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Live Streaming App

An App For The Global Cannabis Community

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    • Android Studio
    • OpenGL
    • Objective-c
    • Xcode
Live Streaming App


Space-O Technologies has developed a live video streaming app for cannabis enthusiasts, businesses, advertisers, and more worldwide.

Needless to say, this app is unique among other mobile live-streaming apps in being marijuana centric. People of the global cannabis community create accounts on this video streaming app, and discover and follow people that have the same interests. In fact, they can stream live stories, make and share video loops, comment and chat with other members.

The community members can view global broadcasts of trending videos related to cannabis on this medical marijuana app. They can even read about chat on live streams and learn about cannabis strains via the Strains feature. The admin can view user accounts, loops broadcasts and manage moderation. The admin has the authority to manage, delete or ban user accounts in case they are flagged by other users.

  • Client From North America
  • Solution We Developed Live Streaming App
  • PlatformiOS, Android, Web
  • Year 2017

Client’s Idea

Our client is from North America and he had this unique app development idea with his friends. He and his friends consume medical marijuana and they were once discussing that there are no live platforms for the people of the marijuana community to interact with each other.

At that time, there were only textual platforms for them but nothing to guide them when they needed it the most. Many marijuana smokers didn’t know the amount or dosage properly. This live streaming video platform allows users to interact without fear of judgement.

He started looking for app development companies and found us through organic search on Google. Belonging to a technical background and having great designing skills, he was clear with his idea. We had a discussion about project requirements and exchanged ideas. We decided to collaborate as both parties were in agreement and were excited about such a unique project.

Live Streaming App Idea

Wish to create a mobile stream app for a specific community or audience with features like live-stories, social sharing, and in-app interaction?

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How this Live Streaming App is Beneficial for the Cannabis Community

Live Streaming Apps
  • The main benefit of this live streaming platform is that communication between marijuana community members gets maximized. The people are enabled to reach and interact with people across the world.
  • This live streaming service has a robust infrastructure and a good content delivery network, so high-quality video streaming is achieved.
  • There are people in different parts of the world who can view the content of the live stream app without any hassle even if they are not physically present there.
  • The content can be in various forms such as video, pictures, live chat, and comments. This makes even mobile live streams interesting.

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How Does User App Work

  • Sign up and Sign in

    The signing up process on the app and making an account is quite easy. Users just need to enter the name and a verifiable email address. They can create any unique and creative user name as per their wish (unless its already taken).

  • Profile

    After signing up, users need to create a profile by picking a unique username and a display picture of choice. Even editing and managing profile settings anytime is possible. Users manage security by changing password and reporting and blocking users.

  • Timeline

    Every user’s timeline displays broadcasts and loops of the people they are following. The timeline also shows the followers and the following section. Users can view live streaming videos and comment on these which the streamers can see and reply to at the same time.

  • Search

    Using the search feature, the users can look for people they want to follow or find a loop they heard about. They can search for viral trending loops globally or search for followers to connect to them.

  • Hashtags and Strains

    This is a social streaming app and therefore people use hashtags. Users can make their own hashtags or follow trending hashtags to find posts related to these. Another feature is the Strains, where people learn about different strains of cannabis and techniques to smoke.

  • Broadcasts

    This app has live video streaming software. Users can share livestories under the Broadcasts feature. Users can customize story settings like who can see and can’t see. They can also view and reply to comments on the live streaming videos.

  • Loops

    Making video loops is quite an interesting feature of this live video app. Users can record parts of video or take small parts of different videos, edit or discard them and then combine them. After combining, all the users need to do is add information/caption if they wish and publish it.

Working of Admin Backend Website

User Information

User Information

The admin has access to viewing user name, profile information, device type and model, their broadcasts, comments on broadcasts, loops and other general information. They can also ban account, IP, device, or delete the user account permanently if it’s needed.

Manage Broadcasts

Manage Broadcasts

The admin has access to information regarding live, archived, trending, starred, recent, scheduled broadcasts on the mobile streaming app. Details like broadcaster’s name, device, duration, views, current and archive viewers, comments, URLs are available for the admin.


Manage Loops

Not only broadcasts, but admin can also manage loops created by users on the social streaming site. Admin can view loops and information like the author, date of posting, number of views, hearts, tokes on the loop. The admin can remove a loop if someone reasonably reports it.

Manage Hashtags

Manage Hashtags and Strains

Admin can create and manage hashtags and strains. Admin can check which hashtags and strains have been featured how many times in broadcasts and loops. The admin can also manage trending hashtags and strains.

Manage Reported Data

Manage Reported Data

Admin can manage reported stories, loops, and users. He can see information like how many reports have filed against these, who reported, at which time and total time spent before reporting. He can even ban the account, user, device, IP or even delete the user completely.



Admin can check and manage the banned IPs, users, and devices. He can check how many users are using the same banned IP. Blocked users can be unblocked if it is needed so.

Challenges We Faced And Overcame

The main challenge was to maintain high-quality video while streaming live videos just like game streaming apps. Our expert developers came up with the most appropriate solution for this. They decided to overcome this problem by making use of the Wowza streaming engine, the Nanostream cloud and other third-party libraries. With this, the problem got solved and video streaming became seamless.

Live Streaming App Chalenges


Safe Platform

Safe Platform

Our live streaming app for iPhone as well as Android has provided the cannabis community with a safe and non-judgemental platform. Here, they can discuss any medical marijuana centric activity without the fear of getting misunderstood.

Solve Queries

Solve Queries

Legalized and medical marijuana are taken by many people. These people deal with problems when they are unaware of the amount and frequency of taking it. This app like periscope helps solve such problems via live interaction.

Learning Techniques

Learning Techniques

Just like how people watch live streaming of games on a game streaming platform to learn new tactics and moves of the game, here they can know about new smoking techniques and methods. They can also learn which strains will be the most suitable for their condition.

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We understand video streaming apps are not a child’s play. This is why we promise to help you with the best live streaming app solution with all your requirements.

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