The Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Outsourcing Software Development

Key Takeaway:

  • The average cost to outsource software development ranges from $30,000 to $5,00,000+. The price varies as per the size of the project.
  • Understand that website development costs can vary based on factors such as platform, functionalities, features, and hourly rate of developers.
  • Focus on developing an eCommerce website that is easy to use, with straightforward navigation and a user-friendly layout.

Do you want to outsource software development for your business but do not have a clear idea of how much it will cost?

Let us help you to get the outsourcing costs.

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Since we have worked with 100+ clients globally, offering the best software development outsourcing services, we understand the factors that impact the cost of outsourcing software development. So, we have written the guide to provide you with a complete understanding of the cost associated with outsourcing software development services.

Before exploring the detailed breakdown of the cost, let’s first explore the types of outsourcing software development.

3 Types of Outsourcing Software Development

Here are the three types of outsourcing.

  • Onshore outsourcing refers to project outsourcing to an external service provider located in the same country or in a location having a similar time zone.
  • Nearshore outsourcing refers to project outsourcing to an external service provider based in a surrounding or nearby country.
  • Offshore outsourcing refers to project outsourcing to an external service provider in a distant location, usually on a different continent.

After knowing the types of outsourcing, let’s provide you with the quick cost of outsourcing software development.

Quick Cost for Outsourcing Software Development

The quick cost to outsource software development ranges from $30,000 to $5,00,000+.

Providing the exact cost to outsource software development is difficult, this depends on various factors, but to give you an idea of the software development rates, here is the table that provides an approximate cost range.

Project SizeApproximate Cost Range
Small-scale software$30,000 – $50,000
Medium-scale software$50,000 – $100,000
Large-scale software$100,000 and beyond

This may have given you an overview, but if you want to know the software development hourly rates in various regions, below is a table with software development hourly rates for different regions.

Outsourcing RegionAverage Hourly Rate
North America$80 – $150
East Asia$25 – $50
South Asia$20 – $40
Western Europe$60 – $130
Eastern Europe$30 – $50
Central Asia$35 – $60

Note – The above-listed rates are approximate. These hourly rates vary based on several factors that include the complexity of the project, expertise, technology stack, and team size. The rates are provided by analyzing various reliable sources and websites like Clutch.

Now that you have an overview of the software outsourcing rates in different regions, let’s discuss the factors that can influence software outsourcing costs.

4 Factors That Impact the Software Outsourcing Cost

You might think that getting an average hourly rate for outsourcing software development projects is enough, but no, various factors influence your software outsourcing cost. Here are the factors.

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  1. Outsourcing Price by Location

    Whether you outsource from a small software development partner or a large software development agency, the software development pricing depends on the location. Here is the table to give you a complete understanding of the software development hourly rates in different locations. The information provided in the table is listed after analyzing various websites like Clutch and Goodfirms to help you provide accurate pricing.

    CountryHourly RateFactors Affecting Cost
    United States$80 – $150
    • Locations like Silicon Valley firms cost more due to high living costs and tech competition.
    • High level of expertise and innovation in places like Silicon Valley, which can also drive up costs.
    Japan$25 – $70
    • More skilled developers or specialized languages can increase costs.
    • Certain technologies require expensive expertise.
    India$20 – $40
    • India offers cost savings due to lower wages.
    • Different cities in India have varying costs, affecting rates.
    Germany$60 – $130
    • High standards lead to more testing, increasing costs.
    • Puts strong emphasis on precision and quality which leads to increased cost.
    Ukraine$30 – $60
    • Ukraine’s time zone overlap with European countries eases real-time communication
    • Developers offer high-quality coding at competitive rates. The combination of quality and affordability has made Ukraine a go-to for many European businesses.
    Russia$35 – $60
    • Cultural alignment impacts collaboration and costs, especially in Western countries.
    • Combination of a strong educational foundation and a drive to stay at the forefront of technology makes Russian developers a valuable asset to any project

    From the above table, you have learned that the cost varies by location and what factors influence these costs, as well as the benefits connected with different regions. Following that, let us look at the next factor that affects software outsourcing costs.

