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How to Use This Test Case Template

As an experienced software development company, we know the complete process of testing software, mobile, or web-based application. Based on that, we have written these steps to help you learn to write test cases.

  • Download our free test case template.
  • Open the downloaded test case template on your browser in Google Sheets.
  • Now, add the project’s name in the field “Project Name”.
  • Add the test case ID to the link for proper identification.
  • Decide the priority of the test case you want to perform.
  • Add the module name for which you want to conduct the testing.
  • Add dependencies if required or mandatory to mention for that particular test.
  • Add details like test designed by, designed test date, test case executed by, and test case executed by.
  • After that, you need to add the test case description to describe which function you will test.
  • Write about the objective of your test cases.
  • Write about the steps that you need to perform on your app for testing.
  • Add the input data which you will add at the time of performing testing.
  • Write about the results that you expected after performing.
  • Write about the actual results you get after performing a test.
  • Add the status after performing the test whether pass or fail.

5 Tips for Writing Software Test Cases

Read the following section to learn how to write the best test cases when you conduct testing. The following tips will help you write a test scenario and case for a specific feature you test.

  1. Write Accurate and Precise Test Cases

  2. You need to keep all the test cases concise and clear in the sheet. While writing test cases, you need to keep the description to the point and clear to understand. Also, write the correct steps in the proper sequence to get the expected results.

    The test cases that you write should be easy to understand. Why? This helps to understand the whole test case sheet when it gets reviewed or updated in the future.

  3. Keep the End-user in Mind While Writing Test Scenarios and Cases

  4. While writing the test cases, keeping the end user in the mind is important. Because it allows you to check the functionalities of the application from the end user’s point of view. If you miss any bug or issue, then all your efforts of maintaining and making test cases fail. So, it becomes important to have the user’s perspective while writing test cases. In addition, keep all the information easy to understand while writing the test cases.

  5. Write the Test ID Unique

  6. When you use the test case sheet, you need to write the test case ID. Writing ID is most important. Also, keep the test case ID unique. Because each ID helps to identify the test case sheet used for conducting tests of particular software. Following this convention helps companies to get a better understanding, clarification, and proper management when conducting testing.

  7. Write Test Cases Descriptions That are Concise and Simple to Understand

  8. A test case description is important as it describes which functionality to test in the application. So, it becomes important to write correct and concise test case descriptions. This helps when your test case template sheet is referred to for the future or gets updated.

    For example

    Test scenario: Verify login of Outlook

    Test case: Enter a valid username and a valid password

  9. Write Reusable Test Cases

  10. While creating a test plan, write the test cases in a way that is reusable. Your written test cases can be used in the future with the same scenario or different. Similarly, the test steps can also be reused for conducting the same test in another application. Make your test cases scalable so it becomes useful again and save your time in creating a test case template sheet.

Description Table of Test Case Template

Here is a table that includes the details of each column mentioned in the test case template.

Test Case FieldsDescription
Test Case ID:You need to represent each test case with a unique ID.
Test Case Priority:

Decide the priority of performing the test. It becomes useful to perform tests accordingly.

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
Module Name:Define or write about the main or sub-module that you test.
Test Designed by:Write the name of the person who has created the test case.
Test Designed Date:Write the date when the test case was designed.
Test Executed by:Write the tester’s name who executed the test.
Test Executed Date:Write the date when the test was conducted.
Dependencies:Write about the dependencies if required at the time of testing.
Test Case ID:You need to represent each test case with a unique ID. Following this process helps you to track defects to identify them at a later stage in software development.
Test Case Name:Write the name of a test case. For example, Enter a valid password.
Test Case Objective:Write about your objective behind performing a specific test.
Steps to Execute Test:Mention all the steps that you take to perform a test.
Data Input:Add the dummy data that you use for conducting testing.
Expected Results:Include/add the result that should appear on the screen which can error or message.
Actual Result:After the test execution, add the actual test result you get.
Status:Mark the status/result field as failed, if the actual result does not match the expected result.
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