6 Benefits of HR Mobile App for Your Organization

Are you facing problems while running your organization? Do you wish to make the recruitment process streamlined and make leave management easier? An HR mobile app can make your organization more efficient in at least 6 ways. We have curated these ways in this blog so you have a clearer idea.

Human resources, as the name suggests, requires complete commitment from your end. One of the core instances of this department happens to be employee engagement. A satisfied employee will always help deliver a positive image of the company, which will help deliver an excellent experience to the end customers. According to Gallup, an engaged team will show 21% greater profitability. 

However, for a successful HR function, you need to understand that the department goes beyond simple recruitments. There are various aspects associated with this department, some which you may have observed, while others are interlinked to the main functions. 

85% of the employees are not engaged at this moment at their workplace (Gallup). In some cases, studies show that people are ready to take up a good job at a decent workplace for a pay cut or at the same salary. 

That’s where HR needs to gear up, and work towards ensuring good policies and defined implementations so that the employee stays with them.

With mobile being the go-to place for everything, it has become important for the HR department to have its own mobile application too. It will not only help them streamline their functions but also ensure timely delivery. 

Here’s a list of 6 ways in which mobile apps can help your HR department. 

6 Ways in Which Mobile Apps can Help your HR Department and Organization

  1. Communication on-the-go

    The workforce is mobile, and in the case of global operations, your workforce can be anywhere. You need to be the guiding force for the employees, and staying at one office it becomes difficult. However, with a mobile app, you can reach out to the employees at any time from anywhere. You can notify them about the latest happenings, reach out to them via chat solutions your mobile HR app offers, and get them to connect with you in case of issues. Basically, communication happens round-the-clock with mobile apps, and you won’t need to wait for them to log in to their computer or laptop before they can connect with you. Your HR mobile app will empower them to message whether they are travelling or at the office. Empowering employees is primary for achieving better engagement. An engaged employee and an HR person who is ready to listen and resolve the issue will always help the organization become profitable.

  2. Learning made easy

    Training is one of the core aspects of human resources. You need to offer better training materials, and keep a watch on the career graph of the employees who are working for you. Conducting training for employees across the globe can become a challenge. Again, HR has to ensure that everyone gets trained at the same time so that they can reduce the overall training costs. 

    However, that becomes a challenge if your employees are on a different page than you, or if they are not ready for the training. 

    The HR mobile app takes care of this aspect. With the application, you can load in interactive content such as videos, infographics or presentations that can help the users go through the material for gaining knowledge as and when they want. Once they have been trained, the HR department can organize quizzes and other exams on the mobile app, which will help them get the certificate online. As a result, training becomes easier, leaving the team to keep working on their daily tasks as usual.

  3. Ideal for recruitments

    The hiring process needs to be streamlined if you want your candidates to stay with you, and get hired eventually. An advanced and feature-rich recruitment app makes the recruitment process easy for the candidates as well as the management. You can also go for a recruiter app like Tinder for jobs. This will streamline the process even further. 

    The candidates can fill out the mobile form, and apply on-the-go. The easy forms ensure you don’t have to fill out all the details. The details asked include only those that are required for quick processing or scanning. Once the details are scanned and based on an algorithm, which is pre-defined, shortlisted, the candidate list is sent to the management. The HR team can work on the insights they have collected from the research and study of the candidates, which will help the top management decide whether or not to recruit these people. 

    The team will be able to work on the insights only when they are free from the tiring process of recruitment. The mobile apps will ensure that there is a healthy way of conducting recruitments and easing the process for the candidates and the company. 

  4. Leave and Employee Management

    Another core function includes managing the leaves of the employees and entering the attendance to the payroll for the successful rollout of the payments. However, this task comes out full of errors when you feed in inaccurate information or do it manually. 

    The Human Resource Management System app helps manage the leaves and other details of the employee. 

    • A HR app allows users to log in to the systems in case they are travelling, so the HR knows that the person is out of office
    • In case the person is on leave, they can apply for leave directly
    • The mobile app also allows employees to manage their attendance on-the-go

    Apart from the leaves and attendance, the HRMS app also helps with the following functions.

    • The mobile app notifies the employee about recent changes in the schedule, if any, due to unwarranted weather conditions
    • If there is an urgent message that the HR wants to communicate with the employee, the mobile app serves the purpose
    • The employees can even manage their expenses, add the invoices and bills collected while they were out of the office for work using the mobile app

    The HR mobile app is a win-win for both the HR and employees for tracking the invoices and salaries. 

  5. Concentrate on strategy

    By automating most of the tasks in the human resources function, the HR department can utilize the time in engaging with the employees and working on a strategy that can help improve the HR function.

    Currently, the HR function is more of an admin function, which performs more paperwork and less of insight building. That’s why no employee is satisfied with the HR department in their company. However, if they were to free up their time by using mobile apps, the department would help reach out to the employees, and understand the gaps that exist. This will help them strategize the function better and improve the quality of engagement with the employee. Right from onboarding employees to keep them active, the HR functions can be performed using the mobile app. Now, the department simply needs to find ways in which they can engage the employees and keep them happy. 

  6. Boosts Employee Engagement

    The mobile app is a connection between employees and the HR department. If you know what the employees seek, you can provide it to them in a better way through the app. It can help you seek feedback by asking employees to fill out questionnaires and survey forms, as well as give them space to engage better through activities and models. You can even measure the engagement of the employees and try to engage the ones that are still disconnected.

Summing up

If you are planning a mobile app for your HR department, make sure to understand what type of app you want to develop, and what functions you want to include. If you are making an employee-centric app, then you need to identify the functions that need automation. If it is a model defined for the department, then you need to identify the tasks that will help HR increase employee engagement. Basically, having a clear idea about your HRMS software or app will help in the process. Thorough planning, followed by a good execution should help you model your HR mobile app. 

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