How to Make a Food Delivery App like GrubHub and Postmates? (Features + Estimated Cost + Tips)
July 11, 2019 Spaceo Canada

How to Make a Food Delivery App like GrubHub and Postmates? (Features + Estimated Cost + Tips)

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Are you wondering about food delivery app development but not sure if and how should you go about it? You have found the perfect blog. We had a discussion with our food delivery app expert having developed over 40 food delivery apps. We have summed up our conversation in this blog. You will find answers to all your how’s, why’s, when’s, what if’s- right here!

First, we eat, then we do everything else. – MKF Fisher

No matter how busy someone is, they shouldn’t skip a meal because of it. Uber for food delivery apps, either freelancers or associated with restaurants, let customers order food online, making sure they don’t miss meals, especially when they’re too busy to cook.

On demand food delivery apps are not famous for no reason, they deserve this limelight. Apps like GrubHub, SkipTheDishes JustEat, Seamless, Postmates, DoorDash, FlashFood, and others have disrupted the food and restaurant industry, in a good way. These offer a wide variety of restaurants, cuisines, and payment methods to choose from. Whether one is too lazy to go out and buy or too busy to cook, they can opt for ordering food online.

Now, if you’re still wondering why you should invest in a food delivery app development, read the next few passages and clear all your doubts.

Why invest in food delivery app development?

People don’t have time to go to restaurants. Yet, the restaurant industry is booming. How? Well, they have developed apps that deliver food, right at the customer’s doorstep. People are enjoying delicious meals in the comfort of their homes, without having to dress up and go to restaurants.

Millennials, on the other hand, wish to explore different cuisines and restaurants. They love fast service and online food delivery apps provide just that. By investing in food delivery app development, you will get a wide potential customer base ranging from millennials, office goers and families with small kids.

In fact, GrubHub claimed to have around19.9 million active users and115,000 associated restaurants in Q1 2019. While SkipTheDishes is the most prominent food delivery app in Canada having associated with over 16000 restaurants.

These are not empty words, you may take a look at how the online food delivery segment has fared in the market globally.

Market Statistics

  • According to, in 2019, revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$107,438 million.
  • This is expected to show a growth rate of 9.9% per year, resulting in a market volume of US$156,819 million by 2023.
  • Of the total online food delivery revenue, the Platform-to-Consumer Delivery segment has the largest part with a market volume of US$53,786 million in 2019.
  • This is expected to increase to US$82,176 million by 2023.
  • While the Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery segment amounts to US$53,652 million, expected to increase to US$74,643m by 2023.

Food Delivery App Structure

It is essential to know that there is not just a single app, in fact, there are 3 apps with different functionality and features to make the food delivery process seamless.

  • Customer app: The customer app is the one that will be installed by your customer base. This app should be user-friendly and help them compare different restaurants and offers.
  • Restaurant app/Admin Panel: A restaurant owner controls and manages the delivery orders with this web-based platform.
  • Delivery driver app: The delivery personnel manage pick-up and drop-off of orders with this app.

Key Features of Food Delivery apps like GrubHub and SkipTheDishes

Ingredients for customer app

food delivery app development

  • Search: The customers should be able to search and compare different restaurants, offers, cuisines with food ordering app. They should be able to search by location, cuisine, price, ratings, review, restaurant names as per their convenience.
  • Order: Ordering food with uber for food apps must be easy. This feature should enable customers to add and remove items from the cart. They should also be able to cancel or reorder as and when they wish.
  • Favourites: The customers should be allowed to mark and save their favourite dishes and eateries so that they don’t have to search all over again. This makes reordering or ordering something previously out of stock very easy.
  • Real-time tracking: Using GPS navigation or tracking system integrated into the app, customers should be able to keep a track of their order, from order preparation to shipment and delivery at the doorstep.
  • Coupons: All top food delivery apps have this feature to attract and retain a loyal customer base. Customers prefer to save money with discounts and that why, this feature is a must in your food delivery app development.
  • In app chat: Customers might have some tips or queries/disputes that they need to discuss with the delivery personnel. This is why it is necessary to have contact details of the driver as well as in-app chat option in an app to deliver food.
  • Payment: While developing an online food ordering system, making payments easy, fast and secure is really important. You could have integrated payment gateways like cards, e-wallets, net banking or COD as an option to pay bills.

Some Recommended Features

Our food delivery app developers recommend these features for the customer app:

  • Schedule delivery: This unique feature is from the Postmates app. The customers can schedule their delivery as per their convenience. They may order their dinner to be delivered at 7:00 pm while they are in their office at 2 pm.
  • Pick up: Pick-up option is fairly common in most Uber like apps for food delivery. This feature waives off the delivery fee and the customer can order online and then pick up the food by himself.
  • Dine-in: Dine-in was recently introduced by the UberEats app. With this feature, a customer can order online, skip the waiting lines, delivery fees and come to sit in the restaurant and eat.

