Free Software Evaluation Template to Download

Whether you want your internal members or end-users to test your software, the use of the software evaluation process helps you to improve functionalities.

We know the importance of your time and that’s why we want to make your life easier. Similarly, as you have done with your software product for your end-users.

To help you, we have created a free software evaluation template. By downloading our free template, easily create a proper evaluation test for your software.

At this stage, you might have a question that which criteria should be included in software evaluation. If you are unaware of it, check the next section.

Which Criteria Should be Included in Software Evaluation?

While conducting software evaluation, you need to ensure that your software is tested based on all the criteria. Here is the list of criteria.

  1. Goals or Requirements

    A software solution is only helpful if it solves the problem. Otherwise, there is no point for end-users to purchasing your software. That’s why it is essential to check whether your software aligns with the pre-defined requirements or not. It also allows you to know if your software increases productivity, increases sales, saves times or streamlines business processes.

  2. Functionality

    This is the core part of any software application. You need to know whether your software application’s functionalities are aligned with your business goals and solve the issues of your end-users. Evaluating the software functionalities helps you to determine if your software is able to solve the real problem or not.

  3. UI and UX

    Your software user interface and user experience must be evaluated. It allows you to know whether your software application is easy to use or not. So, you get to know if your end-users are able to easily adopt and use your software on daily basis or not.

  4. Security

    Having safety and security in a software solution is important as it consists of important and sensitive business data. This is the reason testing the security of a software solution is important.

  5. Integration and Workflow

    Once you have built a software solution, it should be able to integrate with other software tools. If it becomes difficult to integrate your software or the condition is vice-versa, then end-users might get frustrated as they have invested time and money in your software.

Moreover, if you want to know how the software evaluation process is beneficial for you, read the next section.

Why is it Important to Conduct a Software Survey?

You develop a software solution based on certain criteria and specific requirements. But, how do you ensure that your software meets all the requirements? What if your software does not fulfill or has the required functionalities? The answer is conducting a software survey. This is not only the reason but here are the core reasons why you need to conduct a software survey.

Software evaluation allows to:

  • Ensure your software is user-friendly and easy to use in day-to-day life
  • Know whether your software is safe, secure, and reliable for your end-users
  • Verify that all the functionalities in your software are properly working
  • Ensure that the performance of your software application is top-notch
  • Verify that the business logic applied in the software works totally fine as you want
  • Know the software architecture of your solution is scalable when required
  • Ensure the software compatible with the requirements of your end-users
  • Know whether your developed software is customizable as per future requirements

In short, the software evaluation process allows you to know which improvement areas are there to update in your software. The software evaluation process makes it easy to find the scope of improvement in your software based on the feedback you receive from end users. This way, you can make proper decisions for further improvements and changes in your software solution.

Want to Update or Maintain Your Software Solution?

Connect with us. Space-O is a leading software company in Toronto, Canada, having experience in creating software solutions from scratch.

As you know the importance of conducting a software solution, let’s know the benefits of a software evaluation template.

What are the Benefits of a Software Evaluation Template?

As you want to conduct software evaluation, using a ready-made template will ease your whole work of evolution. How? Here is the list of benefits you get from using a ready-made software evaluation template.

  • Reduces your time and efforts to create a software evaluation form for your software from scratch.
  • Get access to the industry’s best practices to standardize your software evaluation process.
  • Eliminates the risk of not including any important factors that need to be considered in the software evaluation process.
  • Using a ready-made template becomes cost-effective as you don’t need to spend time and cost like a new template.
  • Editable and easy to use according to your specific needs for evaluating your software.
  • Allows you to know which type of survey would be engaging for your end users.
  • Add or remove the questions in your survey that are specifically for the evaluation of your software.
  • Allows you to create interactive or easy-to-use software templates for your software
  • You get tested software evaluation template that has helped organizations with software evaluation.
  • Templates make it flexible to update, add, and maintain consistency across the evaluation process.
  • Allows you to focus on the important parts of the software evaluation process.

So these are the benefits you get by using a ready-made template. You can download our free software evaluation template and get started on your journey. Moreover, if you are looking for more templates that are helpful in the software development journey, check the related template section at the bottom of this page.

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