How to Hire Remote Developers for Your Project: 6 Steps Process

Do you want to build a software or mobile application that becomes successful? Are you looking to hire efficient remote developers who match your expectations?

Your answer would be yes but we both know it’s hard to find excellent remote developers who match expectations.

According to a report by Evans Data Corporation, worldwide developers grew by 25.6 million from the year 2021. As you see there are millions of developers available in the market, it becomes extremely difficult to find the right talent for your job.

By the end of this blog, you will learn how to hire the right software developers for your project. So, let’s get started.

Follow These 6 Steps Process to Hire Remote Developers for Your Project Development

Here are six steps that you need to follow for hiring a remote team.

  1. Define Your Project Requirements

    Prior to hiring remote developers, you should be clear with your project requirements. When you are clear with your project requirements, you can easily find the right software developers.

    To define your project requirements, consider these points:

    • The types of projects you want to develop like web, software, or mobile app
    • The approximate timeline and budget for development
    • The level of experience and skills required for your project
    • The expertise of tools and technologies to develop your project

    Having clear requirements for your project development helps you to know what you want to look for while searching for the right team of remote developers. Your next step would be looking for candidates on different platforms.

  2. Find Remote Software Developers on Different Platforms

    There are two ways through which you can find the right candidate for your project development.

    First, look for developers on the freelance marketplace where freelancers are available to hire.

    Second, find software development companies that provide dedicated remote software developers for project development.

    As per your requirements, you need to search the candidates on different popular frameworks like Upwork, Freelancer, or Linkedin. Go through these freelance marketplace websites and search for candidates who have the right skill set and match the technical requirements you need.

    If you think you want to hire developers, here is a list of the top 9 software development companies in Toronto from where you can hire a remote team. Or find developers from reputed reviews or survey sites like Clutch, G2, or Trustpilot.

  3. Prepare a List of Best-fit Candidates and Shortlist

    As you find the most suitable candidate whether from online freelancer platforms or software development companies. Next, you need to prepare a list. Based on your research and survey, you would have accumulated a list of candidates from different sources.

    At this stage, you need to select the most suitable candidate for your project. So, how do you find the most suitable candidates for your project development? You need to prepare a list of criteria that helps you to shortlist the most reliable candidate for your project. To help you, here is the list of criteria you can follow to shortlist candidates from your prepared list.

    • Technical skills that are necessary for your project development
    • Know if the candidate has relevant experience in software development
    • Portfolio or work samples to know the ability of software developers
    • Communication skills as it is important for the smooth progress of your project
    • Pricing model to know if the development would be within your budget

    Sort out the candidates based on the above criteria. This helps you to find and hire skilled remote software developers to develop your project.

  4. Conduct a Screening of the Candidates

    As you have the list of shortlisted candidates for your project development, now you need to schedule the first screening with the candidate. During your first screening, check their communication skills, and understanding level, and build a connection with the candidates to know more about them. Interact with the candidate to know about their remote working experience, how long they are working remotely, and how they manage their workload.

    This way, you are able to know the abilities of the candidates you have shortlisted. Once the candidates get selected in your first screening, then conduct a technical interview. Knowing the technical skills of remote developers helps you to know which candidates fit best according to your project requirements. Once you have a solid list of candidates that you want to hire for your project, conduct a final meeting.

  5. Choosing the Right Hiring Model

    When you hire remote developers from a reputed software development company, you need to decide on the right model for your project.

    There are mainly three models for hiring remote developers. Let’s understand each model in detail.

    If you want to know the detailed cost of hiring the software developers then read this in-depth guide on how much does it cost to hire a software developer?

    Dedicated Hiring Model

    You hire a dedicated team of software developers who dedicatedly work only for your project or software development. You get complete control of the remote software development team. This model is suitable when you are looking for long-term project collaboration.

    As the team of developers is highly experienced, you don’t need to guide your project’s progress or development. Your only work is to communicate with the team of managers and get the work done for your project.

    Looking to Hire Dedicated Software Developers?

    We have a team of talented software developers who have experience of create solutions for industries like Fintech, Food, Transportation, and Manufacturing.

    Cta Image

    Hourly-rate Hiring Model

    If you have a small project and you want flexible time and can work on an hourly basis for your project, then choosing an hourly price model is suitable for you. Moreover, if you are looking for remote developers to fix codes, maintain your software, and upgrade your software, then the hourly price model would be most suitable.

    However, hire reliable full-stack developers depending on your hourly work requirements. For hiring remote full-stack developers, share your requirements with the software development company. Next, conduct meetings and collaborate on your work.

    Part-time Hiring Model

    If you have a limited budget for your project development and small-scale requirements, then hiring part-time remote developers would work best. Within this model, if you have fixed requirements, the part-time model of remote developers works best.

