10 Best Church Management Software Solutions in 2024

Want to streamline your church’s daily operations? Looking for a suitable church management software solution for your church? If yes, you are at the right place.

The church brings advantages to the community, and it’s not an easy task for pastors to manage the church. Church leaders might face issues and a few of them are following.

  • Security of children during the prayers and events in the church
  • Church leaders face difficulty to provide maximised guidance
  • Getting trouble to arrange church members on scheduling worship plan

Using a software solution to resolve all the above issues is a good choice. Being one of the top software companies in Canada, we often receive requests regarding church management software solutions.

Therefore, we have listed the 10 best church management solutions to streamline the processes of the church. Let’s get started.

List of 10 Top Church Management Software

We have listed down the best catholic church management software solutions based on ratings & reviews of Capterra. Also, each software is explained in detail to help you choose the right software.

NamePricingFree TrialRatings & Reviews (Capterra)
All services start from $14/monthAvailable 4.9 (987)
Starts from $50/monthAvailable 4.9 (432)
Starts from $5/monthAvailable 4.7 (468)
Free & paid options are availableAvailable 4.7 (179)
Starts from $37/monthAvailable 4.9 (458)
Starts from $31/monthAvailable 4.6 (239)
Starts from $29.50/monthAvailable 4.5 (156)
Starts from $29/monthAvailable 4.4 (223)
Starts from $90/monthAvailable 4.3 (424)
Available 3.4 (139)
  1. Planning Center

  2. The Planning Center, an all-in-one solution for churches. The software makes it easy for church ministries to manage events, donations, community, new registrations, and worship planning. So, ministries don’t need to put extra effort to manage the activities on a daily basis in churches.

    Planning Center has a set of software tools that are specifically built to help from small to megachurches. You can also purchase individual software depending on your requirements.

    planning center

    Image Source: Planning Center

    It comes with a helpful user guide that allows you to get started if you are facing any issues. The ‘Registration’ application of this software offers the facility to handle a large amount of data. Churches that are looking for scalable and custom applications within one software, then Planning Center is the right tool.

    If you get stuck at any point or have trouble using this software, then customer support will help you. Now, let’s check out the features of this robust church management software.

    Key Features of Planning Center

    The features of all the church management software are divided into different categories of applications. The following are a few categories.

    • People – It has features to manage membership management
    • Giving – It allows pastors to have track and management of donations
    • Services – It has features that allow managing different services of churches
    • Events – Offers features that help in the event management
    • Check-ins – It has features to manage all the processes of check-ins
    Data dashboardDonor profilesVolunteer schedulingDefine detailsVolunteer check-ins
    Membership dataDonation dataWorship planningSign formsReports
    Custom reportsExport dataRehearsal toolsCoordinate attendeesCommunication
    NotificationsScan checks & depositsReportingReportsCSV Import
    TextingIntegrationsCalendar subscriptionAttendance tracking
    EmailingCover processing feesMedia library

    Why Should You Choose Planning Center Software?

    • A worship planning software that is simple and user-friendly at affordable rates.
    • You want software that has different applications to manage different segments of the church.

    Ready to Explore the Planning Center?

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  3. BreezeChMS

  4. A church management software that helps you to streamline and simplify the processes of your church. It helps small (50 or fewer people) and mid-sized (51 – 300 people) churches that can track events, manage donations, and monitor church members.

    This church management system allows ministries to create and share the member directories as well. BreezeChMS church management software is used by more than 9,000 churches. Also, BreezeChMS is well-known web-based church management software in Canada and the US.


    Image Source: BreezeChMS

    Even if you are planning to move from your old software to this software, then the process of importing the data is seamless. Breeze’s import team will help you to export data and import it into your new Breeze account.

    You get an option to customize the fields to store and organize the data. Plus, you get the feature to automate the common tasks so that you don’t need to invest your time in them. For instance, assign people in specific date groups, then the system will send personalized emails to those members on their birthdays. Let’s check the features of this robust church administration software.

    Key Features of BreezeChMS Software

    Add peopleTrack online givingEmail or text groupsAttendance trackingChild check-in
    Store informationTrack giftsEmail statsPrint name tags for children & parentsRegistration forms approval
    Filter informationReportsSchedule messagesOrganize eventsIntegrate with existing calendar
    EmailingYear-end statementsAdd or remove peopleSchedule events & volunteers
    TextingUsers access control

    Want to Create Church Software Like BreezeChMS?

