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PHP web development
PHP development

Building Remarkable Websites and Apps with PHP Development

Do you want to build a remarkable website or web application? With PHP, you will get dynamic websites that are easier to update or make changes in. This will prevent you from having to roll-out updates of your mobile app or re-do the entire page of your website for minor changes.

With the experience of developing over 400 websites, web apps, and mobile apps for varied industries, our PHP developers have required skills and expertise in PHP development to make your project successful. When you hire PHP developers from our company, you can get a website or app that is custom made for your requirements and fits like a glove. We’ll employ our expertise in PHP web development with our advanced skills in designing and coding.

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Services We Provide in PHP Development

Our PHP developers have developed and delivered over 300 projects to clients from all over the world. We’ve worked on everything from single page website to custom cloud based solutions and web portals. Here are our offerings for PHP web development.

Custom PHP Web Development

Custom PHP
Web Development

Want a PHP website that is developed from scratch? Our knowledge in custom web development and PHP frameworks allow us to develop remarkable PHP websites from scratch. With expert PHP developers at Space-O, you can get custom web development for eCommerce solutions, CRM development and others.

CMS development

Open Source CMS Development

Open source CMS like Drupal and Joomla offer a range of features for custom open source CMS development. We create organization-specific content management systems using which, your business will become scalable quickly and effortlessly. With an open source CMS, your organization can run more efficiently and serve better.

PHP applications development

Custom PHP Applications Development

Do you want to develop a PHP web app? We have expertise in developing custom PHP web applications. Being easy to manage and full of features and capabilities, with PHP, you can get customized solutions that aid us in delivering exactly what you need from the project.

eCommerce PHP solutions

eCommerce PHP Solutions

If you are looking to sell your products online, eCommerce solutions with PHP is a good option. With eCommerce PHP solutions, our PHP developers are able to build dynamic‌ ‌and‌ ‌completely‌ ‌responsive‌ ‌eCommerce solutions functions you want using PHP web development.

PHP cloud solutions

PHP Cloud Solutions

Are you looking for PHP cloud solutions and services? Our PHP developers are proficient in backend solutions based on PHP web development like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. These services and solutions enable flexibility and give more power to you.

PHP web portals

Custom PHP Web Portals

Looking to develop community web portals like Indeed job portals or news portals like Canoe? We have the team to implement it. You can choose the type of PHP web portal you want to get developed and our experienced and efficient team can work with various technologies to help you achieve your goal.

PHP social networking sites

Custom PHP Social Networking Sites

Do you want to own a new social media platform? We are a team of social networking platform PHP developers and can build powerful PHP scripts for it. We can integrate features like live chat, pages, image uploading, album creation, a remarkable Admin panel and much more for your needs.

Integrate payment gateway

Integrate Payment Gateway in PHP

If you sell some kind of products or services and want to build a PHP eCommerce platform for it, then it would be incomplete without integrating a payment gateway. We offer payment gateway integration in PHP which can help you improve your revenue by selling directly to your customers online.

API Integration

API Integration

We offer API integration services for various functionalities such as email API, SMS API, travel portal API, Bitcoin API and others. Our API integration services in PHP can help you improve communication, add a variety of functionalities to your website or app, and improve your business revenue.

Dynamic PHP website and portal development

Dynamic PHP Website and Portal Development

If you want a scalable and flexible web portal or website with PHP? PHP web portals are important when one wants to load dynamic websites quickly. It helps in making a system compatible with various platforms as well as database servers.

Do you want a PHP web app, but need guidance for the next step? Talk to our PHP expert and let him guide you further.

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Our PHP Developers Have Expertise in These Technologies

Our PHP developers follow standard coding combined with best-in-class technologies and tools for high-quality outputs and advanced PHP development.

  • CakePHP


  • Zend


  • CodeIgniter


  • Laravel


  • Yii


  • Symfony


  • WordPress


  • Joomla


  • Drupal


  • Typo 3

    TYPO 3

  • MySQL


  • Oracle


  • Redis


  • MongoDB


  • PostGreSQL




  • Magento


  • ZenCart


  • WooCommerce


  • OpenCart


  • PrestaShop


  • VirtueMart


Industries We Serve With Our PHP Development

Here are some of the industries in which we have worked and developed websites using PHP.


