Top 10 Odoo Development Companies in 2024

To create this listing of the 10 top Odoo development companies, we evaluated 62 plus websites. We performed Google research to find the list of the best Odoo development companies in the USA, Canada, and Poland.

Each company was reviewed from the official list of Odoo partners, regardless of whether they were gold, ready, or reseller partners. Even we checked their websites, services offered, portfolios, team sizes, and locations.

To find the trusted Odoo development companies, we have filtered out each company based on their years of experience in Odoo, the services, team size, and pricing model.

10 Best Odoo Development Companies in 2024

Check the following table to learn about reliable Odoo development companies based on their services, location, size, and key clients.

CompanyOdoo ServicesCompany SizeLocations
  • Enterprise consulting
  • Odoo implementation
  • Odoo integration
  • Odoo support
  • Odoo accounting
201-500 employeesgoogle_map_iconSpace-O Technologies
  • Odoo implementation
  • Odoo ERP integration
  • Odoo module development
  • Odoo consulting
10 – 49 employeesgoogle_map_iconArche Technologies
  • Odoo consulting
  • Odoo implementation
  • Odoo configuration
  • Odoo customization
  • Odoo module development
  • Odoo support
51-200 employeesgoogle_map_iconCaptivea
  • Odoo consulting
  • Odoo app development
  • Odoo implementation
  • Odoo integration
  • Odoo customization
  • Odoo migration
  • Odoo support
  • Odoo integration
51-200 employeesgoogle_map_iconCofianzit
  • Odoo development
  • Odoo customization
  • Odoo support
  • Odoo integration
  • Odoo consulting
51-200 employeesgoogle_map_iconOpen Source Integrators
  • Odoo ERP development
  • Odoo implementation
  • Odoo migration
501-1,000 employeesgoogle_map_iconBrainvire
  • Odoo implementation
  • Odoo customization
  • Odoo support
  • Odoo integration
  • Odoo consulting
201-500 employeesgoogle_map_iconBista Solutions
  • Odoo development
  • Odoo customization
  • Odoo support
  • Odoo integration
  • Odoo consulting
501-1,000 employeesgoogle_map_iconFingent
  • Odoo development
  • Odoo customization
  • Odoo support
  • Odoo integration
  • Odoo consulting
51-200 employeesgoogle_map_iconNovobi
  • Odoo development
  • Odoo consulting
  • Odoo integration
51-200 employeesgoogle_map_iconVentorTech
  1. Space-O Technologies

    When it comes to the expertise of Odoo, Space-O Technologies stands out as a leading choice. As a reliable Odoo development company, our end-to-end Odoo development services cater to organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

    Here are the key points that describe why Space-O Technologies is the right partner for Odoo development services.

    • Official Ready partner of Odoo with 18+ certified Odoo specialists
    • Expertise in migrating Odoo enterprise systems across versions – from older 9 to the newest 17 releases.
    • Experience in providing Odoo ERP consulting in 30+ industries
    • Odoo v14, v15 and v16 certified and senior developers
    • Completed 98% on-time project delivery success rate and have expertise in 32+ industries
    • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified focusing on quality management and data security
    • Completed 300 projects successfully with 65% client retention and referral rate

    Space-O brings versatile Odoo expertise across pivotal industries like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. We have technical skills that include programming languages like JavaScript, XML, Python, and databases like PostgreSQL, Odoo Studio, and QWeb – empowering customized configurations fit for complex requirements.

    Our customization and integration capabilities extend to creating custom modules and solutions, integrating Odoo with eCommerce platforms, CRMs, ERPs, payment gateways, and cloud services.

    Our Odoo Specialization:

    • Offering comprehensive services that include consultation, implementation, support, and maintenance to assure the success of your Odoo project.
    • Specializing in Odoo modules such as CRM, sales, marketing, accounting, project, inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, support, HR, website, and eCommerce.
    • AI and machine learning expertise to enhance Odoo with predictive analytics and intelligent automation, optimizing process efficiency.
    • Developing custom Odoo modules tailored to meet industry-specific requirements, surpassing standard offerings.

    Being the best Odoo development company, our key strengths are a client-focused approach, quality and security, a skilled Odoo developers team, and expertise across industries. Check the testimonial of our client Charles Wilson.

    We partnered with Space-O Technologies on implementing Odoo. After going live, we reduced manual data entry by 80% and inventory costs by 10%. Odoo’s automated workflows saved us from hiring 1 additional staff last year. Real-time dashboard reporting helped us make decisions faster, leading to a 30% increase in on-time deliveries. I highly recommend Space-O for their expertise in Odoo and the manufacturing industry.

    Charles Wilson

    Charles Wilson


  2. Want to Hire Odoo Developers for Your Project?

    Let’s talk. We are an official partner of Odoo to help with end-to-end implementation services.

  3. Arche Technologies

    Arche Technologies
    Arche Technologies operates as Arche TI, an Odoo Gold Partner providing top-tier CRM and ERP solutions. Established in Montreal, Quebec, Arche TI serves clients across Canada and the United States.

