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Brakes Off: MRO Software Solution for Aviation Companies

A Cloud-based Inspection Software for MRO Service Providers

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Inspection Software for MRO Service Providers


Brakes Off is a cloud-based inspection software solution for MRO service providers, replacing the traditional paper-based methods of generating reports with advanced and digital solution. The MRO software helps performing inspection faster and reliably, which ensures aircraft safety and airworthiness.

  • Client From USA
  • Solution We Developed Brakes Off: Mobile-based MRO Software Solution
  • Year 2017 – 2018

About the Client

Based in Arizona, USA, our client leads one of the top aviation management companies that delivers a comprehensive range of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) services to the private jet owners. The MRO services like:

  • Airframe Maintenance
  • Avionics Installation
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Interior Refurbishment
  • Aircraft Components like Electronics and Mechanical Actuators
  • Line Maintenance
  • Repair & Modification
  • Paint Touch-up
  • Providing AOG Services


Our client along with his team were facing many challenges when it comes to generating and maintaining a report of aircraft maintenance and repair because they were totally dependent on the paper-based system.

Here are the challenges they were facing throughout their inspection process:


Paper-based System for Generating Inspection Report

Paper-based System for Generating Inspection Report

Earlier, our client and his team were using a paper-based MRO inspection form to generate an inspection report of an aircraft. One of the operators take a walk-around inspection of approximately 15-minutes and note down the problems and issues of the aircraft like interior damage, problem in aircraft engines, airframe maintenance, scratches on glasses and other repair and overhaul issues.

Here is the traditional paper-based MRO inspection form that our client and his team were using to generate inspection report:

Maintaining this manual paper-based report was quite daunting and troublesome task because they were writing each issue manually in this paper-based form. However, writing every single issue that they found while inspecting was extremely time-consuming process. Moreover, it had high chances of errors as it was not easily possible that, penmanship of one operator can be easily be understood by the other operators, and it can create a problem. Like not conveying the exact problem.


Lack of Visual Data like Photographs

Lack of Visual Data like Photographs

Another biggest challenge was lack of visual data and information like photographs of an aircraft’s defects and faults that need to be repaired and maintained by an MRO operator.

Earlier, they were taking pictures of aircraft’s defects and fault separately in the device without any detail information or note about it.

Here is the image of the form, where there was only one section  of “Photos Taken”, where operator can’t describe each defect or issue in detail if he has taken multiple images of an aircraft’s defects.

For instance, when any private jet/aircraft comes for the maintenance service, it can have multiple defects like dents, scratches on glasses, problem in engines, interior defects or any other issues.

So, operator used to take pictures of these defects in his device, but he was not able to describe each defect in the form along with the pictures. Therefore, maintaining both pictures and description at different places was not easy to access for the entire team.


Communication Problem Between MRO Operators

Communication Problem Between MRO Operators

Previously, there was a communication problem between MRO operators as they were explaining the defects and faults of any aircraft verbally to each other when the shift changes. Understanding through paper-based form and verbally from the operator could increase the chances of errors.

Therefore, our client was looking for a digital solution that can be used for pre-arranged inspection, quoted installation or drop-in maintenance. He wanted one such solution that eliminates the writing errors and which collects visual data like photographs of an aircraft’s defects with detailed notes.

These above-mentioned are the major challenges that our client and his team of MRO operators were facing while generating an inspection report through traditional process. So, he wanted a high-end inspection system that gives solution to the above mentioned challenges and change the entire process of creating MRO inspection report.

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Brakes Off App: A Smart, Cloud-based MRO Inspection Solution

When our client described his problem and challenges to us, our team personally met him and his entire team of MRO operators to understood and analyzed the whole process of aircraft inspection. One of his operators explained the complete inspection process with the exact time it took.

After comprehending and researching about his problem and challenges, we crafted a proposal for him and suggested him Brakes Off app, a mobile-based aircraft inspection solution or we can say aviation maintenance software solution. This mobile inspection app solution turns any smartphone or tablet into a cloud-based inspection system for MRO services.

Let’s Have a Look at the Application and Its Core Features:

Generate a Complete Aircraft Maintenance & Inspection Report

As we said that an MRO operator spent approximately 15-minutes on one aircraft’s inspection to identify the defects and faults. While inspecting the aircraft, he also needs to note down the aircraft’s defects and faults in the form. Like problem in engines, interior defects, airframe dents, scratches on glasses and other major defects.

Understanding the hassle of generating paper-based inspection report in 15-minutes, we integrated this form in this Aviation MRO software solution (Brakes Off ) that digitalizes the entire process of creating reports.

The app allows MRO operator to generate on arrival and departure inspection report. With this digital form, they can save a lot of time, creating detail aircraft maintenance and inspection report because now they do not have to write notes or description manually.

Here is the screen-1 of creating report, where you can see how this digital in-built MRO form has made it easy for operators to create an aircraft inspection report.


As you can see that the operator just need to select an aircraft, enter order number, and the order date. After selecting this, they can mention about the hours of any particular defect that it will take to repair. They can fill the form in detail like:

  • Number of hours it will take to repair the defect
  • Number of cycles for Airframe and APU
  • Number of hours that are allowed from the owner/pilot
  • Delivery Date of an aircraft

Moreover, this digital inspection form that you can see in the below give images, allows operator to create a detailed inspection report, explaining each defect like glass scratched, log books and aircraft damaged along with their multiple photographs and detailed note or description. Even operator can record the smallest aircraft maintenance details while its arrival and departure.


