Top 9 AI Software Development Companies [A Curated List]

Are you looking for the right AI development company that helps you with your software project? If yes, you have landed on the right page.

You might have searched on Google or websites like Clutch about AI companies, but unable to figure out the right partner for your AI project development.

To help you choose the right AI software company, we have written this blog post by conducting research on platforms like Clutch and Google.

As a leading AI software development services provider, we know the core factors which need to be considered while choosing an AI development company.

We have curated a list of AI software development companies based on Clutch ranking, pricing, expertise, previously developed AI projects, and experience in AI technology.

By going through this list, make a decision of choosing the right one for your project.

Let’s first help you by providing a table containing important information about each artificial intelligence development company.

Top 9 AI Software Development Companies

We have listed the top AI development companies in the table considering several factors such as experience and expertise, testimonials, AI development services offered and reviews and ratings. Let’s have a look at the table.

CompanyClutch Ratings and ReviewsExpertise in AILocations
4.8 (50 Reviews)
  • Artificial Intelligence Consulting
  • Custom AI Development
  • AI Chatbot and Virtual Assistant Development
  • OpenAI API Services
Space-O Technologies
4.8 (15 Reviews)
  • Chatbot Development
  • Custom Classification Systems
  • Image and Text Analytics
  • Speech and Face Recognition AI Solutions
5.0 (16 Reviews)
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Consulting
  • Generative AI Development
  • Custom Computer Vision Solutions
  • Natural Language Processing Solutions
InData Labs
4.9 (15 Reviews)
  • AI Software Solutions
  • Computer Vision Solutions
  • Multimodal AI
  • Reinforcement Learning
4.9 (50 Reviews)
  • AI-powered Learning Management Systems
  • Predictive AI
  • AI-powered Virtual Assistance
  • Hardware Integration with Artificial Intelligence
4.8 (60 Reviews)
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Voice and Speech Recognition
  • Predictive Modelling
4.9 (41 Reviews)
  • Automation Solutions
  • AI-Powered Chatbots
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Analytics Systems
Waverly Software
5.0 (10 Reviews)
  • Generative AI
  • Speech AI
  • Conversational AI
  • Natural Language Processing
5.0 (12 Reviews)
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Conversational AI
  • Predictive Analysis
Zfort Group

Now, you have an overview of the top AI development companies. So let’s have a detailed understanding of each company.

  1. Space-O Technologies

    Hourly Rate:$35 – $50/hr
    Min. Project Size:$50,000
    Employee Size:250+
    Contact Information:+1 (437) 488-7337 or [email protected]

    Space-O Technologies is one of the top AI development companies. With more than 100 clientele and trusted by well-known brands such as CamSafe, Halton Hills, and Canada’s Forest Trust, Space-O has proven to be an effective AI solution. This company has served clients from Canada, the United States, Germany, France, and Australia. Also, Space-O has a competitive edge, with a 65% of repeat and referrals business rate.

    Space-O has a dedicated team of artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers and data scientists who can develop custom AI software, natural language processing-based software and predictive analysis systems. In addition, AI developers at Space-O are experts at utilizing AI tools effectively which helps businesses to achieve better outcomes in process optimization and reducing costs.

    Moreover, Space-O uses the latest AI technologies to help deliver tailored AI solutions to your business. Technologies like Python, Apache Spark, TensorFlow, GitHub, Jenkins and Matplotlib.

    Space-O even has specialization in OpenAI Technology to create robust solutions. Here are some the solutions developed by us.

    Recent Software Solutions Developed by Us

    Want to Build AI Software for Your Business?

    Our team of skilled AI developers and engineers helps you provide an AI solution that meets all your requirements.

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  2. SumatoSoft

    Hourly Rate:$50 – $99/hr
    Min. Project Size:$25,000+
    Employee Size:50 – 250
    Contact Information:+1 857-288-8799 or [email protected]

    Having 13 years of experience, SumatoSoft has served multiple industries including eCommerce, banking and finance, healthcare, sales and marketing and education. SumatoSoft has a team of experienced AI and ML developers who are up-to-date on emerging technologies.