    Key points of the Arche Technologies:

    • With 30 experts and 6 full-time CPAs, Arche TI has deep Odoo capabilities
    • Completed 215+ projects across 90+ businesses
    • Integrates AI, IoT, and customizations into Odoo to empower businesses

    Arche TI has an in-house team across technology, project management, and change management that simplifies workflows for businesses of all sizes. Arche TI was named Best Partner in North America by Odoo in 2020 and 2022. By actively contributing to the Odoo open-source community, Arche establishes itself as a key player in the Odoo ecosystem able to deliver robust, customized solutions.

    The key strengths of Arche TI are its Odoo expertise, project experience, and ability to deliver innovative solutions. In addition, the company also provides support services that represent the capabilities of Arche TI as an Odoo leader.

  4. Captivea

    Captivea is a prominent Odoo development company and Gold Partner renowned for integration expertise. Captivea offers an all-in-one, customizable Odoo ERP system integrating CRM, sales, PM, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, HR, and marketing.

    Key points of the Captivea:

    • Offers enterprise modules catering to diverse needs
    • End-to-end solution unifying major business functions
    • 15+ years of experience in implementing Odoo systems

    With the ability to tailor a unified Odoo platform encompassing all key business processes, Captivea enables organizations to maximize operational efficiency, productivity, and scalability. The experienced Odoo team showcases the capabilities of Captivea to deliver tailored solutions.

    The key strengths of Captivea are recognized as an integration leader, diverse enterprise modules, a unified custom ERP approach, and a maximum focus on aligning Odoo to serve specific organizational needs.

  5. Cofianzit

    Confianz Global is an Odoo Ready Partner specializing in custom implementation, integration, and 24/7 support. As an Odoo Ready Partner, Confianz Global leverages Odoo’s open-source platform to meet specific business needs.

    Key points of the Cofianzit:

    • Leader in the US for custom Odoo implementations
    • 24/7 support from certified Odoo experts
    • Extensive experience across industries
    • One-stop shop for implementation and enhancements

    Backed by a proven track record, Confianz Global offers end-to-end services – from consultation to deployment to maintenance and support. They customize and integrate Odoo based on business requirements and processes. With their Odoo expertise, Confianz enables success for any Odoo adoption.

    The key strengths highlighted are Confianz’s recognized expertise in tailored Odoo solutions, certified Odoo team providing comprehensive services and support, and proven experience driving ROI across implementations for diverse industries.

  6. Open Source Integrators

    Open Source Integrators
    Open Source Integrators (OSI) specializes in open-source ERP with a focus on Odoo solutions. OSI provides consulting, implementation, migration, and customization catering to diverse needs.

    Key points of the Open Source Integrators:

    • Leading US Odoo partner for customized ERPs
    • Connects open source tools into unified solutions
    • Configures manufacturing and quality standards compliance
    • Full spectrum of Odoo platform services

    With expertise deeply rooted in accounting-centric integration of different systems, OSI creates comprehensive business solutions tailored to the requirements of the clients. Open Source Integrators specializes in tailored Odoo modules, adoption, integrations, and Odoo customization services, which enables businesses to get benefits.

    The key strengths highlighted are OSI’s recognition as a leading Odoo expert, experience creating unified systems, manufacturing/quality configuration establishing compliance, and ultimately total capabilities ensuring Odoo platform success.

  7. Brainvire

    Brainvire is an Odoo Gold Partner specializing in custom ERP development and integration. Brainvire offers Odoo consulting, hosting, support, implementation, and customization services.

    Key points of the Brainvire:

    • 50+ Odoo integrations with third-party apps
    • 100% PCI compliance highlighting security
    • 20+ Odoo-certified professionals

    Brainvire focuses on automating processes and unifying systems like eCommerce, PM, CRM, and accounting into a customized Odoo ERP. With experience tailoring scalable, efficient solutions centered on data insights and end-user value, Brainvire is a capable partner for leveraging Odoo’s capabilities.

    The key strengths highlighted by Brainvire are its integration expertise, global user base indicating widespread implementation success, certified dedicated team in Odoo demonstrating extensive platform experience, and proven success delivering customized, unified Odoo ERPs that meet a range of business needs and drive user adoption.

  8. Bista Solutions

    Bista Solutions
    As an Odoo Gold Partner serving diverse verticals, Bista has proven success with eCommerce, retail, distribution, manufacturing, cannabis, finance, and more. Bista also enables compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and ITAR while driving operational efficiency.

    Key points of the Bista Solutions:

    • Awarded Odoo partner globally
    • 1000+ successful Odoo projects
    • 24×7 support from the largest Odoo-certified team

    With experts across manufacturing, supply chain, compliance, security, infrastructure, and more, Bista delivers tailored solutions leveraging industry best practices. Their methodology spans analysis, rollout, training, and migration for complete implementations.

