Top Flutter App Examples – 7 Best Apps Built with Flutter

Key Takeaways:

  • Flutter framework helps to create high-performance, visually appealing, and responsive applications for multiple platforms from a single codebase.
  • Flutter is suitable for creating apps across different categories like eCommerce, social media, fitness and health, finance, games, and productivity.
  • The most popular flutter app examples are Google Ads, Alibaba, Tencent, Google Pay, and eBay Motors.

Space-O Technologies is one of the leading Flutter app development companies in Canada, having experience in developing mobile apps in Flutter (the open-source framework developed by Google).

Recently we have developed the ride-sharing app in Flutter for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store which automated most of the taxi booking operations. Ride tracking, ride scheduling, ride booking, payment options, and SOS functionality are some of the features we developed using Flutter.

Since we have developed more than 300 web and mobile app solutions using different technologies, we understand the nuances of building simple to complex software solutions.

You might be wondering why we are talking about our experience in Flutter?

It is because most of our clients ask us – what type of apps can be developed in Flutter? What is Flutter used for? What features of Flutter help to boost a business?

This post is the answer.
We have curated Flutter app examples that showcase the top companies using Flutter, their challenges, features that helped to build a successful app, and results achieved after using Flutter.

Top Companies Using Flutter Framework

Here’s a table of top companies that are leveraging Flutter. After checking out this table, you will know how the features of Flutter have helped businesses to expand quickly. You will even know what type of app you can build in Flutter as per your custom requirements.Let’s see the name of mobile apps built with Flutter.

my bmw icon
  • Provides vehicle status and enables to use in demo mode even without owning
  • Navigation and map features for planning trips
  • Stories and news from the world of BMW
Try BMW App
google pay icon
  • Send and receive money from friends and family
  • Pay at stores online
  • Save money and earn rewards after every purchase
Try Google Pay
ebay motors icon
  • In-app chat for discussing buying and selling needs with users
  • Enables to scan the license plate and VIN number
  • React, share, comment with auto enthusiastic
Try eBay Motors
rive icon
  • Smoothly blends from one animation to another
  • Keeps your Rive file size small
  • Inverse Kinematics enables to create of complex poses without having to manipulate animations
Try Rive
reflectly icon
  • Morning motivation and quotes daily to boost positivity
  • Tracks the stress level
  • Provides personalized insights daily, weekly, and monthly.
Try Reflectly
wallace and gromit ar
  • Interactive experience for friends and family
  • Provides real-time storytelling experience
  • Use it anytime anywhere from the comfort of your home
Try Wallace and Gromit
  • Enables multiple teams to gain access
  • Enables creating customized documentation using design system data
  • Delivers production code for all the platforms
Try Supernova

From the above table, you have got an idea about the features of Flutter they have used. Let’s even explore the challenges involved and how Flutter development helped these companies to grow.

  1. MY BMW

  2. MYBMW

    Image Source: MYBMW

    The BMW group developed the MyBMW app which connects its vehicles seamlessly through BMW connect. Through the My BMW app, the BMW user can check the range before starting the journey, adjust the climate of interiors, or set the next destination in your car sitting from anywhere. However, to build this solution there were some challenges involved.

    Let’s discuss.

    What were the Challenges?

    • Wanted to launch the app for all the brands, platforms, and other regions simultaneously.
    • Looked for a way that provided the same functionality to all the customers regardless of the mobile OS.
    • Unable to manage the complexity of managing the number of users.

    How does Flutter Help BMW?

    • Platform-specific code in Flutter enabled them to adopt flexibility, a domain-based organizational structure where one team focused on establishing communication, while other on cross-platform app development.
    • The HERE SDK with Flutter API enabled the provision of vector maps in more than 190 countries and 60 languages with optimized map data size.

    What was the Result?

    • Launched MyBMW app in 47 countries on five continents.
    • Even launched a platform for their team named Mobile 2.0 platform which enabled brand, market, and operating system deployment to the mobile world. When several builds are developed, all 96 variants are automatically built, tested, and deployed.
    • They do not have to manage multiple codebases which solve the problem of feature disparity.

    After launching the app, the company got valuable feedback. Here’s one of the feedback from Dr. Nicoloai Kraemer – VP of BMW group which states how reliable they were by using this cross-platform solution.

