A Complete Guide to Education App Development (Process + Cost)

“Knowledge is free” you might have heard this statement several times in your life. Haven’t you?

Education is considered the most influential weaponry in today’s era. A refined way of education brings new opportunities for students to gain knowledge and learn new skills any time anywhere. Tragic disease Covid-19 brought lockdown and social distancing in our lives, and it became a challenge for educational institutes, how they can effectively provide learning to students without affecting their health.

Thus, the adoption to teach students through online mediums with the help of mobile apps came as a healthy solution. This resulted in the growth of the education industry, and a report published by Technavio estimates that the educational apps market will hit 46.88 bn by 2024. Now you can assume, what will be the growth of the educational app?

In this blog, we will provide you with a deep understanding of education app development.

While moving further, let’s understand the education app.

What is Education App?

Educational apps are the source of general knowledge where students, professionals, teachers can start learning anytime or anywhere. Educational apps are designed to provide every source of information more conveniently without any complex resolutions. The category of education apps varies for kids and adults. For kids, the app will have basic knowledge, and for adults, the app will provide advanced information for professionals.

What are the Popular Types of Educational Apps?

Before moving further to create an educational app, let’s check the different types of educational apps services that are in demand!

Learning Apps for Kids

mobile learning apps for kids

Mobile learning apps for the kids are designed to offer easy understanding concepts to kids. These apps include the best perceptible learning for an exclusive learning experience for kids. It helps to develop the creativity level of kids, creating education more interesting for kids. Personalization in the apps provides the specific content as per the ability or level of understanding. Additionally, students are also awarded certificates and virtual trophies in an educational app for encouraging them to study.

Apps for Apprenticeship Courses

apps for apprenticeship courses

Online educational courses are a new prominent and widespread learning type in e-learning apps. It includes video lectures, e-books, and assignments. Through mobile learning service, you can learn about stream, such as marketing, programming, cooking, dancing, and singing. Usually, experts offer their teaching on various popular platforms such as Udemy, Coursera.

Supportive Apps for Learning

supportive apps for learning

Some educational mobile applications help in making your learning activities better. The online learning app deals with solving mathematical equations and helps you to improve your grammar. Supportive educational apps offer you a platform where you can clear your doubts and bring improvements to your children’s studies. It can even offer you the step by step guide to solve every problem.

Gamification Learning Apps

education apps for gamification learning

Mobile gamification is one of the most trending educational app features, makes learning enjoyable and easy by including quizzes, puzzles, and cultivating games for students. In this app, people of any age group can play the different types of quizzes according to their choice, difficulty level, and category.

Exam Preparation Apps

education apps for exam preparation

These types of educational applications are specially designed to provide several practice exercises to students. It contains numerous databases on various subjects that help students in scheduling tests and self-assessment. The effectiveness of assessment helps students to know their weak points and they can improve accordingly to perform better in the actual exam.

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What are the Benefits of Developing Education Apps?

An education app develops interests, increases imagination power in students and adults that attract users from worldwide. Let’s consider several benefits of educational apps for students.

  1. You can target a huge number of users from across the globe.
  2. It makes students tech-savvy by accessing the materials, submitting assignments, researching, and preparing guides.
  3. Students aren’t required to buy separate books, guides, and other materials. They can access all the educational information in just one handy device at their fingertips.
  4. Students can access all the material and ebooks at any time round the clock.
  5. It offers the flexibility of time, students can attend the lecture as per convenience.
  6. It’s easy to track the progress of each student and get proper effective progress reports.
  7. Students learn well with the help of visual graphics and interactive content that helps to solve their doubts easily.
  8. Students can record the lectures and repeat them at their convenience.
  9. With the help of an education app, students can now learn things in a better way by getting involved in the live session of practicals and projects.
  10. Through apps, students can have real-time interaction with teachers for asking doubts and queries and it makes the teaching process easier.
  11. Students can find the information easily by just searching it on the app, they don’t need to go to the library and search the books until they find the information.
  12. Learners can opt for a course of their choice as they are free from the predefined structure of the education system.
  13. The best solution for parents is to utilize the free time of their kids by providing them with an education mobile app.
  14. Students can gain the approach of the systematic learning advantage that not only craves but enhances their knowledge.

We also have a detailed blog on the best parental control apps for children.

What are the Unique Features of the Education App?

features of education app

Augmented and Virtual Reality

This is the most impactful technology in educational apps. As students will be able to perform experiments that are unreal and difficult to conduct in reality. AR VR will help them to understand complex issues more quickly. It will not only increase the interactivity with the mobile application but, they will gain new skills and knowledge with a better visualization.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new blooming gem of the tech industry, in educational apps, it will automate some of the tasks and help with personalization to your students. AI will add the personal touch by analyzing the user’s patterns and by identifying the weaker points. AI will also provide better suggestions to overcome user problems. Voice Assistant is also an example of AI technology. Voice Assistance will voice the information available in the educational material which will result in gaining knowledge easily.

Video-Based Content

Can you imagine online educational app development solutions without video-based content? No. It’s entirely based on the visual and graphical explanation of the stuff. Students can see the live session as well as record them chapter-wise. They can see the recorded lectures at any time and interact with the video by using features such as, rewinding/fast-forwarding and pausing the lecture to take a zoomed look at the screen.

Test Learning

The test is an essential part of learning, it helps you to know your capabilities by checking the level of your knowledge. Thus, offering a mock test and quizzes on various topics helps students to conduct mocks and evaluate themselves.

