11 Best Learning Apps for Kids in 2022

There are apps for kids available for all purposes, say it is learning, playing, or watching videos. Because of these apps, access to educational stuff has become easy for kids. According to Statista, people downloaded 470 million educational apps via the Apple App Store and 466 million from Google Play Store in the first quarter of 2020.

Learning has become more fruitful, and playing has become more exciting. Even parents do not have to worry about keeping their kids occupied with something fruitful when they have such apps.

The current coronavirus pandemic made us all realize the importance of digital transformation and its increasing impact. Most of the students in the entire world are studying online right now.

With plenty of apps available online, it must be hard for you to choose the best. But our team at Space-O Canada compared the features, ratings, reviews, and benefits of top apps and made this list of ‘11 Best Apps for kids to develop and train their brain’.

Onboard with us till the end and explore a new world of apps for your kids!

Types of Kids Apps

Types of Kids Apps

Not all kids’ apps are the same. Some share knowledge and a few entertain. Based on its different purposes, there are five main types of kids apps. Here, we have explained them all in detail.

  1. Learning & Education Apps

    Education apps guide kids in their overall learning process. The chief purpose of learning apps is to elevate the skills in kids and direct them towards learning something new. Generally, Learning & education apps help kids to learn school subjects, new languages, and little lessons for life.

  2. Gaming & Fun Apps

    Perhaps, you have guessed from its name, gaming and fun apps are for entertainment. On these apps, kids can play games and have fun of their own.

    However, with the growing trend, now gaming apps are not designed only for fun. These games also help in developing a child’s brain cognition while playing games.

  3. Quiz and Brainstorming Apps

    We all know about playing an online quiz, don’t we? Quiz and brainstorming apps help kids to grow their thinking abilities. On these apps, kids can play quiz, answer the questions, and brainstorm multiple ideas.

  4. Video Streaming Apps

    YouTube is the best example of a video streaming app. We, adults, watch useful videos on YouTube for personal benefit. Similarly, there are special video streaming apps for children, too. Kids can watch a video of rhymes, stories, chapters, or their favorite cartoon on the app.

  5. Child Security Apps

    Also known as parental control apps, child security apps are for those parents who want to keep their son and daughter safe. These apps can track a child’s exact location, restrict objectionable sites, block pornography, set screen time limits, prevent online attacks, and impede spammers. Child security apps also send notifications to families when their child enters an unsafe borough.

    Also, apps like Uber for kids are a type of child security app. They help parents to transport their children safely with real-time tracking. Being parents, if you want to downloads apps that help you keep a safe eye on your kids, then download these best parental control apps for Android and iPhone.

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11 Best Apps for Kids Education and Braind Development

After we learned about the different types of kids apps, let’s move towards knowing the eleven best kids apps. In each heading, you will find more about the unique features of the app, its rating, its price, availability for Android or iOS platforms, and how it will benefit your child.

App NameRatingPricingApp Store LinkPlay Store Link
4.4/5FreePlay storeApp store
4.5/5FreePlay storeApp store
4.2/5One-month free trial, further $10 a month subscription feePlay storeApp store
4.3/5FreePlay storeApp store
4.5/5FreeApp store
4.4/5FreePlay storeApp store
4.6/5Free, Ad-free app version comes for $6.99 a monthPlay storeApp store
3.4/5FreeApp store
3.9/5$4.99 a monthApp store
3.7/5Free download, $6 a month or $50 a yearPlay storeApp store
3.0/5$3.99App store
  1. Khan Academy Kids

    Khan Academy Kids App

    No list of best kids apps on Google will be without the name of Khan Academy. This app is Kohinoor of the kids’ app world because it covers all, and on top of it, it’s free! Comes as both an app and a site, it has a wide range of courses suitable for all ages of students. There is no doubt why Khan Academy Kids is the first choice of families, students, and teachers!

    Unique Features

    • Foreign Language Support: Using it, kids from any country in the world can use the app in their native language.
    • Search Filters: Kids can use category-wise filters to find study material according to their personal needs.
    • Bookmarks: Kids can bookmark the downloaded videos and other study material to access it when needed.
    • Recent Lessons: This section aims to introduce any latest chapters added to a specific subject or a particular course.

    How ‘Khan Academy Kids’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The YouTube videos on Khan Academy help kids to learn subjects like math, science, economics, engineering, arts, history, and social studies.
    • The Advanced Placement (AP) courses on the app help high-school students to learn the curriculums of college and earn credit.
    • The app also helps students in test preparation. From primary to high school students, everyone can appear for mock tests and be ready for the final examination.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    4.4/5FreeiOS and Android
  2. Coloring Book App

    Coloring Book App

    Coloring Book App is less of an app and more of a therapy. You read it right. This app is designed in a way that is helpful to both kids and adults. Today’s kids are under pressure to study well and cope up with other activities due to fierce competition. This app helps them to unwind their mind for a while and get free. The app’s basic version is free. It offers the in-app purchase and pro membership to use its advanced version.