    Nicoloai Kraemer

  3. Google Pay

  4. Google Pay

    Image Source: Google pay

    Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system that enables users to make contactless payments from mobile phones. Google Pay is currently available in 42 countries. It has a direct competitor to a wide array of apps and services including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Simplifi, Truebill, Shop, and also online banks like Ally.

    To build this solution there were multiple challenges. Let’s see how the Flutter framework helped to overcome it and what results they achieved.

    What were the Challenges?

    • The company had 1.7 million lines of code between Android and iOS apps.
    • Wanted to expand in the new countries which required different features depending on the country like USA, Australia, New Zealand.
    • Most of the regions had iOS users and the current users were exclusively Android.
    • They had to hire iOS developers and had to develop features for iOS and Android apps.

    How does Flutter Help Google Pay?

    • Flutter enabled Google Pay’s team to write once in Dart and deploy on both iOS and Android. This resulted in a seamless experience in both Android and iOS.
    • With the hot reload function, the development team could increase efficiency and enable rapid iteration.
    • AOT compilation with Flutter enabled consistent runtime performance.
    • The number of high-quality Flutter widgets they could leverage to make development easier.

    What was the Result?

    • Since the team rewrote the entire app using Flutter, it was efficient to manage and easier to update.
    • Although Google Pay’s Flutter team added new features, its code is 35% smaller in size compared to the previous one.
    • It had 1.1 million lines of code instead of 1.7 million.
    • Saved 60-70% of development time, as it was easier to manage.

    The below feedback from David KO, Engineering Director at Google Pay represents that Flutter helped the company to build the fast interface.

    David Ko

    Looking to Develop a Cross-platform Mobile App?

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    Cta Image
  5. eBay Motors

  6. ebay motors

    Image Source: ebay motors

    eBay Motors is one of the largest eCommerce stores where the users can buy and sell vehicles, vehicle parts, and accessories for the existing vehicles. Through this app, the users can easily store the vehicle specifications and can easily compare, find, and buy parts as per the vehicle. Partnering with a third party, eBay provides a secure way to purchase the vehicle online.

    However, there were a few challenges in developing this solution. Let’s explore more.

    What were the Challenges?

    • The company was asked to develop cross-platform apps for buying and selling vehicles on eBay in a year.
    • Wanted to develop a full feature set with a look and feel similar to the eBay app.
    • The team was of limited size and they had to learn Flutter from scratch.
    • Building two separate native apps(Android app and iOS app) was not a feasible solution.

    How does Flutter Help eBay Motors?

    • Since Flutter comes with rich support of testing from the unit and material design widgets to an integration test, it was easy for the team to perform automation testing.
    • It was important to integrate the device APIs to use the camera, video capture, machine learning, and other device capabilities. Flutter made it hassle-free to integrate device-specific API.
    • They did not need to create unique designs based on each platform as prebuilt material and Cupertino widgets enabled them to create user experiences as and when needed.
    • With hot-reload, the design could be iterated in real-time. It quickly reloads the code on a running device without changing the running state of the app.
    • Since it enabled a shared codebase, the team could save development time.

    What was the Result?
    The below image shows how Flutter helped eBay Motors to build a faster solution.
    What was the Result

    • Since the development time was reduced, the eBay Motors team developed it in the stipulated time frame.
    • From the team of eBay Motors, 100% of developers preferred Flutter over iOS and Android. And 70% found it two times faster.
    • They could release a new version of the app on both stores every week.
    • Features like live chat, escrow, and community boards can be added to both the stores at once.
    • The app shares 98.3% of the code which means the eBay Motors team has a single team to manage and a unified set of designs and backlog queue.
    • Provided reliable results as it replaced paper prototypes with functioning prototypes.
    • Testing is so simple that they could convert QA analysts into software analysts.

    The below image represents the feedback from Corey Sprague- Senior iOS Engineer. It states how Flutter helped them to grow the business.

    Corey Sprague

  7. Rive

  8. Rive

    Image Source: Rive

    Rive is an online editor software for designing real-time graphics and animations. It enables the users to create the animation once and use it across any platform. Moreover, the users can load the animations into the apps, games, and websites with lightweight open-source runtimes.