    In the part-time model, the remote software developers are assigned fixed hours on a daily basis. Within the assigned hours, the remote developers work on your project which includes developing a project from scratch to maintaining your software application. If you don’t have any time constraints or timelines to develop your project, then part-time work is the best solution.

  6. Hire the Developers for Your Project

    After choosing the right model of hiring, hire the selected developers. Make sure to sign an NDA agreement to protect the sensitive information of your project.

    Further, you can decide on communication channels as well as collaboration mediums to discuss the project progress and changes if required. In addition, discuss the timeline within which you want to complete your project development.

    Looking to Hire Skilled Remote Developers for Your Project?

    Describe your requirements to us. We have a team of skilled software developers who have experience in the programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, and Golang.

    In the next section, let’s explore different places where you can hire talented software developers.

Where to Look for Hiring Remote Developers?

You will find the best developers at reasonable rates from these three platforms.

  1. Freelancer Websites and Platforms

    The most useful and easy way to find remote developers for your project is by searching on freelancer websites and other platforms. You can hire software developers based on their profiles, previous work, portfolios, ratings and reviews, and technical skills. Researching on such platforms helps you find the best and most skilled software developers within your budget and as per your requirements.

    Here is the list of platforms that are popular to find the most talented software developers.

    FreelancersFull-time EmployeesFinding Software Agencies
    • UpWork
    • Freelancer
    • Guru
    • Fiverr
    • Toptal
    • PeoplePerHour
    • Indeed
    • LinkedIn
    • Glassdoor
    • Monster
    • ZipRecruiter
    • SimplyHired
    • Clutch
    • Manifest
    • SoftwareWorld
    • AppFutura
    • G2
    • TopDevelopers

    The above table describes the top places to hire software developers according to your requirements. Whether you need freelancer developers, full-time employees, or software development agencies in Canada, you get the right candidates to hire and build a team for your project development.

  2. Searching on Communities and Forums

    To find the right talent for your project, visit popular communities and forums to look for remote software developers. The communities and forums are the platforms where knowledgeable developers, designers, and architects discuss the latest technology, debate on the topics, and share knowledge.

    Here is the list of forums and communities to find talented developers.

    Top Communities and Forums Where You Can Hire Best Remote Developers

    Communities: GitHub, Stack Overflow, HackerRank, and Hackernoon

    Forums: Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn Groups, and Hacker News

  3. Ask for Referrals to Your Friends and Colleagues

    Yes, ask for referrals from your friends or colleagues who have previously worked or hired any developers. If you are unable to find the right skilled software developers on the freelancer or software agencies, you can contact your relatives, friends, or colleagues.

    As you trust the people from whom you take advice, you can get genuine feedback from the developers. So, according to your budget and technical skills, hire remote software developers to work on your project.

3 Important Skills to Look for When Hiring Remote Software Developers

When you hire remote developers for your project development, ensure they have the following set of skills.

Here is the list of skills you should check before hiring a remote developer.

  1. Technical Skill Expertise

    Ensure the software developers you want to hire for your project should have the relevant technical skills. Those technical skills are as follows.

    • Strong understanding of popular or latest programming languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and C++
    • Relevant experience in popular web development frameworks like React, Angular, Vuew.js, Django, Flask, and Ruby on Rails
    • Deep understanding of different databases like NoSQL or SQL, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server
    • Strong understanding of different software development methodologies, such as Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban
  2. Collaboration and Communication Skills

    Remote developers should have good collaboration skills as it helps to manage the whole process of project development properly and effectively. When you hire remote developers from different countries, then collaboration with developers and stakeholders is important. When your remote developers have better collaboration skills, you get the following benefits:

    • Everyone in the team is on the same page and the progress of the project doesn’t get delayed
    • Improves productivity between team members by sharing knowledge, brainstorming an idea, and working on the solution development together.
    • Easily and quickly identification of issues and developing of solutions accordingly.
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Skills

    Developing software or applications is not easy as it seems. During the development of software or application, there are some situations where it becomes difficult to find a solution to a problem. Or it becomes impossible to code the functionalities as per your requirements. In such cases, having critical thinking or problem-solving attitude helps.

    The ability to identify, find, analyze, and solve problems effectively and efficiently helps to develop solutions to problems. How to deal with challenging situations involves problem-solving skills. With such an attitude, the developers are able to break the big problems into smaller ones, manageable parts, identify the root cause of an issue and then develop the solution.

    Next, learn more about the core challenges you face when hiring remote workers for your project development.

3 Core Challenges You Face When Hiring a Remote Developer

While looking to hire a remote development team, the entire hiring process is simple but it’s difficult to find the type of candidate you want to hire. The major challenges you face when looking for remote developers for software development with their solutions are as follows.

  1. Identifying the Quality Candidates for Your Project

    As there are thousands of remote developers available in the market, it becomes difficult to find talented or qualified developers. Finding qualified and non-qualified software developers becomes difficult. In such a case, you should focus on several core factors and analyze these factors when hiring a remote development team.