Health and fitness


Real Estate

Food and Drinks



Travel and Tourism

On-Demand Solutions

Our PHP Development Portfolio

My Love Pics


MyLovePics is a single page PHP website for a mobile application of the same name. The app is a photo editor for new parents, that new parents can use to track their pregnancy and edit images of their babies for creating a beautiful digital scrapbook. The website gives information about the mobile app and also provides links to download the app.

There are also some super cute baby images on the website which were edited from the app itself. Some reviews of the app users show how glad they are by using the app and gives some contact information. This website serves the purpose of branding, marketing and generating users for the app at the same time for our client.

My Safety Buddy

My Safety Buddy is a website for a SaaS-based app developed using PHP in the back-end. The app is useful to keep track of the user’s friends, family, coworkers and others. This helps people keep each other updated about the safety and health of each other at all times, whether they’re in the same city or not.

The website has several main pages such as Home, Features, Pricing & Support, Contact, Login, and others. It has options to purchase the app and to log in to your web portal as well. Companies often purchase this SaaS app to ensure the safety of their employees working from remote locations or to send out messages in bulk about holidays, delays or anything else.

My safty buddy

Do you have a unique idea for mobile app or website? Do you need our PHP consultant’s help to validate it and create an app strategy?

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Our PHP Development Process

Features in the PHP development can do wonders for your web app or website. To ensure that everything functions smoothly and ceaselessly, we have a development process that PHP developers follow at all costs. Here is the process explained in brief:

Consultation and Discussion


Discussion for Requirements

We can’t really start working on your PHP web app or website without discussing your requirements and expectations first. In this stage of the PHP web development process, we will offer you a free 30 minute consultation. During the consultation, you can tell us the basic details from your end. What type of web app or website do you want? When you provide us more details, you will get the exact assistance that you need for the project.



Business Insight and Estimation

After the consultation, we will have a kick-off meeting to decide which team members will work on your PHP web development. It starts with an early QA involvement to understand your requirements better. QA starts the test cases creation with an aim to cover maximum positive and negative test scenarios. This allows us proper cost estimation for your app and provides a feasible concept of real mobile app or website.

Non Disclosure Agreement


Signing Non Disclosure Agreement

In this step, we make it official by signing the NDA. We ensure that your intellectual property is safe with us. Next, we sign a project development agreement which contains – Project deliverables, Milestones, Legal clauses, and Reference/Annexures. Our real-work starts only after signing the agreement because this will protect both our companies from injustice due to any reason in the duration of the contract or in the future.




The wireframe is like a pillar for your application/website. It helps you understand the flow of the system and gives a rough idea of how the system will function. The wireframe helps in the precise estimation of the development timeline and aids designers in creating flawless and accurate designs. Our Business Analyst team analyzes your idea to make a wireframe of required features using Balsamiq and AdobeXD tools.




Before starting to prepare initial app designs, we send you a questionnaire which helps us in knowing your preferences for colors, fonts and themes. According to your preference, we make sample screens using tools like Adobe XD, Sketch and Adobe Photoshop. After the final approval on design, we prepare an up-front design of your complete app without writing a single line of code, using Flinto or Invision.

Designing Development



After coming together with app designs, the PHP developers get down to bring everything into action. Project manager defines tasks to the developers and a systematic development plan is made to achieve the set milestones. We value your time and money, thus, we’ll discuss every thought, suggestions or decisions with you. The PHP developers make use of the best technologies and neat code for the PHP web development.



Quality Assurance

Testing helps in keeping the cost low and ensure quality. The application is tested to check its usability, compatibility, interface checks, and performance. For keeping track of your PHP app or website testing phase, QA sends a release note with every build release. We develop and test simultaneously to find bugs as early as possible. Parallel testing is done as soon as a module is developed or milestone is completed.




Don’t worry, we will take care of the launch as well. First, any bugs or issues found in the Testing stage are set right again by the developers. We also take into account any changes that you request when we send it to you for testing. If you suggest any changes, then we implement those. If no changes are requested by you then the PHP web app or website goes for the final deployment and is made accessible to your users.

Customer Service


Post-production Support

We, at Space-O Technologies, provide you with an “after launch service program” which is 3-month support. During this period, if we face any technical issues, we will instantly fix it. Once the duration of free support is finished, if a customer would like to extend the support period then, we prefer to sign an annual maintenance contract which can protect to the app owner so that any new issue/bug can be immediately fixed.