  2. Outsourcing Price by Team Experience

    The team experience of the outsourced team is significant not only in the outcome of your project but also in the costs related to it. Each team member has different experiences and responsibilities that contribute to the project’s overall quality.

    Let us provide you with a table outlining the different roles of an outsourced software team, experience levels and hourly rates. The table includes all the roles except project manager since project managers are not determined by experience. Their hourly charges range between $50 and $120.

    RoleJunior (0-2 years)Mid-level (3-5 years)Senior (6+ years)
    Developers$25 – $45/hr$40 – $80/hr$70 – $100/hr
    UI/UX Designers$15 – $35/hr$20 – $45/hr$30 – $55/hr
    QA Testers$15 – $35/hr$20 – $40/hr$30 – $50/hr
    System Architects$30 – $50/hr$40 – $70/hr$60 – $90/hr
    DevOps Engineers$25 – $45/hr$40 – $70/hr$60 – $100/hr
    Business Analysts$20 – $40/hr$30 – $60/hr$50 – $80/hr

    Note – The data in the table is provided by analyzing multiple websites such as Clutch and These are the approximate rates. The exact cost depends on certain factors such as level of experience and seniority.

    After getting the idea of the team experience the other most important factor to consider that influences software outsourcing cost is the types of hiring models. Let’s discuss it.

  3. Outsourcing Price by Hiring Models

    There are different types of hiring models for outsourcing software development that includes fixed price model, time and material model and dedicated development team. All of these models offer unique advantages and considerations that have a direct impact on the cost of outsourcing. Here are the hiring models explained to you.

    Fixed Price Model:

    This model is like setting a fixed price for your software development project which is calculated based on an estimated number of hours required to complete the software project.

    For example, if the set budget for your software project is $10,000 and the projected number of hours to accomplish the project is 200 hours, the hourly rate for the fixed pricing model would be

    Hourly Rate = Total Fixed Budget / Estimated Hours
    Hourly Rate = $10,000 / 200 hours
    Hourly Rate = $50 per hour

    Dedicated Development Team:

    This model offers a dedicated team of professional software engineers, designers, and specialists who will only work on your software development projects.

    For example, suppose you use this model to outsource a software project and the team consists of two programmers billing $50 per hour each and a designer at $40 per hour. If they labor 600 hours in a month, the total cost is $84,000.

    You must need to consider these outsourcing models when exploring different software development outsourcing companies since this will help you in making informed decisions.

  4. Outsourcing Price by Project Complexity

    If you want to outsource a low-complexity software project for your company, the cost will most likely be lower than if you were to outsource a higher-complexity project. This is due to the fact that software developers require less time to build and develop the functionalities of a low-complexity project.

    To determine the average hourly rate of projects based on their complexity, we have provided you with a table that contains all of these details. As we know that software developers are assigned based on the project’s complexity and level of expertise. So, the hourly costs in the table are presented based on the level of software developers assigned to the project’s complexity.

    ComplexityHourly RateProject ExamplesFeatures
    Low Complexity$50 – $110/hrPersonal Budgeting Software
    • Expense tracking
    • Budget management
    • Financial analysis
    Medium Complexity$110 – $180/hrInventory Management Software
    • Expense tracking
    • Product tracking
    • Order management
    • Stock control
    • User accounts
    High Complexity$180 – $250/hrCustom CRM Software Solution
    • Expense tracking
    • Customer data management
    • Sales tracking
    • Reporting
    • Analytics
    • Integration with third-party systems

    Now that you are aware of the factors that can influence the cost to outsource software development. If you are looking to get information about the cost and benefits of software development outsourcing in different regions, then let’s discuss it.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing in Different Regions

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to outsource software development in different regions.

  1. North America

    North America includes countries such as Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The average hourly rates of software development outsourcing in North America range from $80 – $150.

    Access to a highly skilled and experienced workforce in the software development field.High labor and operational costs lead to higher project expenses.
    Exposure to innovation hubs like Silicon Valley to ensure working on cutting-edge technologies and trends.Navigating local rules and following the law is complex.
    Adhere to high-quality standards and precise code reviews that ensure well-crafted software solutions.Skilled professionals are less likely available due to competition.
    Strong IP protection measures safeguard your proprietary information and innovations.Skilled professionals are less likely available due to competition.
  2. East Asia

    East Asia includes countries such as Japan, China and South Korea. The average hourly rates of software development outsourcing in East Asia range from $25 – $50.