    To build this designing platform, the company had multiple challenges and was not sure how they would make it successful.

    What were the Challenges?

    • Spent time in maintaining various client-side web packages for UI functionalities.
    • Libraries, testing, language servers were developed with separate packages and required constant maintenance and updating.
    • Wanted to focus more on development and less on maintaining.
    • Looked for an editor that could handle heavy graphics for all browsers and platforms.

    How does Flutter Help Rive?

    • Since Flutter offers language analysis tools like a standardized format, built-in-linting, and language servers for popular editing environments, it became easy for the Rive app development team to identify the bugs that occurred during coding.
    • They wanted to develop a prototype in a short time. So, the Canvaskit in flutter which consists of HTML elements, CSS, Canvas elements, and SVG elements offered faster performance and higher widget density.
    • Adding custom pieces in Flutter is easier. Thus, the designers could plug and play with several features to build the prototype.

    What was the Result?

    • The codebase was easier to manage and maintain.
    • The stability of the app improved as they could release the cycle daily. Flutter is enabled to run thousands of tests per build.
    • For launching on macOS, the company would not require much customization.
  9. Reflectly

  10. Reflectly app

    Image Source: Reflectly

    Reflectly is an AI-driven journal app where the users could write their thoughts and feelings. It enables the users to track the mood, increase happiness and provide daily insights into how you feel. This app even provided personalized motivations and affirmations to increase positivity in life.

    What were the Challenges?

    • It was already written in React Native and they had to migrate to another cross-platform framework.
    • When launched in Android, overflow failed. This resulted in missing scroll elements and even shadows were cut off.
    • Animations didn’t work properly.
    • Spent more time fixing the Android experience which increased the length of development time.

    How does Flutter Help Reflectly?

    • After developing several POCs in different languages, they loved the cross-platform consistency. It provided a native-like experience on both platforms. If you want to understand the performance of native performance, you need to know the difference between native and Flutter technology. Getting clear on both technologies helps you to understand performance in a better way.
    • Near-instant stateful hot reloading helped to quickly and easily experiment build UI, add features, and fix bugs.
    • Documentation was readable and organized which required less learning curve to implement Flutter.
    • Firebase Analytics and Sentry made it easy to monitor the release as it was deployed to new and old users.

    What was the Result?

    Here are the success metrics of Reflectly which represents how the Flutter framework helped to reduce the development time.

    success matrics

    • The entire app was rewritten within just two months which even includes polishing the app and building its state management solution.
    • The cross-platform development toolkits provided a consistent experience on multiple platforms. They didn’t have to waste time in writing error-prone platform-specific code on both mobile apps.
    • Despite the Flutter framework being in beta version, the company didn’t face any technical glitches to manage thousands of users for different iOS and Android devices.
    • The development process was not tedious. The team could easily move from biweekly release to weekly release.
    • Flooded with thousands of reviews just after the launch on multiple platforms.
  11. Wallace and Gromit AR

  12. Wallace and Gromit AR

    Image Source: Wallace and Gromit AR

    Wallace and Gromit- The big fix-up is an augmented reality game that provides a story-telling experience for iOS and Android devices in the UK, USA, and Canada. This free app takes the users through AR gameplay, CG Animations, in-character phone calls, and extended reality portals. They wanted to create innovative mobile apps on both platforms that delivered meaningful content to your smartphone.

    What were the Challenges?

    • The app didn’t offer up to the mark performance and stability on multiple platforms.
    • When the app was tested on the cross-platform device, the Unity(IDE for cross-platform game development) didn’t work properly.
    • Bidirectional communication between the framework and Unity was slow.
    • At that time Unity only exported projects as an app instead of a package. Thus modification was required to the actual Unity project which involved a tedious development process.

    How does the Flutter Help Wallace and Gromit?

    • Since they wanted to solve the complex maze of integration, Flutter enabled them to do that with a variety of plugins.
    • They looked for bidirectional communication between Flutter and Unity; thus Flutter made it easy to establish with several APIs while retaining the best look and feel of the app.
    • Flutter app development framework provided animation support which helped to create a quick and unique look.
    • Implemented drawing-based animations using Adobe after effects, Bodymovin, and Lottie.
    • Through the material component library, the team was able to quickly bring together components that built the backbone of the application.