    Unique Features

    • Coloring Tools: It includes a brightness controller and gradient controller. Using it, kids can make customized colors using the color bar.
    • Personalized Color Palettes: Kids can pick a color palette from custom, solid, or gradient collections and start coloring the pictures.
    • Background Music: While a kid is coloring, he can listen to peaceful music playing in the background to calm his mind.
    • Colorists Community: A user can follow other colorists and see their artworks. Also, colorists can share their artwork through this app.

    How ‘Coloring Book App’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The app helps kids a lot in developing coloring skills. Kids can fill colors in architecture, animals, paintings, patterns, shapes, sceneries, doodles, cartoons, and other similar things on the app.
    • The app also helps kids to spend more time coloring and relaxing. While using the app, kids can remain happy and stress-free.
    • Coloring Book App has a perfect atmosphere for kids having similar interest in coloring and artwork. Kids can share their artwork, see others’ colorwork, and learn from each other.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    4.5/5FreeiOS and Android
  3. ABCmouse.com


    ABCmouse.com is the best kids app according to expert app testers. Available both as a site and an app, ABCmouse.com is one of our favorite educational apps for toddlers. Exceptionally designed to nurture children from ages two to eight, this app is excellent because of its quizzes, videos, and games.

    The app has over 10,000 interactive and learning activities that aim at teaching to read, learn math and science, and know art and music. It comes with a striking price of $10 per month, but once you install it, not only your kids but also you will love it!

    Unique Features

    • Rewards: The app rewards kids with tickets for achieving a milestone. Using these virtual tickets, kids can buy online learning products on the app.
    • Letter Recognition: The app has a feature of upper and lower case letter recognition. It takes care of different letter cases and makes kids learn the same.
    • Lessons: The app has divided 850+ lessons across ten different levels. This feature saves the work of parents to select activities according to their kids’ ages because the app already did it.
    • Books: The app has 450+ books. This ‘book-reading’ feature especially helps the beginner kids who have just started to read books.

    How ‘ABCmouse.com’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • Kids can learn science, math, and art merely by watching a video, playing games, and attending quizzes.
    • A kid without attending pre-school can become ready for elementary school by using this app.
    • The app shows a map of the learning progress of a kid. It helps kids to keep track of their adaptive learning path journey.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    4.2/5One-month free trial, further $10 a month subscription feeiOS, Amazon and Android
  4. YouTube Kids

    YouTube Kids

    Do you know the highest-paid YouTuber is a nine-year-old kid, Ryan Kaji, and he earned $29.5 million from making videos in 2020!? Not all kids can do what Ryan is doing, but at least start somewhere. YouTube Kids is an app that streams educational videos to inspire the growing minds of kids. The app is free-to-use and runs family-friendly videos. Anything from educational videos to entertaining shows, kids can watch them all on YouTube Kids app.

    Unique Features

    • Preferences: It allows kids to open their free accounts and set preferences. According to these preferences, the app suggests videos and user-generated content.
    • Timer: It enables parents to set a limit on the time kids can use the app.
    • Parental Control: It permits families to block channels that are inappropriate for kids and set a screen time limit. Parents can also add channels based on the recommendations of the app to benefit their kids.
    • Multiple Profiles: It lets a user create eight profiles for kids on the same app. Furthermore, one can personalize each of these eight accounts uniquely as per the user.

    How ‘YouTube Kids’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The app inspires young kids to become digital content creators and social media influencers. Also, it helps them by streaming videos on how to become influencers and content creators.
    • This app shows YouTube videos eligible and relevant to kids between 2 to 12 years. That’s how it saves kids from being exposed to any adult materials.
    • All from lectures to live shows is available in the form of a video on this app. Hence, it doesn’t let kids get distracted and makes them learn stuff with a bit of fun.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    4.3/5FreeiOS and Android
  5. Hopscotch


    The app testers say Hopscotch delivers perfect value to its targeted-age children. The target ages of Hopscotch is a little higher. Being a coding-learning app, Hopscotch targets kids from ages 10 to 16 years. The app is exclusively made to work on the iPad, iPhone, and Apple tablet. The use of cookies by Hopscotch has enabled it to offer the best experience to kids. Hopscotch is a free app also available with in-app purchases to remove advertisements.

