Free Software Release Note Template to Download

If you are a tech entrepreneur and looking to update your end-users about new features, bug-fixes, or improvements, software release notes helps you.

As a leading software development company in Canada, we have developed over 300+ software solutions for different industries like fintech, logistics, eCommerce, and real estate.

We know how important is to resolve the issues in the software application and update regarding it to your end-users. As it increases the trust of end-users in the software, so does your business revenue.

So, to properly release your software updates, use our free software release notes template. With this template, you will easily be able to create release notes of your software updates.
Although, if you are new to software release notes, read the following section to learn about why software release notes are important.

Why are Software Release Notes Important?

Here are the 3 core reasons that specify what is the importance of creating software release notes when you release updates in your software.

  1. Keep Customers Updated With Software Changes

    The software release notes are a document that helps you to establish a direct communication channel between you and your customers. It allows your end-users to know about the new software product changes and updates.

    It is obvious that end-users always want to use an updated version of your technology so they expect updates in your software. In addition, your end-users want to fixes of existing bugs and software release notes help you to inform about the bug fixes as an official medium.

  2. Increases Trust and Helps You Retain Users

    If your software gets bugs at regular intervals and you do nothing, users get frustrated and end up leaving your software solution. Most importantly, frustrated users are more likely to move out.

    To reduce the churn rate, you need to constantly update and fix the bugs of your software and re-engage your customers in the software solution.

    As you will updating your software and resolving the problems faced by your users, it will help you to build a strong relationship with your customers in the end. The better the user experience you offer, the more users are likely to use your software.

  3. Helps to Upsell Within the Software

    When you launch new features within your software, it gains the attention of your customers. By representing new features of your software via your product release notes, you inform your existing customers to explore new features and that may result in upgrading the existing plan. This way, you upsell within your software and increase the profitability of your business.

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Let’s now move to the next section where you will learn about which sections to include in a software release note.

What Should You Include in Your Release Notes?

A software release note document generally includes core information about the changes you have made up or added new features or made new improvements.

The universal format of a software release note includes the following sections.

  1. Version Number

    First and foremost thing, include the version number of the release note. The version number should be included in software release notes as it helps you to help identify and track the release of your software.

  2. Date of Release

    You need to provide the date of the release in your software release. Including a date in your software release notes helps you to provide context and helps you with scheduling.

  3. New Features

    Most important section is to list down the features you have introduced in your software for which you are writing a software releases note. While adding the features of your software, you need to provide a description of each feature.

  4. Improvements

    Next, you need to include the improvements made in your software with detailed information about each improvement. So, list down the improvements with context.

  5. Bug Fixes

    Second most important thing to include is information about bug fixes. Add a list of bugs or glitches that you have fixed in your software. While including the information about each bug fix, you need to provide its small context first and then provide descriptive information on how it is resolved now.

  6. Known Issues

    This section is upon you if you want to include it. Add a list of known issues or limitations that are still in your software along with workarounds and solutions that you will provide in the near future.

  7. Installation Instructions

    So you have introduced a new software feature and to access the new features users need to perform installation of the software. For that, you need to provide the required installation information required or instructions with step by step process.

  8. Upgrade Instructions

    If users need to upgrade the software to use the latest introduced features, then you need to properly guide them. For that, you can provide step by step process for upgrading software.

    As you are now aware that why software release notes are important, now let’s move to the next section which is the best practice for writing captivating and effective release notes for your users.

8 Best Practices to Write Software Release Notes

As said, the software release note is an important document as it helps you to directly communicate with your end users and improve user experience.

So if you are creating a software release note, you should keep the following best practices in mind. Following these best practices helps you to create a great release notes document.

  1. Write in clear and concise language
  2. Create your software release note as user-centric
  3. Add a heading to bifurcate the section and information accordingly
  4. Add images, video, and GIFs to make it attractive
  5. Make your document in an educational form
  6. Add external resources of data where required
  7. Mention version history in your release notes
  8. Use a single release note format for everyone and adds brand personality

This is all about the software release note template. So far, you have know about software release note templates, how to write release notes, and best practices to follow. Do you want to have more templates for software development? Check our related templates section at the bottom of this page. Moreover, if you want to software solution for your business and looking to hire software developers, get in touch with us.

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