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MyLovePics: A photo editing app for parents to capture baby milestones

MyLovePics is a photo editing app for parents. It is like a baby milestone app for new and to-be parents. With this app, parents can create a digital scrapbook of their pregnancy and baby milestones. Using this app, parents can join the community and share parenting tips as well. Moreover, the pregnancy photos app is loaded with features like baby-themed doodles, themes, artwork, backgrounds, texts, and filters. It has a unique feature of taking up contests that make parenting interesting and easier. Save the photographs and share on social media to boast.

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Photo Editing App

Colors & Fonts Guide

We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.


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Photo Editing App Development


MyLovePics is a Canada based parenting app with features of photo editor as well as baby milestones app. Not a photo editing app for Android, for now, it is only available on the iOS platform.

This photo editing app for parents lets them edit photos with the cutest themes, backgrounds, doodles and artworks. These photos can be backed up in cloud storage and can be synced with other Apple devices. Share the masterpiece on social media using this photo editor app. Parents can join the community of other parents and share tips and parenting inspiration via blogs. They can even take up parenting challenges in the contests.

Let’s Build Your App

  • Provided Services UX / UI Design, App Development
  • Platforms iOS App, Android App
  • Year 2016 – 2017

Some Key Features


Just sign up with details like name and email address to join the parenting community of this baby app. Parents write blogs on parenting, give tips to handle work and kids, and share parenting inspiration in this community. Receive information regarding baby products, news and sales.




This is a one of a kind image editing app, as parenting contests are held by the admin. Different contest categories are created by the admin. These are fun contests where the best baby milestone images win. Keep a track of on-going, completed and upcoming contests with this feature.


This photo editing app for parents has various options to make the photographs more appealing. Just add a photograph from the gallery or click a photograph with the phone camera. Inside and outside crop options are available. Also, select from a wide range of background, theme, filter options.



Advanced scrapbook making

This app is also a scrapbook app with advanced editing options. Easily draw on images, add customized text, add humorous doodles and artwork. Add unique quotes with baby quirks, milestones, measurements. This picture decorating app has categories like dates, firsts, holidays, announcements, among others.

In-app purchases

Not all themes, backgrounds and artwork is available for free. Either make individual in-app purchases or buy the whole package (Go Pro). Buy extras and when you wish. Also, restore all purchases or update registration details when required. This feature makes the baby story app profitable.



Save and share

Like most photography apps, save the collage or edited images to the phone gallery. Share photos and albums by posting directly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. You could even assign a picture to a contact. In fact, order and take prints for framing, friends, or family.

Do you have any photo editing app idea in mind that you want to develop including these features? Share it with us and let our photo editing app expert guide you further.

MyLovePics Application Screens

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