Ingredients for restaurant app/admin panel

food delivery app development

  • Manage content/details: The restaurant owners need to manage the name, contact, address of their restaurants. They also need to edit pictures, menus, prices, offers. The admin panel of a food delivery application handles all this.
  • Manage orders: The restaurant receives an order with the details like order location, item name, payment, and time of delivery. The admin then manages orders according to priority and schedules with this feature.
  • Manage deliveries: As soon as an order is prepared, it is assigned to the delivery personnel. With this feature, the admin keeps a track of the real-time location of the delivery personnel from the time he leaves from the restaurant until he delivers the order.

Ingredients for drivers app

food delivery app development

  • Registration: A delivery person should be easily able to register himself with this feature. Signing up using a simple username and password and verifying with Apple, Google or some social media account is considered.
  • Manage deliveries: The delivery personnel should receive orders in a timely way. He could then decide which orders to accept, reject or prioritize. Using this feature he can keep a track of all his deliveries.
  • Status update: The delivery personnel should receive updates if there are any changes in the order location, the order gets cancelled or any other change. He should be able to update the customer and the admin about pick-up and drop-off of every order.
  • In-app chat: This feature is a must as the courier or food delivery person could have queries regarding customer location or tips. A driver app should have an in-app chat option so that he could contact the customer directly.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Food Delivery App

Every app is unique and the cost to develop each app is different. Features, functionalities, food delivery app development company, platform, time to build and many other factors affect the cost.

To get an estimate of app development cost, you need to apply a simple formula:

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

Food Delivery App Development Cost And Timeline

Here is an estimated timeline that will help you calculate the cost approximately

Deliverables Estimated Man Hours
Development Graphics Design QC/Testing Project Management TOTAL
I) Native iOS (iPhone) Application for Customers 162 26 23 16 228
II) Native Android (Smartphone) Application for Customers 162 26 23 16 228
III) Native iOS (iPhone) Application for Delivery Provider 104 14 15 10 143
IV) Native Android (Smartphone) Application for Delivery providers 104 14 15 10 143
V) Web Application for ‘Store owners’ 161 20 23 16 206
VI) Back End & Web Services Development 174 25 17 216
Note: If you provide the graphic design yourself, exclude the estimated hours for it.

Just investing in food delivery app development is not enough. You should also know how you can make the most of it. Here are some tips from our expert business analysts.

Business tips

Restaurant apps: If you already have a restaurant or a cafe and deliver food on-demand via phone calls or website, an app will make the process faster or less cumbersome. In fact, you could convert your online food ordering website into a mobile app or web app.

Market research: You need your app to be an MVP, which means it should be a Minimum Viable Product. This can be assured when you do thorough market research as well as evaluate your own business.

You need to keep an eye on new trends, challenges faced by the industry, and decide which business model is the most suitable for you.

Affordable service and business merging: You could provide cheaper service as compared to food delivery giants as they invest a lot in marketing but you could start with your existing customers and become a food delivery hub in your area then slowly grow out to be the big game. You could also sell it to or merge with a bigger company, which is profitable for both.

Reviews and Ratings: It is advisable to keep the reviews and ratings for the food and delivery services separate. This is because it is possible that the food was great but there were issues with delivery, bringing the entire rating down.

Branching out: You could diversify your services just like Postmates did. It is an Uber model for food, alcohol and grocery delivery. This way, you could make your app like Uber for alcohol delivery and Uber for groceries, all at one platform.

Uniqueness: You need to make sure that your app like GrubHub is not an exact GrubHub clone. It must stand out in the crowd of other food delivery app. You need to find your own USP and make it the best app to order online.

Want to build an app like GrubHub and SkipTheDishes?

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Delivering the app!

During food delivery app development, it is necessary that you know which market niche do you want to target, what challenges you will face, and how do you plan to face them.

A food delivery app should provide freedom of choice to the consumer, it should fit into the consumer’s schedule, should be user-friendly and work excellently for restaurant owners.

If you need an app that lives up to all and much more, Space-O will come to your aid. We are an eminent mobile app development company in Canada. We have developed over 40 uber for delivery apps and over 3500 apps in various categories. We have developed apps for iOS, Android and Web platforms. We specialize in developing mobile and web-based IT solutions for the food and beverage industry.

If you have any doubts or queries about food delivery software, food delivery logistics, on demand delivery apps, restaurant app developers, food ordering app for restaurants, feel free to contact us.

You could also choose to consult our technical expert about food delivery app development cost, timeline and process. You could get a 30-min free consultation by just filling the contact form below.

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