    Unique Features

    • Drag-and-Drop: With this feature, kids can customize their characters, create and share their designed programs.
    • Hopscotch Community: It lets kids and adults connect with each other. With a little guidance from adults, the kids can know the tidbits of learning to code.
    • Teacher’s Account: It lets the teacher open a free account. Using it, teachers get access to the thousands of designs made by kids and adults on the app.
    • Student’s Account: Using it, teachers can create free accounts for their students. Teachers have to share login credentials with students, and they can start using the app.

    How ‘Hopscotch’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The app exposes teens to computer programming through their mobile devices. This way, it helps them acquire a new skill that will skyrocket in 2021’s digital transformation era.
    • If teens learn beginner-level coding on Hopscotch, it will be beneficial to spread their programming wings on advanced platforms like Scratch later on.
    • The app lets teens put their coded games in the Hopscotch community. Kids can share their work and see other’s work, too. This way, an atmosphere of learning is built on the Hopscotch app.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
  6. Epic!


    The Epic! app is epic! It has hundreds and thousands of book options for kids who love reading. If a kid has a bookworm within and won’t let it satisfy, Epic! is for him/her. This app can be a real investment as it takes reading everywhere the device goes. If a family has many kids of different ages, this app is the perfect option to keep on the phone.

    Unique Features

    • Time Logging: The app has a feature to log the reading time of a kid. It helps kids to improve their reading skills.
    • Read-to-Me: It helps those kids who still don’t know to read or are learning to read. This feature makes the app’s voice read the books to kids.
    • Library: The library on the app keeps on expanding every day. Because of this feature, kids can daily get more new options to read.
    • Personal Collection: The app feature lets parents create a personal collection for their kids. In it, they can store reading material, badges, and awards for children.

    How ‘Epic!’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The app offers unlimited access to over 35,000 novels and videos. Therefore, it helps children learn anytime and from anywhere.
    • The app divides its collection of books into different genres, different ages, and the passion of readers! It helps kids to search for a book of his/her choice directly.
    • The app has a section of comic books as well as storybooks. It helps beginner kids to develop a taste for reading and gradually enhance it.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    4.4/5FreeiOS and Android
  7. Duolingo


    Kids might have heard of the Duolingo app because it has taken over the entire social media with its fame. The app is a simple and smart option for kids to learn new foreign language arts. The app has a variety of languages like Spanish, Danish, Dutch, German, French, Irish, Italian, and English. In total, the app has 30 languages to learn, and it’s free! The in-app purchase is optional for those who get annoyed with sponsored advertisements.

    Unique Features

    • Learn-As-You-Go: Duolingo is a ‘learn-as-you-go’ type app. It unlocks different levels of a game during the learning process.
    • Vocab Learning: It allows kids to match words and images while seeing vocabulary lessons.
    • Hover Text: The hover text algorithm of the app intimates kids about which words they should practice more.
    • Resource Library: It includes podcasts, events, stories, fill-in-the-blanks, translation, and write what you hear options.

    How ‘Duolingo’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • Duolingo lets kids learn through audio and video identification tools, word identification tools, and oral exercises.
    • The app helps kids to learn a new language without actually going to a class and paying a hefty amount for it.
    • The app helps kids to enhance their vocabulary. They can learn a new language and also sharpen the known language using Duolingo.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    4.6/5Free, Ad-free app version comes for $6.99 a monthiOS and Android
  8. Quick Math Jr.

    Quick Math Jr.

    Every person who sees Quick Math Jr. thinks that why didn’t we learn math this way! It has the best math games for kids. The app’s interface is interesting and the experience is best. The main objective of Quick Math Jr. is to instill number sense skills in children between the ages of 2 to 6 years.

    Unique Features

    • Automatic Adjusting: This feature sets the app according to the learning of kids by using cookies. The difficulty level of the game also changes accordingly.
    • Custom Characters: It allows kids to create their customized monsters. So, it becomes interesting for kids to create personal characters for learning maths.

    How ‘Quick Math Jr.’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The chapters are divided into six games with different levels. It helps kids to solve basic number problems till they reach learning addition and subtraction.
    • The app uses animation and graphics. Games mixed with 3D graphics approach kids with a strong will to learn maths. It helps them love learning maths.
    • There are multiple activities like dot patterns, number words, and numerals. These fun-learning activities help kids make their maths skills sharp.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
  9. Barefoot World Atlas

    Barefoot World Atlas

    Barefoot World Atlas is the show-stopper app on this list. Kids of six years and above ages love this app because they can fly around the world on their phones. The app bags stunning icons, a 3D globe, continuously changing soundscapes, and exciting quizzes. Using this app, kids can learn about people, animal characters, culture, and much more about the different places on earth.

