How to Make a Home Cleaning App for Your Cleaning Service Agency in Canada?
October 13, 2017

How to Make a Home Cleaning App for Your Cleaning Service Agency in Canada?

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It is not feasible to remember how we managed to get through our work and different tasks before applications come into existence.

Today, with just a few clicks, the growing number of on-demand services can easily turn your day around without you to leave the comfort of your home. They bring the expert services to your front door without any efforts.

You can find different on-demand service applications like taxi booking app, food ordering, on-demand babysitting app, on-demand home/office service app, etc.

When it comes to talking about the on-demand home cleaning schedule app, it is must for home cleaning service providers to develop their own application, whether Android or iOS development, to directly connect with their customers and help them in their daily chores.

By making a home services app for your customers, you can allow them to get rid of old-fashioned written chore list that doesn’t really do the trick anymore. You can make it easy for them to book home cleaner directly from the app, schedule an appointment with the home cleaner, choose different home services, rate and review services, check rates of the services, etc.

If you are running a home cleaning services agency or delivering home services, having an on-demand home cleaning app (iOS and Android) in today’s time is crucial. You can make your own exclusive application including the following features.

Top Features to Include in Your Home Cleaning App:

Book Home Cleaners & Cleaning Professionals


One of the most important features that you can include in your home cleaning application is booking home cleaning professionals, allowing your customers to book home cleaners for different home services.

With this feature, your customers can directly book home cleaning services from the application and make sure that they just need to add the service address, date, and time and the best professional cleaner is assigned to their job.

Let’s take an example of SharpKlean that delivers home cleaning service in Vancouver, Canada. Using this app, Canada residents can easily book cleaning services for their home and get instant services.

A Complete List of Home Cleaning Services

No matter how many types of home cleaning services you are offering to your customers, you need to mention a list of those services in the application. You can include a complete list of home cleaning services with detail information.

Ensure that you include a list of services like regular home cleaning, regular apartment cleaning, move-in/move-out, deep home cleaning, vacation home cleaning, etc. You can make it easy for customers to access your services and book any service directly from the application with the exact date and time.

Rates of the Services

You can also include rates of the services feature in the app. You can allow your customers to check rates of different services that they are looking for so that they don’t have to call you for the rates. They can check directly from the application and decide that what service they should book and on which date and time.

They can check directly from the application and decide what service they should book and on which date and time.

In-app Messages

In-app messages feature also plays an important role, allowing you to communicate with your customers and clear their doubts about the services. You can provide detailed information about services, rates, schedule of booking, etc.

In addition to this, you can also enable your customers to order cleaning extras, window cleaning, interior oven, and refrigerator cleaning can also be added to the schedule. Let’s take an example of Handy, a home cleaning app based Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., allows its professional home cleaners to communicate with customers regarding services.


Notifications about their bookings with exact date and time can remind them about their home cleaning service booking. You can also notify them about different services that are obtainable on discounts on festive seasons.

You can send notifications to them about festive offers and discount deals that are obtainable for particular time period. Apart from this, you can also inform them about your payment received through notifications.

Review & Ratings

You can also include a “review & rating” feature in your application, allowing your customers to give ratings to your services. They can also share their reviews about the services so that other customers can get trust easily. Moreover, you can also know that on which area, you need to focus more and where you should work.

So, these are the different features that you can include in your home cleaning application and make it easy for customers to hire a home cleaner as per their requirements.

What’s Next Possible?

Once you decide to develop home cleaning app that best matches your firm needs, you can discuss your requirements with a trusted mobile app development company that has experience of developing top applications for its worldwide clients.

You can make your own list of features that you wanted to include in your home cleaning services app. You can make features’ list after researching on your customers’ needs and what they are expecting from you. After figuring out everything, you can make your own app and expand your business across Canada.

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