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Custom Software Solution for Meat Processing Industry

A Comprehensive Meat Processing & Packaging Solution

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Meat Processing and Packaging Solution


Space-O Technologies has designed and developed a comprehensive meat processing and packaging suite, including Admin Portal, Customer Portal, Kill Room Portal, and Shopfloor Portal. This complete suite is specially developed for North America-based meat processing company to manage and streamline the whole process of meat production and processing, packaging, and preservation.
Using this comprehensive suite, the company automates the entire process of meat production and packaging from carve cuts to packaged and delivered to customers. In fact, the admin of the business tracks all the orders along with their status at one single platform. Moreover, the customer portal allows customers to place a new order, check the status of the current order, and check other details as well.
Before we talk more about this complete suite and its solutions, let’s give a quick look at the meat processing industry of Canada and what is the current process that meat processing companies follow.

  • Client From North America
  • Solution We Developed Meat Processing and Packaging Suite to Automate the Whole Process
  • Year 2017 – 2018

Meat Processing Industry of Canada

  • In Canada, the third largest manufacturing industry is food processing, and when measured by shipments and value added, the largest food processing sector is meat processing.
  • Being a leading part of the food industry in exports of Canada, meat processing accounted for 1/3 of the total food exports. Moreover, it is the largest food and beverage subsector in terms of employment.
  • Comprised of production and processing, packaging, and preserving, the meat industry is known for importing all types of meat, including beef and veal, lamb and mutton, pork, chicken, goat, rabbit, horse, and wild game like venison and bison.
  • Looking at the annual revenue generated from the meat manufacturing industry, it generated over 28 billion Canadian dollars whereas the average household expenditure on meat was recorded to be a little over a thousand Canadian dollars.
  • The Canadian meat processing industry was valued at around 6.52 billion Canadian dollars with luncheon meat recording a sales volume of approximately 240 million units, according to statista.com.
  • With a $100 million increase in exports, Canada’s meat processing industry results in an almost equivalent increase in GDP of $97 million.
Meat Processing Industry
Meat Processing and Packaging Solution Development

Moving ahead, let’s talk about our client’s meat processing and packing company was handling the entire process from meat production & processing, packaging to preserving:

Across Canada, there are thousands of meat processing companies and startups that are managing meat manufacturing, processing, and packing operation manually. Whether it is about warehouse and freezer management, multiple units of measure, or traceability, the companies are manually following the entire process.
When it comes to record customers’ data and requirements, our client’s meat processing company used to maintain paper-based forms and manually enter the data in the excel sheet. In the excel sheet, the company created different sections, including animal processing data, customers’ data, packing data and shipments and prefer to update this sheet on regular basis.

Different problems meat processing companies are facing

  • The employees of the company, including inspectors to trained butchers, meat cutters, and packers were manually filling information about the orders in the excel sheet.
  • Admins used to maintain paper-based forms for customer’s data, orders, and specific requirements like custom or fabrication, bag & box label, logotype and additional description.
  • Once employees were generating paper-based reports and forms of customer’s requirements, then they were manually filling this data and information in the excel sheet that takes huge time of employees.
  • Many a time, excel sheet created confusion among employees and the team spent maximum time and effort in maintaining these sheets.
  • In short, this entire process that meat processing company was following was not reliable, and there was no strong evidence like customers’ requirements that they describe while placing an order.
  • In fact, the company doesn’t have any system or solution to track all the orders, labelling and their status at one single platform. It manually tracks all the orders and their status to update the admin.
  • Even, there was a lot of communication gap among different departments of the company like animal production & processing department, packaging department, and preservation department.
Meat Processing Industry Problems

Are you facing problem in managing the team of meat inspectors, pile of papers about orders, packaging and labelling, delivering and its status? Talk to our technical expert now and let him comprehend your meat processing company and daily operations to automate it with technologically advanced solution

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How Our Solution Solved These Problems & Help Meat Processing Company to Streamline the Process

Meat Processing Industry Solutions

Designed and developed by our experts’ team, this solution helped meat processing company to manage customers, end receivers, build orders, run production and generate shipping reports.
This complete solution, including Kill Room Portal, Shop Floor Portal, Customer Portal and Admin Portal, handles everything from providing reports on what’s produced and shipped to customers. In fact, the solution provides traceability for all the parts back to the source animals and to label the product as per the customer’s instructions.