    The key strengths highlighted are Bista’s awards validating #1 expertise, massive experience indicated by 1000+ projects, vast specialty knowledge across domains, and ultimately the capability to deliver success for any industry or business use case.

  9. Fingent

    Fingent leverages Odoo to offer a suite of business apps covering CRM, sales, PM, HR, and more as an Official Odoo Partner. Fingent provides ERP consulting, implementation, migration, and customization.

    Key points of the Fingent:

    • Official Odoo Partner with ERP expertise
    • Success integrating eCommerce and SaaS platforms
    • Develops CRM, PM, and HR apps to unify systems and processes

    With extensive experience from B2B procurement system integration to real estate website creation, Fingent can customize Odoo to meet a company’s unique needs. By consolidating systems and data flows, Fingent enables you to utilize Odoo for enhanced efficiency.

    The key strengths highlighted by Fingent are its Odoo capabilities, proven success with customized integrations, tailored applications to connect key systems, and ultimately the ability to unify platforms for better decisions and outcomes.

  10. Novobi

    Novobi specializes in ERP, analytics, and cloud solutions as an Odoo Gold Partner committed to business efficiency. Novobi’s Odoo services include implementation, professional services, managed services, and hosting.

    Key points of the Novobi:

    • Odoo products for industries like retail, ETO, accounting, and payroll
    • AWS cloud architecture expertise
    • Implementation and ongoing management
    • ERP efficiency through Odoo analytics
    • Scrum process to implement and customize Odoo solutions

    As an AWS partner delivering secure and scalable cloud Odoo solutions, Novobi enables organizations to unify data and processes within a tailored, enterprise-grade ERP platform. Novobi has expertise in the retail industry which helps in key aspects like eCommerce, finance, warehousing, and CRM.

    The highlighted strengths are Novobi’s specialized Odoo products driving user adoption, cloud skills ensuring reliability, and comprehensive services for the implementation of Odoo with tailored optimization.

  11. VentorTech

    Founded in 2011, VentorTech specializes in integrating Odoo software for businesses across 20+ industries. VentorTech offers end-to-end Odoo services from discovery to supporting web solutions.

    Key points of the VentorTech:

    • Odoo integration specialist with 11+ years of experience
    • Serves 20+ industries with tailored Odoo solutions
    • Provides a full range of Odoo services: configuration, data migration, and customizations

    VentorTech assists clients in selecting the optimal Odoo version, installing necessary apps, migrating data, and training for standardized functionality. They focus on consolidating systems into Odoo, automating business operations, and ensuring successful Odoo adoption. With their Odoo expertise across the entire platform, VentorTech delivers customized solutions to transform businesses.

    The key strengths highlighted are VentorTech’s over a decade of Odoo expertise, experience across many verticals, and their comprehensive set of Odoo services spanning the entire solution delivery lifecycle. Additional details showcase their understanding of effective Odoo adoption and their ability to consolidate business systems for process improvement.

Read to Develop Odoo Solution for Your Business?

Talk to us. As a leading Odoo development company, we specialize in Odoo implementation, customization, integration, and migration.

FAQ About Odoo Development Companies

  1. How to select the right Odoo development partner

    When selecting an Odoo development partner, look for companies with extensive experience in Odoo, delivered complex projects, in-house Odoo expert staff, and expertise in your industry. Next, check reviews and case studies to learn about their capabilities. Communicate your objectives and requirements.

  2. How much does Odoo development cost?

    The Odoo development costs vary based on the complexity of customization, location of developers, experience level, and additional services needed. Most Odoo implementation partners provide hourly rates ranging from $50 – $150+. Therefore, the costs ultimately depend on the custom features and integrations required as well.

  3. Which key factors to consider when choosing an Odoo development company?

    When you want to choose Odoo development company, here are the key factors to look for.

    • Experience in different industries to develop specific solutions
    • Technical capabilities in Odoo and others like AI/ML and Python
    • Project management practices
    • Smooth communication expertise
    • Client reviews and testimonials
    • Security and compliance measures
    • Pricing models
  4. What are the tips for a successful partnership with an Odoo development company?

    Tips for a successful partnership include communicating needs/goals upfront, having engaged stakeholder participation, providing timely feedback, understanding that scope changes can impact estimates, budgeting appropriately, and working collaboratively in an agile development approach.

  5. How much time does it take to implement the Odoo system?

    The average Odoo project timelines range from 2 weeks for simple apps to 3+ months for complex apps. However, the actual timeline depends on multiple factors that include scope, integrations required, number of custom modules, number of Odoo developers, and related business processes. To get exact timeline estimations for your Odoo project, you can contact us.

Choose the Right Odoo Development Company

In this blog post, we have listed the top Odoo companies to help you select the right Odoo partner for your project. Now, it would be easy for you to choose the right partner based on your project needs whether it’s about integration, implementation, support, or Odoo app development.

However, if you are looking for a reliable and trusted Odoo partner, hire a dedicated team of Odoo developers from Space-O Technologies. Contact us and describe your requirements.

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