customer service business. In a customer service business, providing quick and accurate responses plays a vital role. So, using AI-powered SMS chatbots helps you to provide quick and effective customer service.

  2. Appointment Scheduling

    Whether you are running a restaurant or salon business, scheduling appointments plays a vital role. It reduces the chances of miscommunication and wasting the time of your customers. You can reduce this hassle by using SMSChabot. So, building SMSChatbot helps enhance and streamline the whole process of scheduling appointments.

  3. Order Tracking with Real-time Status

    Once the integration is done, then the SMSChatbot trains with a sample questionnaire or example of a dataset. This step includes the coding to make requests to OpenAI API, parse the user’s response, and generate a response to the query. Once your Chatbot works fine after performing all the tests, further, it is deployed.

  4. Marketing

    No matter what business you are into, whether service or product. Creating AI-powered SMS chatbots helps to inform your customers with personalized product recommendations and update customers with new product launches. This way, you increase the interaction of customers with your brand and encourage them to make purchases.

  5. Banking and Financial Services

    If you are into public or private banking or financial services, using SMS chatbots is important. With the use of AI-powered SMS chatbots, update end-users with banking and financial services that include account balance to card management.

  6. Healthcare Services

    Whether you are running a hospital or medical center, ensuring to provide the right assistance at a crucial time is important. To avoid any critical suggestions, using AI-powered SMS Chatbots can assist patients in an emergency situation and properly guide the patients. In addition, the SMSChatbots are useful for medical service, scheduling appointments, or refilling prescriptions.

Features to Consider in a SMSChatbot

As a leading software agency in Toronto, we have developed over 300 custom software solutions worldwide. Having experience creating custom software and mobile app, we understand the features to list down. Here is the list of core features that SMSChatbot provides.

  • Intent Recognition: An AI-powered SMSChatbot provides contextual answers to end-users based on their questions. Recognizing the right intent of the user’s question is important to provide the correct information as asked. This AI-powered SMSChatbot understands the queries and guides the customer accordingly. So, you don’t have to hire a person to assist your customers.
  • Personalization: An AI-powered Chatbot can effectively provide personalization information based on the training of the model. With personalization, it becomes easy to connect your customers with your brand and products.
  • Real-time Information: Using SMSChatbots helps you to provide your customers with real-time status updates whether it’s from order tracking to the arrival of new products and discount offers.
  • Multi-language Support: A SMSChatbot can provide information about your business in different languages at your customer’s convenience. So, you can easily establish your business around the world without worrying about language barriers. This way, your customers interact with your SMS chatbot in their preferred language.

Still, if you have questions regarding OpenAI’s SMSChatbot, check the following section.

FAQ About Building SMSChatbots Using OpenAI’s API

  1. What are the prerequisites to creating SMSChatbot with Python?

    Here is the list of necessary things you need before moving ahead.

    • Twilio account
    • Twilio phone number with SMS facility
    • OpenAI account
    • Downloaded Python
    • ngrok
  2. What kind of Chatbots can be created with OpenAI?

    With the use of OpenAI models, you can create multiple types of chatbots, such as

    • Voice-based chatbots
    • Image-based chatbots
    • Dialogue-based chatbots
    • Text-based chatbots
    • Language Translation chatbots

Develop Your SMSChatbot Using OpenAI API

In this blog, you have learned about the complete process of creating a serverless AI-powered SMSChatbot. Also, you have learned about the features of Chatbot as well as use cases of creating a SMSChatbot for your business.

If you are looking to create an AI-powered SMSChatbot with Twilio, Messagebird, or any other messaging platform, get in touch with us. Moreover, if you have queries regarding knowing which type of chatbot you should develop for your business, reach out to us. At Space-O, we have a team of experienced AI software developers from end-to-end development.

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