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Ride Sharing and Taxi Booking App Development USA
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On-Demand Ride Sharing App in Virginia, USA

We have designed and developed a complete taxi booking app solution for Virginia, USA-based taxi startup. Our developed taxi app like Uber allows riders to book a cab from one place to another from the comfort of their home.

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Ride Sharing App
  • Provided Services UI/UX Design, App Development, QA
  • Platforms iOS
  • Year 2017 – 2018

Colors & Fonts Guide

We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.


glspY Ride Sharing App


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Taxi Booking App


Based in Virginia, the USA, our client wanted to develop an on-demand taxi app like Uber that allows people in Virginia to book a cab from one place to another with just a few clicks on the screen. Considering his requirements, we designed and developed ride sharing app that made it easy for Virginia people to book a ride anytime and anywhere.

This online taxi app solution comes with the most unique concept of ride-sharing, so people who are daily driving from the same route for their office or any other work can share their availability in the driver’s app and take rides of the same route. For example, if one user is daily going from point A to point B route and he wants to share his ride with another person, who is also going in the same direction, he can share his availability in the app.

Moreover, this custom taxi app solution is completely safe and secure as it performs intensive background checks on drivers before they drive for this taxi app solution. To run background checks, this cab booking app uses a third-party company to ensure that drivers are meeting the state and national safety standards and protecting both of their drivers and riders.

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Car Sharing App Features

Features we have integrated into this car sharing app solution.


The rider’s app has an easy-to-follow sign-up process, allowing riders to sign-up in the app easily. By following a step-by-step process, riders can fill the required information to register in the app successfully.

Taxi App Signup

Find a ride

Once the rider register successfully, he can find a ride by just entering the destination where he wants to travel and click on the “find a ride” button. The rider will get different car options and can choose one as per his need.

Find Ride App Screen

Track a ride

After booking a ride, the rider can track the driver and know his whereabouts and estimated arrival time. The rider can constantly track the driver and check his real-time location.

Track Ride App Screen

Preferred driver

Another useful feature in the rider’s app is the preferred driver that allows riders to mark any driver as preferred one so that next time, the request goes to the preferred driver if he is in the same vicinity.

Preferred Driver App Screen

Schedule a ride

Using this feature in the app like Uber for riders, riders can schedule a trip as per their preferred time and date. They can schedule the ride in advance so that they don’t have to wait in the middle of the road and call a taxi.

Schedule Ride Taxi App

SOS functionality

The taxi booking app for riders comes with an SOS functionality, allowing riders to add up to 5 contacts so that they can activate it in case of an emergency. The added contacts will get a text message with the rider’s location.

SOS Functionality App Screen

Accept or reject request

Driver’s app has a feature of accepting or rejecting a request, allowing drivers to accept and reject requests as per their availability and convenience. With just a single click, drivers can accept or reject the request; however, they need to ensure that they don’t reject requests constantly.

Accept or Reject Ride App

Trip history

Drivers can check and manage trip history where drivers can check their completed, ongoing, and cancelled trips with complete details like pick-up & drop-off location, total received amount, payment mode, and reviews and ratings.

Trip History App

Route selection

There are two different options in the driver’s app, including Google Maps and Waze Map. From both the suggested routes, the driver can choose the best and shortest route suggested by these options.

Route Selection App Screen

SOS contacts

The ride-sharing app for drivers come with SOS contacts feature, allowing drivers to save up to 5 contact numbers as emergency contacts. In case of emergency, they can activate SOS functionality and the added contacts will receive a text with the driver’s current location.

SOS Contact App Screen

Rating and review

The driver app like Uber has a rating and review feature, allowing drivers to check their received ratings and reviews from riders. Moreover, drivers can also give ratings and share their reviews for riders.

Rating and Review App Screen

My Earnings

A driver can manage his total earning by week, month, and year. He can track earnings that he has earned, whether it is through cash, card, and net banking. In fact, he can also track total performed jobs in a particular month.

My Earning App Screen

Manage all the users

The admin of the business can manage all the users, be it riders or drivers. The admin can manage all the users with their information like name, contact number, bank details, and other details. In fact, the admin can manage all the blocked and unblocked riders and drivers also.

Manage All Users

View heat map

The admin of the business can check the heat map in the admin panel and know all the areas, where the demand for rides is high. The admin can check demand-based areas on a regular basis and can target specific areas.

View Heat Map

Generate reports

Using this feature in the admin panel, the admin can create a complete report on the total rides, riders, drivers, and the total number of trips so far. The admin will get complete trip statistics for any defined period of time through an email.

Generate Reports

View total earnings

The admin checks and manages total earnings of the business by week, month, quarter and creates a complete report on it. The admin can generate reports on the earnings and email them directly from the panel.

View Total Earnings

Rider’s App

Driver’s App

Admin panel

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glspY Application Screens

Taxi App Signup
Find Ride App Screen
Track Ride App Screen
Route Selection App Screen
Trip History App
SOS Contact App Screen
Rating and Review App Screen

Want to know what were the challenges our client faced while developing this ride sharing app? Read complete case-study and know how we resolved challenges and provided advanced taxi app solution.

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