    Solution: Analyze the core factors are the candidate’s profile, ratings/reviews, experience, portfolio, and technical skills. In addition, you can conduct a thorough interview process to know if the candidate’s skills match your requirements or not.

    Another way of hiring software developers for your project is by contacting one of the best software development agencies in Calgary, Montreal, or Toronto. As the software companies would have qualified developers, so you don’t have to research or make efforts. You can hire dedicated remote software developers from companies like Space-O Technologies.

  2. Language Barriers During Communication

    When you want to hire remote developers, there is a chance the developers you hire might be in different countries. As your ultimate goal is to hire talented software developers, the location of developers doesn’t matter here.

    However, another problem you might face is communication barriers. If you hire software developers where culture of work and communication language is entirely different, then it becomes difficult to communicate your requirements or changes in your project.

    Solution: To resolve the communication issues, you can use translation tools or hire a translator who can clear your requirements to your hired remote developers. Because establishing clear and concise communication with the remote development team helps to achieve the expected results of your project development.
  3. Collaboration Issues Due to Different Time Zones

    Working in different time zones leads to collaboration issues and delays in your project development. In such a case, scheduling meetings and keeping every team member of remote developers becomes difficult.

    Solution: To ensure your project developments don’t suffer later in the development process, you need to establish proper guidelines and systems for collaboration in the project’s progress. You can specify or fix the times for scheduling meetings and deadlines for deliverables.

    Moreover, you can clear the team that due to differences in the time zones, everyone needs to adjust their schedule accordingly. So, there is no miscommunication or delay in the project work.

    Let’s now know about the questions that you should ask the remote development team before hiring.

List of Questions to Ask in an Interview Process

You might wonder while interviewing remote software developers which questions are important to ask. Is there any particular list of questions that are essential to ask the remote development teams? Certainly, there is no particular list of questions. Depending on your requirements, you need to prepare a list of questions to ask. However, to help you prepare a general questions list, here is the list we have created for you.

  • Which types of projects have you developed?
  • Have you developed or worked on a similar project as I have?
  • Could you provide me with your previously developed projects for an overview?
  • Which software development method do you follow for project development?
  • What are your hourly rates and payment terms for your services?
  • How do you handle changes or revisions during project development?
  • Could you please provide me with references from your past clients?
  • Which technologies or tools do you specialize in for development?
  • How do you approach project development from scratch?
  • How do you ensure the project development is completed within budget and timeline?
  • Do you perform different types of testing to ensure the project is bug-free?

If you don’t have any time or put much into hiring remote developers for your project, you can contact Space-O Technologies for your requirements. Wondering why you should hire developers from Space-O? Check the next section.

Why Hire Remote Developers from Space-O?

As a CTO, entrepreneur, or startup founder, you must have different important tasks to get involved in your business growth. In such a case, if you invest your time to hire remote developers for your project requirements, it might not be worth as much as growing your business.

Contact a software development agency like Space-O Technologies. The reason is we have a team of software, mobile, or web developers for your complex and unique requirements. Moreover, being in the software development industry, we are aware of the trends and latest technologies used to develop software applications.

This is all about hiring remote developers for your project development.

Want to Hire a Remote Developers Team?

Let’s talk. We are a leading software development company in Canada, having experience in successfully deploying 300+ custom software and mobile solutions.

If you are looking for more information on hiring remote developers, check the following section. Here we have answered the most asked questions in the search results.

FAQ About Hiring Remote Developers

  1. Which soft skills to look for when hiring remote developers?

  2. Soft skills that are a must to look for in remote software development are as follows. Here is the list of soft skills.

    • Communication skills
    • Time management skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Adaptability
    • Collaboration skills
    • Self-motivation
  3. Which are the ways to mitigate risk when working with remote developers?

  4. Here is the list of mitigating risks when you are working with remote developers.

    • Perform conduct thorough research on developers you are looking to hire
    • Hire developers from reputable platforms like UpWork or Freelancer
    • Define your project requirements clearly and set proper expectations
    • Perform regular monitoring of your project development after hiring
  5. Which things to consider when hiring remote developers for long-term vs short projects?

  6. When you want to hire remote developers for two different scenarios, you need to consider the following things.

    • Scope and complexity of your project
    • The skills required for developing your project
    • Considering the budget and timeline for your project
    • The channels of communication and collaboration

Hire the Best Remote Developers for Your Project

In this blog, you have learned about the hiring process of remote developers for your project development.

Choosing the right remote development team definitely determines the success of your project development. That’s why investing time during hiring is important. But, now you don’t have to waste your precious time looking for developers. Space-O Technologies provides full-time to part-time software developers for your project. So, you can focus on the core activities and processes of your project. Let’s talk about your requirements.

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