One of the important additions here is you can provide them with interactive solutions which include a step-by-step process of solutions to their questions. This feature can include video tips, important tricks, and other suggestions that can help them to perform well in the exams.

Learning With Gamification

A study reveals the students likely to learn better with fun and experiments. Therefore, gamification in the app is one of the essential things for attracting students. It fascinates the students to spend their time with gadgets parallelly increasing knowledge.

You can offer various encouraging activities or game sessions to students once they accomplish a learning stage as a rewarding method. It also helps to increase the strength of the students and enhances their learning ability and grasping things in a better way.

Personalization Learning

Personalization helps in keeping users connected with your application. It enhances engagement and provides a better user experience to the users. Easy interaction with all the features and simplification of all the things in the application develop the trust of users in continuing the use of it. Thus, developing educational apps with all such features will provide ease to your learners.

How to Build Education App?

how to build education app?

Now, this is the most essential step for building an education mobile app. We’ve provided you detailed step process as below,

Market Research

One of the crucial steps to be in the market and compete with your competitors. How can you start the market research? We’ve some questions to help you out.

  • How will your e-learning app solve the pain points of students?
  • How will you reach and attract a large audience?
  • How do you improve customer satisfaction?

Additionally, some points on how you can conduct well market research.

  • Search your target audience and know their needs.
  • Create a proper customer journey map for your users that drives them to each perfect stage in your application.
  • Find out the trends that help you to increase the engagement of your targeted group users for your learning platforms.

Knowing the market needs will help you in e-learning app development with better educational content. It is quite challenging to overcome the real problems, but proper use of advanced technology and preparing a perfect design module could be the best solution. Well, market research is necessary but providing interactive content is also a precious thing.

One of the interesting guides on the latest trends of mobile app development covering every aspect!

Interactive Content

Content is the most valuable asset for your educational app development. The training programs which you are including should have the latest source of data. Your content should be engaging and interesting to drive outcomes. Because it’s the only thing users come for. Providing generics content as similarly available on youtube won’t make your stand different! Remember, your training course should deliver the knowledge as per their expectations that will make your efforts worthy.

Feasible UI UX

The appearance of your app is the most delightful thing as well as important for students, teachers, and kids. Providing a simple and elegant design is the best approach to engage children easily. Simultaneously, using the brilliant combination of themes and layout can shelter the expectations of all users.

The educational app design should be in balance as per the core purpose of education and building great learners. A smooth flow of user interaction with every functionality brings satisfactory results to your UI. You can check out the latest trends on the UX UI for mobile apps.

MVP for Education Mobile App Development

Building an ultimate solution with the proper technology is a great idea but could be risky at the same time. The right approach to educational mobile app development starts with the necessary features. MVP structure is the best approach in the initial phase as you can build applications with limited features to launch in the market.

Testing Mobile App Development

After preparing a prototype of your learning app you can perform its testing through various aspects. Testing helps in identifying the lacking gaps in your application. You can bring improvements to make your app better for your targeted audience.

Even, you can share your MVP version of your app with your friends and family to test the user journey as it is properly satisfied or not. If you manage to conquer complexity in the educational app then you can stand out from your competitors and bring a better engagement for your users.

Here, choosing the right educational app development company is requisite which can exactly understand your wants for the application and provide a fully comprehensive solution with an expert touch. That will help you to gain their insight to make an education app that can deliver the excellence of knowledge with righteousness.

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How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App?

The cost of developing an education app depends on various factors such as features, complexity, technology, and type of application including animation and other advanced app features.

The time duration required to build the app includes different testing phases that involve changes and improvements in the app. All such factors affect the cost of educational app development.

Here, security in the application is also one of the essential parts. As the educational app includes various information about the children which is stored in the database so integrity is highly important.

Education app development includes below steps,

Hence, the cost of app development completely depends on the hours taken by the education app development company of the specific regions. In North America, reliable app development companies approximately charge from $50 to $200 per hour.

To take an in-depth look at the cost you can check out our detailed guide on how much an app development costs.

Keep reading! It’s not over yet. We’ve curated some of the frequently asked questions as below to solve your doubt instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do educational apps make money?

    Yes, the education market has been evolving for the past few years. Owners of educational platforms make apps that make students curious to gain learning by using various techniques. That increases the interest of students in learning a different subject, and in return, they charge the subscribers.

  2. Why are apps good for learning?

    Learning management apps are built to improve the education system, it helps students to learn things easily and remember it for a longer duration. Education app makes the study simpler as compared to textbooks because of visual and graphical representation.

  3. How can mobile apps help education?

    Educational apps are made to improve the lack and increase the effectiveness of education in the students. The app includes various features, such as assessment reports, a record of attendance, remarks on children, and scope of improvements to make them a good learner.

  4. Why do schools, colleges, and universities need a mobile app?

    Mobile apps help to make the connection strong, teachers or professors can easily get connected with students anytime and anywhere. Mobile applications allow them to get instant updates from their educational institutes to take appropriate actions at the right time. It becomes easier for students to download the materials from a centralized point by using an application.


Education plays a vital role in our lives, evolution in the education industry brings positive impacts as students can learn anything anywhere. As seen in our detailed guide which includes all crucial points that are required to build a successful app from your competitors.

Now, it’s your turn to execute your idea in reality. Don’t wait for the moment, instead create one. Do you want to make an exclusive educational app for your institute? Reach our expert app developers team by filling the form below.

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