    Looking for a software development team? Want a free consultation to discuss requirements?

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    Why Should You Choose BreezeChMS Software?

    • When you are looking for software that has a low initial cost, then BreezeChMS is the right option.
    • BreezeChMS is feature-rich and easy-to-use application software, so you can easily adopt it.
    • It is suitable for every size of the church like small to medium-sized and for large churches as well.

    Ready to Explore BreezeChMS?

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  5. ChurchTrac

  6. ChurchTrac, a cloud-based church management software suitable for all sizes of churches. The software makes it easy to plan, schedule, and manage the church process with its features.

    It is software that helps you to keep your team on the same page and avoids any misunderstanding. ChurchTrac has focused on membership management features to establish good communication between team members.


    Image Source: ChurchTrac

    The Open Door Church, LifeChurch, Fresh Start, Connections Church, WestSide Gathering are a few of the churches that are using the ChurchTrac software.

    The company of this software claims that they provide the best customer support by resolving 87% of issues within one business hour. Also, being a web-based solution, it provides up to 99.9% of uptime, so you don’t worry about the issue of data access. Now, let’s discuss the features of the ChurchTrac application.

    Key Features of ChurchTrac Software Application

    Membership managementDonation trackingManage song libraryCentralized church calendarRegister guests
    Organizing people with tagsAccept online givingPlan worshipAttendance trackingCheck-out mode
    ReportsStatementsSchedule teamRegistration for eventsSearch
    Texting and voice messagingPledge campaignsVolunteer managementIntegrate with your websiteEmergency contacts
    Sync with MailChimpRecurring givingAutomatic remindersUpcoming eventsCheck-ins stations
    Track important datesDashboardBlock out datesShare event URLSecurity tags
    CustomizationService templatesPrivate events

    Why Should You Choose ChurchTrac Software Application?

    • If you are looking for a church management software for small churches, then ChurchTrac could be a perfect software solution for your every need.
    • You want software that focuses on a complete membership management system to manage church members.

    Ready to Explore ChurchTrac?

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  7. Tithe.ly

  8. Tithe.ly, is a tailor-made church management software solution that helps churches with different modules like event management, donation & givings, messaging & email. This best church database software is available in 50 countries.

    Around 37,000 churches are using this software due to its feature-rich facility, and flexibility. Tithe.ly software is built to simplify the work coordination between church staff with its tools for managing the daily operations of the church.


    Image Source: Tithely

    It is especially recognized as an online giving platform built for the churches to ease access the information digitally from anywhere, and anytime. This software is versatile to use on different devices like mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. Also, it has various features, let’s check them out.

    Key Features of Tithe.ly Software Application

    Store contact & informationDaily depositsPlay from one setlistCustom forms
    SearchIn-depth reportsRetrieve lyricsMultiple ticket types
    Text and emailCash/check recordingSongSelectEvent check-in
    Background checksAuto-recurringAttendee list management
    Manage relationshipCovers the feesDiscount and promos codes
    Two-way syncText givingAttendance track
    Quick give

    Want to Streamline Your Church’s Daily Operations?

    We have a team of technical professionals who have experience in developing custom church event planning software.

    Why Should You Choose Tithe.ly Software Application?

    • When you are looking for free church management software, then Tithe.ly is the best fit.
    • A church management software specifically built to streamline online giving of donations.
    • The software is easy to use for your end-users, and they don’t need to struggle to use it.

    Ready to Explore Tithe.ly?

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  9. Churchteams

  10. When you are looking for a software solution that allows you to automate the workflow, Churchteams is for you. Churchteams are the sole solution that you can use to manage your routine and repetitive tasks to free up your staff.

    Using this software, you can ensure people coming to your church get the proper services and care that they are looking for. Churchteams also allow you to make personalized automation with its features. So, the people get the utmost flexibility to visit your church.


    Image Source: Churchteams

    Are you looking to buy this church management system and confused about how you will use it? Don’t worry because the Churchteams also guide by conducting webinars on regular internals. Furthermore, let’s have a look at the features.