    Countries like India and the Philippines offer competitive labor costs, which enables cost-effective development and operational savings.Language differences in East Asia affect smooth communication.
    Availability of a 24/7 work cycle with various time zones for continuous development.Diverse cultural differences there directly impact the dynamics of teamwork.
    Known for constant technological advancements and innovations.
  3. South Asia

    South Asia includes countries such as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The average hourly rates of software development outsourcing in South Asia range from $20 – $40.

    Lead to significant budget-friendly advantages.Projects there require extra monitoring and supervision to maintain quality standards.
    Cultural diversity contributes to creative and innovative solutions.Complexity in remote team management and coordination.
    Teams in South Asia can provide round-the-clock development cycles and support.
    Quick turnaround is possible for projects due to efficient resource allocation.
  4. Western Europe

    Western Europe includes countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. The average hourly rates of software development outsourcing in Western Europe range from $60 – $130.

    Provide access to up-to-date software tools and technologies.The cost to outsource software in Western Europe tends to be higher due to the region’s higher living standard and overall cost of doing business.
    Familiarity with western business culture ensures smooth communication.Complex legal and regulatory landscapes impact project timelines and processes.
    Teams can support various languages, facilitating effective communication.
  5. Eastern Europe

    Eastern Europe includes countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. The average hourly rates of software development outsourcing in Western Europe range from $30 – $50.

    Provides scalable solutions suitable for projects of varying sizes and complexities.The availability of specialized expertise in certain niche areas is limited.
    Outsourcing developers there emphasize robust and clean code for dependable software solutions.Smaller market size there restricts scalability for large-scale projects.
    Proximity to major markets allows for convenient collaboration and reduced travel costs.
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  7. Central Asia

    Central Asia includes countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The average hourly rates of software development outsourcing in Western Europe range from $35 – $60.

    English language proficiency among IT professionals is increasing there.Infrastructure development is not as advanced as in established outsourcing destinations.
    Offers favorable cost structures for cost-conscious outsourcing.Despite shared norms, adapting to their local work culture requires adjustment.
    Provide creative solutions for unique technical challenges.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the rates and advantages of outsourcing in different regions. If you want to have additional information regarding this then we have provided a few FAQs that might help you.

FAQ About Software Outsourcing Rates

  1. What are the hidden costs of outsourcing software development?

  2. Here are the hidden costs of outsourcing software development.

    • Coordinating activities across time zones may result in longer development timeframes and higher costs.
    • Maintaining consistent project quality will include more monitoring, testing, and revision work, as well as the associated expenses.
    • The requirement for in-person meetings or travel to resolve problems will result in unexpected costs.
    • Project scopes that are unclear can result in unwanted tasks, which will affect your budget and schedule.
    • The transition from internal to outsourced processes incurs expenses for knowledge transfer and setup.
  3. How much does it cost to hire a software developer?

  4. The cost of hiring developers depends on various factors such as the location they work, their experience and expertise, and the technologies they use. But to give you an average hourly rate for hiring a software developer in the USA is $30-$45 for a junior software developer, $45-$70 for a mid level software developer and $70-$120 for a senior software developer.

  5. What are the benefits of software outsourcing?

  6. Here are the benefits of software outsourcing for your business.

    • You will have access to a larger talent pool and specialized skills for your software project.
    • Allows you to scale your resources according to the requirements of your project.
    • You will achieve a shorter time-to-market for your products and services by using the experience of dedicated teams.
    • You will be able to reduce the costs of recruitment and training involved with hiring and retaining in-house professionals.
    • You will acquire exposure to varied industry insights and best practices by collaborating with diverse teams.

Find Out the Cost to Outsource Software Development with Our Support

You are now aware that the cost of outsourcing software development is not fixed and is influenced by various factors. These factors include location, team experience, types of hiring models and the project’s complexity.

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