Solutions We Can Develop Using Machine Learning

Get Meaningful Information From Raw Data

Do you want to build an app that processes a lot of data and predicts the outcome? Are you looking for a way to understand and know your customers’ behavior? Or do you want to solve complex business problems? Implementing the right machine learning solution is the best way.

At Space-O, we have expertise in AI and machine learning solution development. In fact, our developers have already started using machine learning algorithms to develop intelligent and machine learning-based mobile applications. With core ML features, we will integrate the machine learning algorithm and help you turn your mobile app idea into reality.

Get Meaningful Information From Raw Data

What Else You Can Do With Machine Learning

The developments in Machine Learning (a branch of Artificial Intelligence) as a service has made it easier for computers to understand images, text, and real-world data. Machine learning solutions learn by examples, just like us.

We use machine learning to develop advanced solutions to solve a broader range of problems. Our developed machine learning apps and software solutions can help you identify images, understand and convert text or language, separate using data from raw data, and a lot more. This is what you can do with machine learning technology.

  • Helps improve marketing efforts
  • Assists in sales forecasting
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Detects spam and malware
  • Financial analysis
  • Generates customer lifetime value prediction
  • Image recognition
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Improved cyber security
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Recommends the right products
  • Increases efficiency and saves time

What Else You Can

Looking for custom ML algorithms to gain a competitive edge?

Get in touch with our machine learning experts and discuss your requirements.

We Build Machine Learning Solutions For

Machine learning helps extract meaningful information from raw data and sort it in an easy-to-understand manner. The good thing is that it can be applied in any industry and many companies have been making use of the technology for growing their business. Here are some of the industries that have been making use of machine learning in mobile apps and web applications.

  • Finance and Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • eCommerce
  • Travel And Tourism
  • Government Agencies
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

Machine Learning App Development Process We Follow At Space-O

Project Discussion & Analysis

Project Discussion & Analysis

First, we discuss your requirements and understand your work processes. This helps us understand the problems you are hoping to solve with our machine learning services. We do this to understand where ML can help you improve business, deciding how and what kind of model and algorithm should be created for the same.

Data Collection & Exploration

Data Collection & Exploration

Be it labeled or unlabeled, the one thing that machine learning solutions definitely need is data. If you have the data that we need to train the model, then, we will collect it from you. We will explore the data to understand it and check patterns and correlations. If you don’t have the data then we will guide you to collect it.

Designing Machine Learning

Designing Machine Learning

Once we collect the data, our experienced UI/UX designer team will create wireframes and design a user interface using graphics, color schemes, and iconography by keeping in mind the latest trends and business expectations. So that your business can use them to analyze the data with a smooth experience.

Developing Machine Learning

Developing Machine Learning

By using machine learning algorithms, our machine learning analysts transform the data to ensure that only genuine & relevant data is used. Our developers then build machine learning models and train them with the data. We run training algorithms across different datasets, including structured & unstructured data.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Finally, it is time to test the machine learning model that we have created. Our data analyst experts will make the test mode by feeding it data that hasn’t been used previously. Our machine learning experts will evaluate the results generated by the model. And will fine-tune the product until we get accurate results.

Product Deployment

Product Deployment

Our machine learning programmers will finally wrap up the whole project. We will show you the data, data preparation as well as the machine learning models we’ve created for your organization. Then, we will take your approval for the project and prepare the software for deployment to your preferred and suitable server.

Why You Should Choose Space-O For Machine Learning Development?

Free consultation

Free consultation Free consultation with our machine learning specialist for 30 minutes to consider the needs and to verify the project’s viability.

Hiring models

Flexible Hiring Models To help you select your machine learning developers according to your needs, scalable recruiting models are available.

Proper documentation

Proper documentation Our sales representative staff prepares detailed, systematic, transparent, and scannable documents of your business.


Transparency From consultant to machine learning deployment, we give full transparency and will keep you updated about each step.

Success Rate

Success Rate We have a success record of about 98 percent of our consumers worldwide. With the same passion, we deliver every product.

Technical Support

Technical Support 3-month post-deployment support in which we will help you if you encounter any issues and technological problems in the program.

Frequently asked questions

You can talk to our machine learning consultant and tell us about the problem you are facing in your business and think machine learning is the solution to it. Just share your problems with us and we will explain the solution that we think would work for you.

Yes, we use Basecamp for project management and you can contact us via Skype, email or call when the project is ongoing.

After discussing the project with you in detail, our sales representatives and machine learning consultant will create a project timeline. This timeline will state the number of hours, stages of development and other factors. Using this, we will calculate the development cost, depending on the type of hiring model you have chosen. The cost that we quote here would be close to the amount we will charge you for. We assure you there will be no hidden charges and we will maintain total transparency with you.

Don’t worry about that happening, because we will be signing a non-disclosure document with you. This will ensure that your idea remains safe with us.

Being one of the leading machine learning companies, we offer several types of hiring models. We will suggest a model that is best suited to your hiring needs

  • Dedicated Team Model: In this model, we provide an entire team of machine learning developers, UX/UI designers, and QA. The team will work dedicatedly on your project. The team will be managed by a project manager having experience in machine learning projects.
  • Fixed Price Model: We will give you a quotation for a fixed price after discussing the project requirements. You just need to pay that fixed amount and we will take care of the rest.
  • Hourly Price Model: In this hiring model, we provide you with the flexibility for hiring a developer of your choice based on project requirements. You will be paying us for the hours the developer will work on your project. You can communicate with the developer himself.
  • On-site Team Model: If you need, we will help set up a team that will work on your premises. This will make it easier for you to interact with them as and when you want.

Yes, the project manager will keep in touch with you throughout and will keep sending you updates about the project. In case of any issues or queries, you can feel free to contact him for assistance.


A Few Words From Our Clients About Our Customer Service

Ashish Fernandez
Ashish Fernandez Canada

Space-O understood our expectations and were receptive to feedback. The team always resolved problems within 12 hours. The app earned positive feedback and a 400% increase in the number of user. Effective QA and QC made development seamless and efficient. The team was communicative and available on available to work on weekends as needed. Bug fixes were always completed within 12-hour time-frame.

Harry Martin
Harry Martin USA

Space-O team consists of skilled Android and iOS developers as well as a backend developer. They test their work and communicate with the internal staff regularly to drive progress. The project manager is very responsive to our company and prompt to go over all queries and concerns with the development team. We are continuously impressed by the level of communication and prompt diligence on getting the tasks at hand worked on and completed.