Let’s take a quick look at each portal of this solution and know the main functionalities of these portals:

Talking about Kill room portal, it is developed to manage to process in a slaughter facility. The portal has an authorization based on IP addresses and it is used in a touch tablet with 1920×1080 resolution.

Usually, the companies follow this process – receive loads of animals that are live, kill them, cut them up, package them, and ship them to customers. After that, killed animals are turned into carcasses, which need to be hung in a cooler for a particular time and then further broken down into smaller pieces.

Using our Kill Room portal, company can easily take care of carcasses, cutting them up for packaging and shipping. The admin easily manages address, and tracks carcasses, carcasses cutting, and shipping to the customer as per his instructions.

The portal has three sections, including:

Shop Floor Portal is designed and developed for distribution, packaging and accounting of finished products. This web-based solution, shop floor, mainly used to create product labels, add products to label and receive product into BPI.
Shop Floor Portal

This web-based solution is mainly designed and developed for customers of meat processing company, allowing them to track their orders. Using this portal, customers can place their new orders, check their current order and its status.

Moreover, it allows customers to check the status of the order in detail like whether it is in the kill room or packaging department, customers can track every detail.

Here’re some of the main functionalities of this portal:

The admin panel of this suite is mainly designed for the admin of the meat processing company, allowing him/her to manage the entire business at one single platform. Through this web-based solution, the admin can manage all the customers, end users, orders of customers, run production, and check shipment reports.

They can have a track of the entire meat production, processing, packaging and preservation process with just a few simple taps. Apart from this, there are many other functionalities available in this panel.

Let’s check out the main functionalities:

Are you thinking to automate your meat processing company and its day-to-day operation like receiving multiple orders, track orders, customers and shipments at one single platform? Connect with our technical expert now and let him guide further.

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A Quick Walk Through of a Current Process of Meat Processing & How Our Solution Change It

Sr.No.Current Process of Meat Processing CompaniesProcess Through Our Complete Suite
1The current process is too slower and more tailored to the situation at hand.Our solution allows companies to instantly execute processes and track orders, customers and shipments at one platform.
2The companies make reports on orders, shipments and customers manually in papers that take a lot of time and effort.Our solution generates reports on products, orders, customers, shipments, etc. with just one tap and get it printed.
3With manual process, the chances of errors, mistakes and blunders are high.With our web-based solution, there are no chances of errors and mistakes in reports and tracking.
4Currently, the meat processing companies are maintaining excel sheets of customers and orders data and maintain paper-based reports on shipments, etc.The solution has eliminated the process of maintaining excel sheet and paper-based reports. At one single platform, admin can track orders, customers and products and add/edit anytime.
5The current process causes companies to give more time and resources on low value work like make entry of customer, add new order, products and shipment data in excel sheet.Our meat processing and packaging suite helps companies to focus resources on high value activity like quality and on-time delivery, etc.



Meat Processing and Packaging Solution Results
Automated the Whole Process

Automated the Whole ProcessOur software solution helped company to automate and streamline the entire process from receiving & tracking orders, customers and shipments at one platform.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity by 60%The company has increased the overall productivity by 60% using our software solution that has made it easier for employees to track all the tasks and perform them faster.

Time on Generating Reports

70% of Time on Generating Reports With our custom software solution, the company is saving time on generating reports. Now, the team is generating weekly, monthly and yearly reports with just a few clicks.

Management of Multiple Departments Simplified

Management of Multiple Departments SimplifiedThe meat processing and packaging company of our client can manage multiple departments like Kill Room, Shop floor, Packaging and Inventory at one single platform. The management of all the departments has been simplified.

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