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Marijuana Delivery App

We, at Space-O Canada, have designed and developed an on-demand marijuana delivery app, allowing users to order prescribed marijuana and get it delivered at their doorstep. Through this weed delivery solution, it becomes easier for our client to list products and manage online ordering and delivering from the one platform.

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Marijuana Delivery App


  • Swift
  • Android Studio
  • Xcode
  • Java
Marijuana Delivery App Development


Designed and developed by our mobile app developers, this marijuana delivery app has made it easier for residents of Arizona to order medical marijuana or weed from the comfort of their home. Also known as Uber for marijuana delivery, our developed app has a real-time tracking feature so that users can track the delivery and know the estimated arrival time.

Moreover, this weed delivery app comes with a safe and secure payment option, providing multiple payment modes to make payment with just a few clicks. One of the best features of this weed delivery service app is Face ID or Touch ID, allowing app users to lock the app for security reasons. Moving ahead, let’s talk about our client and his requirements.

  • Client From USA
  • Solution We Developed On-Demand Marijuana Ordering Solution
  • Year 2019
  • Platform iOS and Android

Our Client and His Requirements

Based in the USA, our client already had an offline platform for selling medical marijuana and weed products. Being in the medical marijuana business, he realized that there is a lack of online platforms from where people can order marijuana and weed products. Realizing this problem, our client decided to develop on-demand solution for weed delivery so that the residents of Arizona can order medical marijuana directly from the online weed ordering app.

After deciding to develop on-demand medical apps for marijuana, our client started looking for the mobile app development company, which can develop Uber for weed delivery app solution. While searching for the best mobile app development company, our client found us through our Uber for X page and shared his requirements.


Solution We Provided

One of our sales representatives contacted our client to comprehend his business and on-demand solution that he wanted to develop for his marijuana dispensary. We, at Space-O Canada, have already developed over 40 on-demand solutions for different industries, so our representative did not face any difficulty while comprehending our client’s requirements.

After comprehending his requirements, our business team prepared a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) document to give a structural view of the project. Through this WBS document, we suggested developing on-demand weed delivery app solution for Android and iOS platform.

Key Features of On-demand Cannabis App Solution



The main feature that we have integrated into a weed delivery app for customers is, simple to follow the registration process. While registering, customers need to enter account details, personal information, attach necessary documents like MMJ card and ID proof. Customers can follow a simple registration process to login into the account.


Face ID/ Touch ID

We have integrated Face ID or we can say Touch ID in this cannabis delivery app. This feature is integrated as an application’s lock for security reasons, allowing customers to lock their app and open it with their face or touch ID.


Product Listing

The product listing feature in this medical marijuana delivery app allows customers to view all the weed products and marijuana items like flowers, edibles, VAPS, CBD and more. Customers can view products with images, name, description, weight, and quantity.


Make Order

Customers can make orders for any type of marijuana and weed products from the comfort of their home. With just one click on the product, customers can add products in the cart and view details.


Easy checkout process

This on-demand weed delivery app has a simple yet easy checkout process, so customers just need to select/add a delivery address, choose a delivery time, make payments, and place an order.


Payment gateway integration

This Uber like delivery service app for cannabis provides customers with a safe and secure payment method like credit/debit cards, net banking, and e-wallets. Users can make payment for marijuana or cannabis through any mentioned modes.


Real-time tracking

Customers can track their orders and know the estimated arrival time of it. In fact, it gives real-time location information to customers, making it easier for them to pick it from the location if it is urgent.


Order history

Customers can maintain a track of their order history, be it delivered or cancelled. They can check all the past orders with complete information like an invoice, product details. In fact, there is a reorder option available to place the same order again.


Push notification

Real-time updates and notifications allow customers to stay updated about their orders, order confirmation, cancellation, and important alerts.


Accept delivery requests

We have integrated accept delivery request feature, allowing delivery drivers to accept or reject requests with just one click. Customers will get a pop-up in the app for a new request that can be accepted or rejected by them.


Turn-by-turn navigation

The turn-by-turn navigation feature allows delivery drivers to get the driving direction from one point to another. It will be easier for drivers to follow the directions and reach the destination.


Order delivery history

The feature allows drivers to maintain a record of all their previous deliveries, including delivered and not delivered. If drivers have cancelled any delivery for any reason, the record of all the cancelled deliveries will be maintained under this.


My earnings

The Delivery driver can track down all their earnings and check the total earning so far. Moreover, this feature allows drivers to generate weekly earning reports and an option to export that earning reports through email.


Real-time updates and alerts

The delivery driver’s app notifies drivers about new delivery requests, payments, pending, and completed deliveries. Apart from this, the app will keep drivers informed about other activities related to deliveries.


Dashboard stats

This feature allows admin to check active deliveries, view pending deliveries, check cancelled orders, other earning stats by weekly, monthly and quarterly.


Manage all customers

The admin of the business can manage all the customers with their complete details with MMJ card information. From this system admin, admin can view, search, and de-activate the account of any customer.


Manage all dispensaries

If admin wants to add any new dispensary, he can add it directly from the panel, including information like name, logo and location. It also provides information on all ordered products from the dispensary.


Manage product inventory

The admin of the business can manage master product inventory by adding categories, sub-categories, add product lists, edit product details and more.


Manage all active and pending orders

Under this section, admin can check all the active and pending orders along with their details, dispensary details, the status of the order. In fact, the admin can assign any pending order to any particular driver.


View earning report

The admin can check weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly earning report and export that earning report via email. The admin can differentiate dispensary-wise earnings and delivery driver earnings.


Manage all pricings & commission

With just a few clicks, the admin can manage all the pricing and commission rates of delivery drivers and dispensaries. The admin can change the pricing and commission rate anytime as per the convenience.

App’s Screens

Marijuana Delivery App Screens

How This On-demand Marijuana
Delivery App Helps Customers and Dispensaries

How It Helps Customers

How It Helps Dispensaries

Allow customers to get medical weed at their doorstepAllow dispensaries to get more orders from a range of customers
Customers get legal medical cannabis without any hassleDispensaries will sell legal cannabis to patients, who are finding it difficult to find legal cannabis.
Customers can find a range of cannabis products at one platformDispensaries can sell a wide variety of products at one single platform without a brick-and-mortar store.
Customers can save money on purchasing cannabis and get an assurance of quality productsDispensaries can increase their sales and overall profitability of their business.


Served Customers

Served Over 2K Customers So FarOur developed on-demand marijuana app solution has successfully served over 2K customers, helping our client to connect customers and marijuana dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Over 500 Medical Marijuana DispensariesThe weed delivery app solution has listed over 500 medical marijuana dispensaries with complete information.

Advanced Business Process

Advanced Business ProcessWe have developed a completed medical marijuana app solution that has advanced the process of our client’s marijuana dispensary.

Marijuana Delivery App Results
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