Capturing On Arrival and Departure Photographs of an Aircraft’s Condition

Previously, it was not possible for MRO operator to note-down multiple aircraft defects and faults in the paper-based form, explaining photographs of aircraft defects. As we said that they were clicking pictures separately and describing it in the paper-based form, so it was not feasible to explain all the defects according to photographs of aircraft defects.

But, with the all new Brakes Off application, an MRO operator can capture the pictures of different defects of an aircraft that they found while inspecting it. The application will save all the pictures in the report that can be easily accessed anytime and from anywhere in the world. Now, they can add multiple pictures of aircraft’s defects along with their detailed note.

In the below given screenshots, you can see the app gives an option to “Add Photos”, allowing an operator to add pictures of aircraft defects that need to be maintained and repaired. They can add as many pictures as they want and write a detailed description along with picture, explaining the defect.



Digital Signature as an Acknowledgment

In the traditional paper-based form, the MRO operator was creating a paper-based inspection report and taking a sign from the owners/pilots. But our client wanted to integrate it in the app.

The all-new cloud-based aircraft maintenance software system has a digital signature feature. Once an MRO operator completes the inspection of an aircraft and note down all the defects in detail in the form, he will get the digital signature from pilot/owner as an acknowledgement.

In the given screenshot, you can see the digital signature of the pilot/owner as acknowledging the authorization of the work listed in the form and agreement to the terms.


Siri That Made It Easy to Take Long Notes

Previously, MRO operators were noting down every single aircraft defect and problem on the paper-based inspection form. And, writing every single defect manually in detail was time consuming process, and it was important to write understandable note so that other operator also comprehends it while repairing it.

Considering this issue, we integrated Siri’s third-party API in the mobile-based Brakes Off aviation software solution that makes it a lot easier for operator to note down all the defects in detail along with detailed description.

With this app, the operator only needs to click the picture of the defect, click the Siri button, describe the entire problem, and the Siri will automatically converts it into the text format. Simple, isn’t it? No longer need to write down long, time-consuming notes.

Checkout following screenshot, where you can see a Siri icon that operator has to click and describe the defect in his words.


An Advanced Solution That Works on Offline Mode

There is the possibility that MRO operators do not have access to the Internet for 24*7. Considering this possibility in mind, we developed Brakes Off application that works on offline mode too.

Operators can take their device (installed with MRO app) to the remote site and make use of it to track arrival and departure Aircraft MRO conditions. Just fill-out the form, click the pictures of aircraft, get a digital signature from the pilot as acknowledgement and save it in the draft in this aviation repair station software.


Then, whenever their device gets an Internet connection, it will automatically synchronize all its data with cloud-based system. Now, no need to bother when there is no Internet connection as it will also work offline.

Moreover, operator can generate the PDF version of the report as well that they can share through SMS or email.


GPS-based Solution to Generate Inspection Report

Previously, the paper-based inspection report was not providing the authenticity of the location, and it can create a big problem for any MRO service provider in case if the owner/pilot of the aircraft claims that the paper-based inspection report is not legit.

With the lack of authenticity, any MRO service company can face a serious problem, resulting in a loss. To solve this serious issue, we have integrated a GPS feature in the Brakes Off application, so the MRO operators can generate an aircraft inspection report and saves it. Then the app will automatically get the real location of the operator.

Through this feature, it will be easy to verify the exact location of an operator, where he takes images and generate the report. While using the app, it will ask for the permission to access the location of an operator. By allowing to access the location, the operator can see the location-based information in their report.


Ease of Maintaining All The Previous Records of Aircraft Inspection

As we said that MRO service providers have to fill-up the inspection form while inspecting an aircraft/private jet. For every single aircraft inspection, MRO operator was filling the paper-based form, and maintaining all those paper-based forms as records was not as easy as it sounds.

With the enormous data and paper-based forms, it became difficult for an operator to search the previous data of any aircraft maintenance.

In any situation or case, if they wanted to know the maintenance report of any particular aircraft or they wanted to present it against any unethical insurance claims, it was consuming a lot of time of the operator to go through all the forms and find one that they were looking for.

But, with the Brakes Off application, finding any specific report is as easy as 1-2-3. Even, they can email it directly from the app to anyone and make a PDF version of the report to get a print out of it.

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Result after FBO App Development
Traditional Process

Automated 80% of Traditional Process Our developed aviation inspection app has revolutionized the whole process of generating and maintaining the MRO inspection report into digital form, allowing operators to create inspection report, including detailed information and photographs of the defects.

Cloud-based Solution

Cloud-based SolutionIt is a cloud-based solution, so there is no need hardware to maintain. Operators can easily access the generated report anytime and anywhere, where they have access to the Internet.

Eliminate Duplication

Eliminated Duplication by 90% It also eliminates the duplication of work and errors that were occurring while making paper-based report.

Offline Support

Offline Support The app also works on offline mode, so there is no need for an MRO operator to always have access to the Internet.

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