    What was the Result?

    • Within just a week, they were able to ensure the compatibility of Unity ARText such as ARcall and ARfoundation and all the libraries.
    • Quickly able to validate and establish the value of presenting the valuable gameplay and media in Flutter using fewer resources.
    • This cross-platform solution made it easy to maintain interaction with the components.
    • Flutter helped to achieve the ambitious vision of storytelling.
    • Didn’t face any issues while rendering Flutter with Unity as the widgets are beautiful and took little effort to make an app in Flutter.

    This is how a cross-platform mobile app development platform like Flutter can help native experiences on both platforms.

  13. Supernova

  14. Supernova

    Image Source: Supernova

    Supernova is a design system as a service platform that manages the entire lifecycle of design from one place. It helps to manage your assets, tokens, components, create interactive prototypes, generate production-ready code from Sketch designs, and save dozens of hours for every team.

    What were the Challenges?

    • Wanted to create a platform where designers and developers worked as a team.
    • Originally it was written as a native macOS app but wanted to migrate to multi-platform.
    • The tool is very compute-heavy and has more demanding performance needs than other websites.
    • More efforts were needed in the UI development of the product.

    How does the Flutter Help Supernova?

    • Enable to launch the Supernova on other platforms with a single codebase.
    • Web-specific libraries which are used to integrate device-specific features save much of the time.
    • Dart’s language features like sound null safety helped to make complex apps stable and maintainable.
    • Annotation processing and code generation capabilities in Dart language reduced the number of code developers have to write.
    • Flutter’s CanvasKit which enables testing of the new Canvas and SVG platform APIs resulted in fast-paced development on the web platform.
    • With Flutter and google_fonts_package, it automatically downloads the fonts directly from Google enabling designers to support and font.

    What was the Result?

    • In just two years, Supernova launched an innovative design system platform with Flutter.
    • Successfully installed an automation engine to update the documents and code when design changes are made.
    • The platform is so easy to use that any novice designer can use Figma designs in Supernova and immediately start exporting code for Flutter.

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    The above Flutter examples show how developing a solution in Flutter has helped the companies to expand their business. So, this was all about the famous apps made with Flutter.

    Want to know more about Flutter or other cross-platform tools? Check out our blog – Flutter vs React Native to know how Flutter overpowers React Native and vice-versa.

    Let’s discuss the FAQs on these cross-platform native apps to get the answer related to Flutter app development.

    FAQ About Flutter App Examples

    1. Which type of apps is feasible to develop in Flutter?

    2. Payment apps, photo/video editing apps, location-based apps, eCommerce apps, and gaming apps are some of the app categories that can be developed in Flutter. At Space-O, we have dedicated Flutter developers who have experience in building customized solutions in Flutter as per your requirements.

    3. Why use the Flutter framework for app development?

    4. Here’re the reasons to use Flutter:

      • Single codebase to create applications that operate on several platforms.
      • This leads to faster app development as there is no need to write code repeatedly for different platforms.
      • Wide variety of plugins to ease the UI design.
      • Quick and easy testing as QA has to check only one version in less time.
      • Code is reusable which saves time and money in development.
      • Flutter’s hot reload feature increases productivity.
    5. When to opt for Flutter mobile app development?

      • When you want to develop an application with native functionality.
      • When you have budget constraints and tighter deadlines.
      • When you want to develop a UI-rich app.
      • When you are in no hurry to launch the application.
    6. How much does it cost to develop a Flutter app?

    7. The average cost to develop Flutter apps starts from $15000.

      However, it is just an average app development cost and it varies depending on the business needs, features, flexibility, and complexity. If you determine the exact cost of mobile app development, discuss your business requirements and validate your idea with us.

    Be Next in the List of Top Flutter Examples

    From this blog of popular apps, you might have got a general idea of what type of app you can develop in Flutter and how Flutter can help you to make a project successful. So if you want to make your business a sustainable one, it is necessary to validate your app idea.

    Space-O Technologies is one of the leading web and mobile app development companies that can help you to validate your idea for free. Consult us to build the customized Flutter applications and be on the top list of Flutter examples.

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