Why PHP For Your Website or Web App?

We understand that you want the best website or web app for your business, which is why we suggest PHP development for an optimized and stable software. To offer you PHP development services, we have a team of skilled and dynamic PHP developers for hire at Space-O. Here’s what our developers have to say about using PHP for your project:


Rapid Development

PHP web development is easy and also allows for changes in old or irrelevant codes and captures bugs easily, making it easier to quickly update the website or app.



With an added layer of security to protect against viruses and threats of all kinds, PHP is probably one of the most secure platforms for developing websites and apps.



The PHP language was first released almost 25 years ago and it is still going stronger than many computing languages. It is a very stable language to develop your web app or website.


Database flexibility

With PHP, we can deliver exceptionally fast turnaround times since it has a large family of frameworks. They can help with optimized performance and speedy design.


Faster load time

We ensure that we use a caching plugin on your website and combine some of the files when possible. We also try to reduce the number of elements as much as possible.

Why Space-O Is The Perfect Choice For PHP Web Development?

With the experience of building over 400 PHP apps and websites, our PHP developers are experts in using the best practices and technology to deliver an excellent and scalable website for your business. We have worked on a popular healthcare staffing website for our client in New Zealand and even developed a popular payment gateway for our client in Zimbabwe. Choose Space-O to leverage all the benefits of PHP development and ensure that you get an advanced web app or website, for better and smoother functioning. Here are the benefits of working with us for your PHP development:


I want to ensure that my idea and other data remains confidential. Do you have any process for the same?

Yes. we sign a nondisclosure agreement with all our clients to ensure protection and privacy of sensitive data and we will do the same with you to protect your idea.

Will you be able to develop my website as per my industry and target users?

We have designed and developed websites using PHP for 400 clients across industries so we’re that we will be able to develop PHP website or web app as per your industry and your target users.

Can I hire dedicated PHP developers?

We offer various flexible hiring models for all our clients. You can hire a dedicated PHP developer for your project or you can opt for hourly, monthly and yearly models too. We’ll suggest you a suitable hiring model once we know the scope of your project.

Do you follow coding standards? Which framework do you use?

Yes, our team of expert PHP programmers follow standard coding rules and ensure that they are always up-to-date with all the latest technologies and trends in the PHP community. As a leading PHP website development company, we utilize various PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Zend, and CodeIgniter.

What sort of involvement will you need from me?

We will need you to extensively explain to us in detail what you want from your PHP website or web app at the beginning of the project. We will also be contacting you during the various stages of the PHP web development process to get your feedback and/or approval for the project. We will need you to give back quick updates and feedback so that we can understand what you want and what you dislike. This will help maintain clarity and to establish your needs in a better way. And the quicker you respond, the faster our PHP developers will be able to complete and deliver your project.

Can I contact you in my time zone?

Yes, of course. You will be given the contact details of a point-of-contact person for your project and you can schedule calls or meetings with them as per your comfortability.

Where will the website be hosted?

We’ll be working on the website by hosting it on our servers till the time the development is ongoing. Once we are done and you give us the approval, we will launch it to your servers for hosting.

Will I have full access to the C panel? Who will own the copyrights?

Yes, you will be given the full access to the C panel. The copyrights for the code and the website will also be owned by you.

Who will be launching the website?

Deploying the website to your servers and launching it is a part of our PHP web development process and we ensure you that it will be a smooth transition.

Will I get any support post-launch?

Yes, we provide all our clients with 3-month free technical support prior to the launch of your PHP website or web app.

Client’s Testimonials

I was mostly happy with the high level of experience and professionalism of the various teams that worked on my project. Not only they clearly understood my exact technical requirements but even suggested better ways in doing them. The Communication tools that were used were excellent and easy. And finally and most importantly, the interaction, follow up and support from the top management was great. Space-O not delivered a high quality product but exceeded my expectations! I would definitely hire them again for future jobs!

Bashar Anabtawi
Bashar Anabtawi

I am really pleased with the prompt responses I got from Space-O. Inquiries were answered within a very short time and issues were fixed within 12 hours. The Space-O team kept open communication at every stage of the process. Working with them felt like a collaboration resulting in the creation of a platform we are more stan satisfied with. The team took our concept and successfully create the platform we have today. Rakesh and his team really have the clients vision as a priority.

Gideon Banahene
Gideon Banahene
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