    Technologies like AutoML, Caffe, IBM Watson, Pytouch, spaCy, and Keras. By utilizing these tech stacks, SumatoSoft builds AI solutions that meet your project requirements.

    In addition, Sumatosoft follows an effective development process that ensures high-quality solutions. SumatoSoft has extensive experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning development. This company has worked on various projects from chatbots to recommendation engines to predictive analytics.

  3. InData Labs

    Hourly Rate:$50 – $99/hr
    Min. Project Size:$10,000+
    Employee Size:50 – 249
    Contact Information:+1 786 871 3300 or [email protected]

    One of the leading AI software development agencies, InData Labs. With the vision of bringing the power of artificial intelligence to every business, InData Labs has been offering custom solutions to diverse clients such as Captiv8, EXtrance, GSMA, and Interprefy from multiple industries including manufacturing, financial services, eCommerce, and healthcare.

    InData Labs has a team of senior AI developers, engineers and data scientists who are experts at using cutting-edge technologies. The technologies used are GPT-4, styleGAN, BERT, MidJourney, Stanza, and flair.

    The entire artificial intelligence development process of InData Labs is structured in a way that helps in delivering end-to-end solutions meeting your expectations. This process involves analyzing requirements, setting up the project, developing phase, releasing software live, and constant support.

  4. Azumo

    Hourly Rate:$25 – $50/hr
    Min. Project Size:$10,000+
    Employee Size:51 – 200
    Contact Information:+1 415-610-7002 or [email protected]

    When it comes to AI development companies, Azumo is one of the best companies to deliver custom AI solutions to reputed clients such as Discovery, Zynga, UnitedHealthcare, and Wolters Kluwer. Developers of Azumo have expertise in technologies such as OpenAI, CVAT, Kafka, PyTouch, Theano, Haystack and JAX which results in delivering fast, reliable, and cost-efficient software solutions.

    Azumo provides a breakdown of the entire process of custom AI development which makes it easy to trust this AI company. This process starts with model selection and implementation, data labelling, model training, and model optimization and ends with deployment.

    Azumo’s strong foundation of AI development ensures that there is no problem with your projects and are delivered rapidly and with the required solutions. Azumo’s ongoing AI software development services and support are excellent.

    The company has a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions to worldwide clients whether it is artificial intelligence and machine learning development or data engineering. Due to Azumo’s consistent efforts and expertise of the AI team, maintaining high-quality code and delivering powerful and futuristic AI solutions becomes easy. All of the efforts of Azumo have resulted in positive feedback from clients.

  5. Fingent

    Hourly Rate:$25 – $49/hr
    Min. Project Size:$25,000+
    Employee Size:250 – 999
    Contact Information:+1 (914) 615-9170 or [email protected]

    Fingent specializes in providing AI-powered solutions to your business. The company has an experience of 18+ years with an active client base from many different industries such as sport, non-profit, education, real estate, and retail. Fingent has successfully completed over 800+ projects with a skilled team of software developers, engineers, and AI specialists.

    In addition, Fingent is an award-winning AI software development company trusted by famous brands such as Johnson and Johnson, CBN, Sony, Casenet, and NEC. Due to factors like open and transparent communication, secure and scalable architecture, strong quality assurance, and Agile methodology frameworks, Fingent becomes one of the best choices for your project development.

    Fingent is ranked as one of the top AI development companies when it comes to providing custom AI support considering the constant maintenance and support delivered for your software. Fingent has a number of tech specialists that are experts at utilizing diverse technologies and frameworks effectively.

  6. Waverly Software

    Hourly Rate:$50 – $99/hr
    Min. Project Size:$50,000+
    Employee Size:250 – 999
    Contact Information:+1 (650) 238-9205 or [email protected]

    Waverly Software is one of the best AI development companies. This company has partnered with the most famous clients, including American Express, Abbott, Seagate, Agilent, Neptune, and Jibo. Waverly has converted many ideas into fresh solutions, working in various domains such as robotics, smart home, eLearning, enterprise solutions, and finance.

    Waverly has received top AI and ML development company awards from Clutch and The Manifest. Using technologies such as Scala, WEKA, Caffe, MongoDB, Theano, Hadoop, and Apache Mahout makes Waverly an exceptional choice for your AI software project.

