3 Features to Consider while Developing Event Management Website

Are you an event planner or own an event management company? If you want to create event management website or app, this blog is for you. We have written this blog with an intent to tell you about the basic and essential functionalities of an event planning website or app. We compiled 3 major functionalities that you must integrate before launching your website or app.

Managing a perfect birthday party for a child can leave someone grasping at straws.

Some super-heroes (also known as event planners) manage huge events and conferences without batting an eye. From selling tickets to arranging seating and solving attendees’ queries, event management is a gigantic task on the shoulders of event managers.

With technological advances in every sector there is, even the events industry has tasted this flavour. 

Events are getting bigger day by day and to manage them, event managing software, website or apps are needed. Don’t trust us, but look at these numbers.

The Evident Growth of Events Industry

  • The projected growth for a meeting, convention and event planners is expected to increase 11% in the USA between 2016-2026, faster than average.
  • Also, according to EventMB, 85% of the people in the events industry have a positive outlook for the future.

events industry outlook

Source: EventMB

  • According to EventMB 2019, 39% of event professionals agree that ‘engaging attendees’ is the most crucial element of a live event.
  • In fact, 52.6% more event professionals have invested in event tech than last year.
  • And most importantly, 40% of all event planners use event management software.

There is a reason why people have started to rely on technology and create event management website for their business. The simple one-word reason is efficiency.

And this efficiency is derived from the features and functionalities of the event management tools like event management apps, websites or software. 

Feels like it is already time to develop your own event managing software? Before you jump the wagon, we have to tell you about some of the functionalities which are utmost necessary in a website or app for event planners. 

3 Functionalities to Integrate When You Create Event Management Website or App

  1. Event registrations

    Any event begins with the attendees registering themselves for the event. The online event planning website design should be such that it displays a list of all the registrations. 

    This can also help track all the leads. Even when someone had started to register but didn’t complete the entire process, these are the target leads that could be converted. 

    Further, in the case when only limited bookings are allowed for an event, the best event planning app or website must stop registrations automatically after a certain number of registrations is reached.

    Another important aspect is the payment and budget of registrations. Website of event management services should also handle in-app payments and coupon redemptions during registrations. 

    You must make sure that this functionality is there when you create an event management website or apps.

  2. Event marketing

    In order to create the best app for event planning, you must make sure that it is reliable for promoting your event digitally. 

    The first step is to create an agenda for your event. This is what the target audience is shown at first. An agenda should be creative and visually attractive. Your website or app must allow you to make such agendas.

    Social media integration and email marketing are the next aspects of engaging attendees. This builds your base for attendees and makes it easier to promote your event among the target audience.

    Lastly, sponsorship management and promotion can lead to a successful event. Display sponsor logos, banner ads, special offers and contact info to event attendees. Even this can be managed by proper event management app features.

  3. Event reports and surveys

    Your event management software must have easy-to-use import and export tools that let you access all your data. Using this data, you should be able to make reports with the help of software.

    You must make sure that your event management software provides key metrics such as conversion rates, revenue numbers, and even social mentions. This will tell you which event sessions are the most popular. 

    These reports will help you adjust your marketing strategies in a way that are more effective. 

    Finally, the surveys. You can survey your audience by taking polls before, during or after your event. This will provide a ton of valuable information. Even this can be done with your tool for event management.

    We did create event management website for one of our clients. Would you like to know how it made a difference?

Amazing Results By Our Event Planning Website

Our client grew his event management company with these astounding results


It’s a Wrap!

We tried to cover important functionalities that you must take care of during event management app development. Apart from these, such a website or app also manages event schedules, seating, communicating updates, and many other tasks.

If you have any questions like how to make event management website, or what are the mistakes to avoid while selecting a tech partner while building an app or website of event planning, feel free to contact us.

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