Free Software Test Plan Template With Format

Is it time-consuming to create a testing plan for your software?
Are you wasting your efforts while writing test cases without any testing strategy?

What if you get a ready-made test plan template with a properly formatted sections?

We being a custom software development services provider in Canada we have created a test plan template that is easy to use, edit, and customize for your requirements.

Bookmark this template page so you can easily download the template when you want to create a test plan.

Using our software test plan template, you are able to write a test plan for your software effortlessly. Also, it will save time and effort to create a structure of a test plan document.

How to Use Software Test Plan Template

  1. Download our free software test plan template.
  2. Upload the downloaded software test plan template on your Google Docs.
  3. Open the document and you will see the predefined structure of a test plan.
  4. Start adding details in the different sections as listed in the template.
  5. You can start from the introduction of your project to all the required sections in the test plan.
  6. To get started writing is easy, you just need to remove the “description lines” written by us.
  7. After that, get started writing all the details of your project for software testing.
  8. Once done with writing, you can review and edit it as required.
  9. Then, you can download your test plan from Google Docs to provide it to your QA team.

Which are the Key Characteristics of a Good Testing Plan?

When you want to create a good testing plan using test plan templates, it is considered to have the following points covered in it.

  • Clean Structure
  • Readability
  • Adaptability
  • Accuracy
  • Conciseness

Let’s understand each of the points in detail in terms of a good testing plan.

  1. Properly Organize the Structure of Your Test Plan

    While creating a test plan, it must be properly organized in a clear and formatted manner. Details from the table of contents to all the way at the end of the document should be proper.

  2. Make Your Test Plan Easy to Read and Understandable

    Your test plan should have proper and easy to read to your stakeholders and testers. You need to enough avoid being vague as much as possible in your plan. While writing a test plan, you should make it clear and simple so even non-tech users are able to understand it. If required, you can get feedback from non-technical users as well.

  3. Make Your Test Plan Document Quickly Updatable

    You should create a test plan that is easy to perform changes. The reason is that there might be chances of things getting offside or wrong. In such a case, keeping your test plan flexible to changes can avoid you to lose significant waste of your work.

  4. Ensure to Have Accuracy in Your Whole Test Plan

    Writing a test plan is not an easy task as you need to consider multiple factors. So, there might be a possibility of errors in your test plan. To avoid such errors, you should recheck your test plan and update it on a regular basis as per the dynamic requirements.

  5. Write Test Details Concisely and to the Point

    At the time of writing a test plan as well as test cases for the testing process, you need to take care of conciseness. Your written test cases and test plan should be concise as well as easy to understand. It should be to the point without any fluff words. Download this software test case template to write the test case properly.

4 Best Practices to Create an Effective Test Plan

When you are creating a test plan, you need to know you need to know

  1. Build a Proper Understanding of Your Software Project

    You need to have a proper understanding of your software project before creating test strategies. Remember the test plan document is just a layout that helps you to differentiate the different testing plan components.

    As you need to write for each component, you need to have a proper understanding of your software. Understanding the project helps you to write about the software project test cases in the correct way. For example, knowing the features and functionalities of your software helps you to write about which functions you need to test and which do not.

  2. Writing Test Cases Should be Specific

    While writing the test cases in your software test plan template, you need to take care that it is specific. There is no scope for negligence when writing a test case for your software.

    When writing a test case for your software, it should be bound with these parameters, such as easy to understand, accurate, easy to trace, repeatable, and reusable. Also, you should use the correct naming conventions for your software.

  3. You Should Know Which Tools Should be Used

    While writing software tests, you also should also mention the tools in a test plan strategy. Mentioned the testing tools help testers to know which type of testing should be done and which part of the software is important to test.

    In addition, having mentioned the tools also provides clarity to testers and saves time in deciding on the testing tools. This way, you are able to know which type of testing is important to conduct.

  4. Describing the Types of Testing Needs to be Performed

    The software testing life cycle is always divided into several tests. But, how do you as a tester know which types of testing should be done? That’s why it becomes important to mention the type of testing in your test plan.

    While creating a test plan for your software, you must ensure that all the details of testing should be mentioned in a descriptive form. In addition, you also need to take care of the test environment used for conducting system testing, performance testing, and unit testing.

How to Deal With the Changes in Test Plan

To deal with the changes in a test plan, here are some of the points to take care of.

  • Make sure you write the concise and short test cases descriptions
  • Make sure you create a flexible and resilient test plan
  • Keeping the format of your test plan simple and editable easily

So these are all the main points that you need to take care of before creating test plans. We hope all the above details would have cleared your doubt and help you write a better test plan for your software. If you are looking for any specific type of software template, get in touch with us. Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas, contact us.

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