    Unique Features

    • Click and Explore: Consider this app as the digital version of paper Atlas. By clicking, pinching, and zooming, the app features let kids explore everything in detail.
    • 3D Interface: The 3D globe has clickable pictures on it. The app features enable kids to either tap them and read the short description or make it read by the BBC presenter Nick Crane.
    • Highlighted Icons: The app has highlighted icons at the top left. Tapping on it, kids can explore information by region/country names listed.
    • Country Flag: On pressing it, kids can know the current conditions in that particular country.

    How ‘Barefoot World Atlas’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The app is designed to help kids learn subjects and skills related to science, social studies, critical thinking, and communication.
    • This app lets kids know about new processes and the history of a region or culture. For instance, kids can learn about the winemaking processes of different wineries by clicking on the app’s globe.
    • The images of different countries on the app shows live updates like time, weather, and CO2 emissions. This way, the app benefits kids to learn a lot of new stuff.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    3.9/5$4.99 a monthiOS
  10. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

    Hungry Caterpillar Play School

    For toddlers who can’t keep themselves away from the phone, Hungry Caterpillar is the one app to use. According to Common Sense Media, Hungry Caterpillar Play School is the best app for toddlers. Inspired by the famous characters of Eric Carle’s book, the app features a stunning range of games for kids. The app has a promising interface, and its attractive colors don’t let toddlers exit the app.

    Unique Features

    • Monthly Updates: The app features add new things every month in the form of audio, video, book, lesson, activity, and event, so kids come back for more.
    • Relevant Content: The app feature only allows using classroom-proven techniques for training kids of 2 to 6 years of age. This feature ensures the content is safe and appropriate for different ages of kids.

    How ‘Hungry Caterpillar Play School’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • The app games help kids learn shapes and colors. Kids can learn more about different shapes and colors from the start.
    • Also, this app is beneficial to kids because they can learn alphabets and numbers on Hungry Caterpillar while playing.
    • The app also plays a pivotal role in benefiting kids to know art and play puzzles. A toddler with a strong base can improve a lot in his/her high school days.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms
    3.7/5Free download, $6 a month or $50 a yeariOS, Amazon and Android
  11. Write About This

    Write About This

    Write About This is a perfect app for 7+ years of kids to write anything from their findings to feelings. The attractive props and images of the app compel kids to start writing what is within. A kid who uses this app becomes creative in thought and powerful in writing. The app has 125 images and 375 topics. Kids can choose out of its wide range to decide what to write on. A fourth-grade teacher designed the app, keeping in mind the student perspective. So the app is kid-friendly, and its privacy policy is easy to go with.

    Unique Features

    • Save & Share: Using it, students can save and share their writing with their teachers. Teachers who are their editors can share their feedback and send it back to kids for re-writing.
    • ‘To-Write’ Feature: With it, kids can narrate their story and later transcribe it into writing. This feature is helpful to pre-writers even. Instead of typing everything, they can record first.

    How ‘Write About This’ is Helpful to Kids?

    • All kids share their writings over this app. This way, it benefits a child by giving him/her thousands of new topics to write.
    • The app lets kids create personal prompts and images. It benefits to keep kids away from boredom and keep their interest intact.
    • Lots of kids are shy to start writing, and they hesitate more to share it. Write About This app helps kids practice writing and benefit them by making them better at writing.
    RatingPricingAvailability on Platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which are the best educational apps for kids?

    ClassDojo, Duolingo, DragonBox, Quick Maths, and YouTube Kids are the top five best educational apps.

  2. Which are good apps for 8-year-old kids?

    Froggipedia, DragonBox, Duolingo, Stack the States 2, Brainpop Jr., and YouTube kids are a few names of good apps for 8-year-old kids.

  3. Which are good apps for 5-year-old kids?

    ABCmouse.com, Hungry Caterpillar Play School, Toca Hair Salon 3, Starfall ABCs, and Elmo Loves 123s are the top five apps for 5-year-old kids.

  4. Which are the best online learning platforms for kids?

    KhanAcademy, Crash Course Kids, Scholastic, Reading Eggs, and BrainPop are the best online sites for kids.

  5. Which are the best free game apps for kids?

    Sago Mini Friends, Toca Kitchen 2, Fruit Ninja, LogicLike, and Pepi Play are the best free game apps for kids.

Got any questions about kids’ apps on your mind? We will answer them all


A boring app could fail to serve its purpose. Only the best app for kids can keep them engaged and do not let them get distracted. It entirely depends on the app’s content and its interface that kids of different ages can bridge themselves with it within seconds. Apart from these apps, a few names like Duck Duck Moose, Nick Jr., and ClassDojo are other apps useful for kids.

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