    Key Features of Churchteams Software Application

    DashboardGivingGroup ManagementCheck-InCommunication
    Advanced searchFinancial recordingGroup finderAutomate guest follow-upEmail marketing
    Create cardAutomatic recurring giftsReport reminderAll checkTexting from church
    Metrics cardSecurityHealth and coaching reportsTracking for kidsTexting to church
    Community cardDiscipleship growth finderSpecial notes for tagsSocial media
    Me Card for usersManage missionDetail report
    Track groups

    Why Should You Choose Churchteams Software Application?

    • Churchteams is for the pastors who want to use software, but don’t have IT professionals to operate it.
    • If you have faced customer support issues in your previous software, then Churchteams should become your choice because it provides good customer support.

    Ready to Explore Churchteams?

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  11. Text-In-Church

  12. Text-In-Church helps busy church leaders to get connected with teams and church members. It reduces the time to manage church membership of people and tasks using Text-In-Church and helps to build fruitful relationships.

    Text-In-Church software is built to ensure that there is no communication gap between teams and church leaders. Text-In-Church makes it simple to gather information of church members and you can even import information from Mailchimp.


    Image Source: Text-In-Church

    Currently, this software is serving more than 17,000 church leaders. And helps the church team to streamline all the processes to manage a church and connect people with God. Over 26 billion texts are sent each day using this church event management software.

    A case study of Blake’s church says that after implementing this software, they saw a 57% increase in church members coming to church every Sunday. Now, let’s check out the features of this software in the following table.

    Key Features of Text-In-Church Software Application

    PeopleWorshipEvent ManagementCommunication
    Add to peopleSet automateSet templateSend text
    Allow peopleSend email or textsChoice of templatesVirtual conference
    Texting a keywordSend remindersTextingPersonalized messaging
    Smart cardOne to one communicationTwo-way messaging
    Plan a visit

    Why Should You Choose Text-In-Church Software Application?

    • Use Text-In-Church software programs to effortlessly connect with the team members to manage parishioners.
    • When you want a software solution that makes the work of texting to church members smooth.

    Ready to Explore Text-In-Church?

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  13. Aplos

  14. Aplos is a church management software, built for non-profit organizations and small churches (50 or fewer people). It was built by a CPA (Certified Pastor Executive) and executive pastor to help churches to manage their financial needs.

    Aplos software is best for the churches that are looking to manage finances in the community. The pastor who built this software wasn’t able to find the low-cost software. So, he created Aplos, a church management software.


    Image Source: Aplos

    The software has all the necessary features that a church requires, like members management, check-in, pledge management, donor management, group management, and communication tools. Nearly 40,000 churches are using Aplos software, and it has helped them to succeed in church administration.

    Key Features of Text-In-Church Software Application

    PeopleGroupAutomate WorkflowEvents & Check-insAccounting
    Membership managementManage group portalAutomate remindersCheck-in attendeesTrack funding
    Create people listsPlanning and schedulingCustom email templateReport and track eventsBalance sheet
    Track notes and filesManaging recurring eventsMail merge lettersSell tickets digitallyPayroll integration
    Follow upVolunteer managementBulk-textingTrack event successManage finances
    Accessibility managementChurch calendarTrack attendanceTrack and pay bills

    Why Should You Choose Aplos Software Application?

    • You want a particular software to manage the finances of your non-profit organization or church.
    • If you are looking for simple GUI software that helps in managing church administrative tasks for your church on a daily basis.

    Ready to Explore Aplos?

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  15. Realm ACS Technologies

  16. Want a church management system for your catholic church? Realm is software that helps church families to connect with each other during the whole week. This software is user-friendly and helps in daily church administration management easily from anywhere and any device.

    If you face any problem using software, the support staff of this software is knowledgeable and provides help to resolve the issues. That’s why Realm is the best church management software designed to fit each type of ministry regardless of its size, tradition, or age.

    realm acs technologies

    Image Source: Realm

    Realm is a cloud-based solution that allows churches to manage different ministry tasks, such as accounting, community, administration, and organizing daily operations. As it is a web-based solution, the software is easily accessible using any device and only requires an internet connection.

    Compared to the Planning Center, the interface of Realm is not user-friendly. Thus, people might need quite a long time to learn this software. Now, let’s understand the features of Realm church management software.

    Key Features of Realm Software Application

    GroupsWorship PlanningEvents & Check-insAdministration
    Group searchOrganize worshipEvent registrationCustom control
    Attendance dashboardSchedulingEvent calendarDashboard insight
    InvitationsCreate and manage worship eventsMultiple registrationsTrack budget & reports
    Roles & permissionVolunteers managementGroup eventsTrack donations
    Meeting calendarManage church familyManage event volunteers

    Why Should You Choose Realm Software Application?

