Fuel Delivery App Development: 5 Features You Must Consider

Since the on-demand industry is becoming so popular, the fuel delivery app is the perfect business opportunity for you. To help you with the same, we have consulted on demand app development consultants and discussed top features to consider during Uber for gas delivery app development. Go through the features of on demand gas delivery app, so you can give your customers a better experience!

You name it and you get it. On-demand applications are turning all of us into spoilt, rich kids.

However, we should give more credit to on demand mobile applications. In our busy lives, these apps are the real heroes. A single mother with 2 kids can feed her children with home-cooked food by ordering groceries at her home. A student living in a foreign country can get his clothes ironed and room cleaned at nominal rates. This hassle-free and convenient way of ordering products or on-demand services online actually helps millions of people get through their day without worrying too much. 

With the Uber for X businesses in various industries, you can find an on demand app for almost everything from groceries and food to dog walkers and babysitters. 

One of the things you might not have thought could be the on-demand fuel delivery app. Yes, there are several mobile gas companies that launched themselves as Uber for gas delivery. One of these Uber fuel companies is GasNinjas, and they claim they will deliver fuel to your car.

As per their website, they are currently serving in Miami. In fact, we also took a look at some other on-demand gas delivery apps or service providers and found out that most of them are conducting business in a very limited area. So, if you are looking to offer on-demand gas delivery services in your area, then this could be a very profitable business opportunity. Many people would be willing to pay extra delivery charges just to skip the long waiting lines at dingy gas stations. 

Before you kick off your Uber For Gas Delivery App Development project, here are some features that we think you should consider. 

5 Features To Consider During Uber For Gas Delivery App Development

  1. Pin location

    You can integrate Google Maps or other similar services with your on-demand fuel app. Using this feature, the customer can pin the location of his vehicle. This will help your fuel delivery person to easily find the customer’s car and will also keep track of the delivery status. 

    When including this feature in your on-demand gas delivery app development, do test it thoroughly at various locations. Ensure that the feature runs smoothly and without any glitches so that your customers are able to use it efficiently.

  2. Request fuel or subscribe

    Uber for gas delivery
    Source: GasNinjas App

    You can allow your app users to request fuel for one-time delivery or subscribe to a weekly plan. New customers don’t prefer to pay for a subscription plan before trying out the on-demand fuel delivery services. Hence, they would prefer to try out your services before finally paying for the complete subscription package. 

    So after the customer has pinpointed the exact location of their vehicle, they can place the request for the need of gas on the roadside through your Uber-like gas delivery app. They can mention their name, the car’s model, license plate number, type of fuel, and select a payment method. You could also include an extra option to add additional notes so people can mention if there are any special instructions that they want to provide to the delivery person. This is a must-have feature if you are planning to become a successful Uber for gas delivery company.

  3. In-app chat

    For any kind of customer support, it would be great if the customer could reach out to you directly through the app. The in-app chat feature will help them contact you easily. 

    Moreover, if customers have subscribed to a plan through your app for gas delivery, then you will need to communicate with them about the delivery schedule on a regular basis. An in-app chat will make things easier for your delivery persons too. They can easily reach out to the customer directly and ask them about the delivery schedule or timings. 

  4. Real-time tracking

    Real time tracking - GasNinjas
    Source: GasNinjas App

    Every on-demand mobile app has a few features in common. One of them is real-time tracking of the live location. Without this feature, your on-demand fuel delivery app development project would be incomplete.

    Using this feature, your users will be able to track the live location of your delivery person. They can also check the estimated time of arrival through the Uber for fuel app easily. It can be useful when guiding the delivery person just in case they are unable to find the exact location of the vehicle.

  5. Payment gateway

    When providing on-demand fuel delivery solutions through your mobile app, most people prefer getting the delivery when they are at work or overnight. This avoids wasting time altogether. Due to this, your customers won’t be meeting the delivery persons and won’t be paying them directly most of the time.

    Hence, you will need to provide your users with an app that has a payment gateway integrated into it. This will enable ease of payment for the users and make it simpler for you to collect the payments too. If you don’t integrate a gateway then you will need to ask the delivery persons to collect the payments from every customer and then sort all the cash manually, which can become tedious.


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Although there are several Uber for gas delivery apps in the market, most of them serve in limited areas. If you have a better idea and want to create a fuel delivery app like WeFuel, Filld or Booster, then you must be available in more locations and include better features in your Uber for fuel app. 

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