    Waverly has a dedicated AI development team who have excellent technical expertise, a solid statistical background, the ability to work as a team, and diverse skills. The practical knowledge this team has of the newest artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data tools makes it an effective option for businesses seeking AI development.


    Hourly Rate:$50 – $99/hr
    Min. Project Size:$10,000+
    Employee Size:50 – 249
    Contact Information:+48-58-728-29-47 or [email protected]

    Being one of the leading AI development companies, this company partners with famous clients such as Arrowhead Tools, SoDA, PANGEA, Afarcloud, and Production 4.0. This company provides dedicated experts who have extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. has served various industries such as space, medtech, robotics, and manufacturing. As Having expertise in providing custom AI development software for multiple industries, stand out from the competition.

    This company’s aim is to bring innovation to every stage of the product and build tailored software for businesses like yours. The AI algorithms their team utilizes are highly effective in helping them achieve their goals and provide you with an effective solution.

  8. Want to Hire AI Software Developers for Your Project?

    We have an experienced team of AI developers that helps to convert your ideas into innovative solutions. Discuss your requirements with us.

  9. Zfort Group

  10. Hourly Rate:$50 – $99/hr
    Min. Project Size:$10,000+
    Employee Size:250 – 999
    Contact Information:+1 202-960-2900 or [email protected]

    Zfort Group’s expertise in ChatGPT and OpenAI API makes this company one of the best AI development companies. This tech company has proven expertise in various business domains that include travel and hospitality, healthcare, logistics, insurance, finance, and sports.

    Zfort company excels at AI development by utilizing technologies such as OpenAI, machine learning models, neural networks, and chatbots. These technologies help in developing creative and intelligent AI solutions that address complex business requirements.

    Apart from that, Zfort company has developed artificial intelligence for big data processing, machine learning development, and blockchain technologies. Zfort Group’s dedicated team builds long-term business relationships and delivers high-quality projects in a timely manner.

    So far, we have covered all of the leading AI development companies. Even so, if you have any questions or need more information, read the following FAQ section to get answers.

    FAQs About AI Software Development Companies

    1. What are the key factors to consider when evaluating AI software development companies for a project?

      Here are the key factors you need to consider when evaluating AI software development companies for your project.

      • Review the company’s past projects and look for the track record of successfully delivering AI-based solutions.
      • Assess the company’s technical skills and knowledge of artificial intelligence technologies, tools and frameworks.
      • Check that the company consists of a scalable infrastructure and should be capable of handling the evolving requirements of your project.
      • Ensure that the company follows strict data privacy and security practices to avoid security breakdowns.
      • Choose a company that maintains transparency and open communication.
    2. Where to find ratings and reviews of AI development companies?

      Here is a list of reliable websites that helps you to find reviews of artificial intelligence development companies.

      • Clutch
      • GoodFirms
      • UpCity
      • FeaturedCustomers
    3. What are the benefits of AI software?

      There are several benefits associated with artificial intelligence software that helps optimize your business operations. Here is the list of benefits.

      • Automation of repetitive tasks which leads humans to focus on creative tasks and improve efficiency.
      • Analyzing vast databases accurately and rapidly, providing invaluable insights that help in decision-making.
      • Personalized touch by adapting user preferences, and historical interaction, which results in providing tailored recommendations for the product or services.
      • Chatbots and virtual assistants are made available, leading to providing real-time assistance and guidance.
      • Optimize business processes through analysis that leads to reduced errors and streamline workflow.

    Choose the Right AI Software Development Company for Your Project

    In the blog, we have provided a detailed list of the top AI development companies. All the information you may need, such as expertise, founding year, advanced technology stack, ratings, and hourly rates, to select an artificial intelligence development company is mentioned in the above list. This might have made it easy for you to choose the best software company according to your project requirements.

    If you don’t want to be confused about which one is the best, you can consider Space-O as your software partner. We have an experienced team that will help you obtain your required software solution for artificial intelligence. No matter how complex or challenging your project is, the level of expertise our team holds is sufficient to provide tailored solutions for your business.

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