    • You want software that helps you to structurize the information about church members in a database.
    • It is an application that allows easy and secure access to the database to multiple users at a time.

    Ready to Explore Realm?

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  17. Church Community Builder

  18. When you are planning to engage your people rather than managing the people of your community, CCB is for you. The software helps to organize ministry and people. It has all the tools that help to build community, engage people, and grow disciples.

    The software helps pastors, administrators, and leaders. As the software is built by church leaders, it helps church leaders to solve real problems. Hence, churches prefer this software for engaging more people.

    church community builder

    Image Source: Church Community Builder

    The software allows integrating with different types of software so it becomes easy for ministry to do better for churches. The software has various features that help leaders of churches manage various operations on a daily basis. The company claims that churches that are using the Church Community Builder and Pushpay together find 65% more digital online giving. Let’s check the features of this church management system.

    Key Features of Church Community Builder Software Application

    Import from spreadsheetsSend group messagesManual setupVolunteer scheduling
    People profileCreate eventsSelect membersVolunteer check-in
    Create notesFind groupsSelect groupsCreate plans
    Edit profileTwo-way communicationSong library & chord chart editor
    SearchingAttendance trackingFile management

    Why Should You Choose Church Community Builder Software Application?

    • You want software that gets updated constantly within a certain amount of interval.
    • You are looking for web-based software that allows you to have control over the data.

    Ready to Explore Church Community Builder?

    Visit Church Community Builder

  19. FellowshipOne

  20. FellowshipOne is a church management software that is built for small to multi-campus established churches. It is a solution that helps multi-profile people like church administrators, nursery masters, worship leaders, and older members. A single solution to all your requirements.

    There are over 250000+ active monthly users of this software who use it to streamline the process of their churches. 4000+ churches are using FellowshipOne software.


    Image Source: FellowshipOne

    Get rid of the traditional method of paperwork by adopting this FellowshipOne event management software for churches to manage accounting, administration, and organizing. You get the benefits of using a variety of tools that help you enhance the experience of your church.

    Such as member management, developing communities & groups, check-in system, accounting, track & manager volunteers, and getting insightful data of your church. Let’s have a look at the features of this church management software.

    Key Features of FellowshipOne Software Application

    Event ManagementGroupsCheck-insAccounting
    Event calendarGroup searchChild check-inEasy import
    Resource managementProfile access for group membersTag codesData access & reporting
    Resource schedulingCommunication toolsOrganize classroomLedger
    Room schedulingMentor programAttendance managementPayroll
    Facility management & schedulingReceivables

    Why Should You Choose FellowshipOne Software Application?

    • This software offers some custom attribute features to make use of customization.
    • You are looking for simple GUI software that has various features.

    Ready to Explore FellowshipOne?

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Now, we will discuss the frequently asked questions regarding the church management software.

Want to Develop Custom Church Software Solution?

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FAQ About Church Management Software

  1. How to find and select good church management software?

    • You need to identify the requirements and purpose of using church management software.
    • Depending on your requirements, you can check out the list of features that help you to streamline the process of your church.
    • Select a few church management software that fulfills all your necessities and helps you to automate the tedious processes.
    • Take a demo and select the best fit for your church.
  2. Which is the top church management software?

  3. The best available church management software in the market is based on features and flexibility.

    • ChurchTrac
    • Churchteams
    • Servant Keeper
    • Aplos Software
    • FellowshipOne
  4. Why use church management software?

  5. Church management software helps to streamline and optimize day-to-day operational tasks. You can automate your processes to handle your daily operations like reporting, mass communication, and coordination of tasks. Thus, church management software allows churches to run smoothly and decreases the costs of operations.

  6. Which is the cloud-based church management software?

  7. Cloud-based church management software works on the concept of cloud computing, and it’s easily accessible from anywhere. It has a centralized system that helps to manage operations from a single point. Here are a few names.

    • ChurchTools
    • Realm
    • FellowshipOne

Want to Create Your Own Custom Church Management Software?

You have learned about different types of church management software with their features and specifications. Now it would be easy for you to choose one software for your church.

In case you are looking to develop custom church management software, then contact our team of experienced software developers.

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