A Complete Guide to Outsource Web Development

Outsourcing a web development project means hiring a web development agency to develop websites, web applications, B2B or B2C web portals, and web development.

Digital agencies, funded startups, established businesses, or IT consultants from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe, usually outsource web development projects because of these three challenges.

  • Not having enough in-house technical expertise in web development technologies.
  • The cost of hiring and managing an in-house web development team is generally higher than outsourcing a project to a reliable web development agency.
  • Flexibility to scale or reduce the web development team as per project requirements.

Companies must select outsourcing partners based on their track record, expertise, communication skills, and ability to collaborate across distances. The global IT outsourcing market has been experiencing substantial growth.

In fact the reports by Grand View Research show that the global IT services outsourcing market was valued at USD 639.59 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% from 2023 to 2030. This highlights the growing dependence on external agencies for innovative and futuristic web solutions.

Let’s learn when to outsource, understand the process of outsourcing, identify the top companies to outsource, the cost involved, benefits and the challenges of outsourcing.

When to Outsource Web Development Services?

Here are the scenarios where outsourcing web development is beneficial.

  • When you lack the necessary in-house technical expertise or cannot afford to hire a full in-house web development team.
  • When you want to reduce operational costs and minimize overhead expenses while still maintaining high-quality web development standards.
  • When dealing with large-scale projects that require specialized skills beyond in-house capabilities.
  • When you require flexibility to scale web development resources without extra investments.
  • When you decide to enter new markets, that requires web development tailored to local regulations which is achieved by outsourcing.
  • When the previous team failed to deliver the web solution with the desired quality, needed fixes like making websites responsive and improving user experience.

As you have learned about the scenarios where you are required to outsource your web development project. Let’s look at the process involved in outsourcing web development.

How to Outsource Web Development in 5 Steps

Here is the table highlighting the overview of the steps involved in outsourcing web development.

Define the ScopeIdentify project requirements, goals, audience, features, design guidelines, budget, and timeline.
Choose an Outsourcing ModelSelect between full web development outsourcing, dedicated development team, or staff augmentation based on your project’s needs.
Find and Select a PartnerEvaluate potential web development partners based on their portfolio, client feedback, pricing, and compatibility with your project.
Start and Manage the ProjectEstablish clear communication and project management practices, set timelines, and monitor progress.
Post-launch SupportEnsure ongoing support and maintenance for your web solution, including updates and technical monitoring.

Now, let’s check out each one in detail.

  1. Define the Scope of Your Web Development Project

    The initial stage of outsourcing your web development project is to define the project’s requirements, which ensures that the expectations of both parties are clear. Here are some factors you need to be clear about.

    • The goal of your website or web app
    • Audience demographics and needs
    • Required features and functionalities
    • Design and branding guidelines
    • Budget and timeline for the project

    The above points cover the general factors which need to be there in your project plan. If you want to have a detailed project plan, then download this web development project plan template. This will help you to guide the provider and ensure that the end product meets your expectations.

  2. Choose an Appropriate Outsourcing Engagement Model

    There are 3 types of outsourcing engagement models that include full web development outsourcing, dedicated development team, and staff augmentation. Check out the explanation of all the models to help you select the appropriate model for your business.

    Outsourcing ModelsDescriptionSuitable For
    Full Web Development Outsourcing
    • Outsourcing the process of web development to a third-party vendor or service provider.
    • Companies seeking to outsource all aspects of web development.
    • Projects requiring specialized skills or resources.
    Dedicated Development Team
    • Establishing a dedicated team of software developers, designers, testers, and other professionals through an outsourcing provider.
    • Organizations with ongoing development needs.
    • Complex projects requiring continuous support and collaboration.
    Staff Augmentation
    • Outsourcing specific roles or skill sets to augment the client’s existing workforce temporarily.
    • Companies facing skill shortages for specific projects.
    • Projects requiring additional resources for short-term duration.

    The above table helps you make it easier to choose the right outsourcing models for your web development project. After the selection, you work with a dedicated team including various experts. Let’s discuss the next step, which is about finding a reliable partner for your web projects.

  3. Find, Evaluate, and Select a Web Development Partner

    You need to find and study your provider and compare their offerings to find out which one is the best fit for your project. Consider the following factors when selecting a web development company.

    • Ensure that the provider has delivered the project that you are planning to develop.
    • Evaluate the projects to check the level of work and compliance with your requirements.
    • Contact the previous clients of the outsourcing company to get their opinions about the service provider, including their experience with code quality.
    • Check pricing structures and term & conditions contracts to align with your budget and project needs.

    When looking to hire web devs overseas, carefully screen candidates for skills, communication abilities, and commitment to protecting your IP. Considering these factors helps in choosing the right outsourcing company with appropriate experience and dedication to deliver the best results.

    Tip: Request a trial task or a small pilot project to assess the outsourcing partner’s capabilities, work ethic, and compatibility with your team. This hands-on experience can be more telling than reviews and portfolios.
  4. Start and Manage Your Development Project

    Now, you need to establish a clear communication plan outlining regular check-ins, progress updates, and feedback loops. The provider assigns a project manager who becomes the single point of contact. You need to ensure that you:

    • Decide on a communication schedule, preferred platforms (e.g., Basecamp, Gmail, Slack, Trello, Jira), and response time expectations.
    • Choose a project management tool that both you and the outsourcing company access for tracking progress, sharing documents, and managing deadlines.
    • Set realistic timelines and measurable goals, but remain flexible with the changes and challenges throughout the process.

    Throughout the development, the outsourcing provider handles the testing and makes sure everything works just right. The company fixes any problems that come up along the way. When your site or app is ready and checked out, take care of setting it live for a smooth start.

  5. Post-launch Support and Maintenance

    In the last step, you need to ensure that your outsourcing partner provides you with post-launch support and maintenance services to keep your digital presence running smoothly. You need to discuss and agree on a detailed support agreement with your outsourcing partner. This step includes regular monitoring for technical issues, implementing updates, and making necessary changes based on user feedback.

    We have experience in developing secure and scalable websites or web apps with a simplified web development process. From analysis and planning to maintenance and updates, we ensure each phase is carried out with precision and client collaboration. With such a process we have developed several web projects. Below are some of the projects developed by us.

Recent Web Apps Developed by Space-O Technologies

Want to Outsource Your Web Project?

Contact us. We have developed and launched over 300 web applications for several industries such as fitness, manufacturing, and eCommerce.

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Top 5 Web Development Outsourcing Companies

The top 5 companies listed in the table below are selected based on the following two parameters.

  • We analyzed 75+ web development companies on Clutch and sorted out 32 companies based on reviews and ratings, industry expertise, geographical location, client network, and previous projects.
  • We conducted a manual review of each of these 32 companies, considering their portfolios, services provided, location, and years of experience, and selected the top 5 companies.

Now, let’s have a look at each of the top web development outsourcing companies.

Company NameClutch Reviews and RatingServices OfferedHourly RatesLocations
Space-o 4.8
(60 Reviews)
  • Web Development Consulting
  • Website Development
  • Web App Development
  • Web Portal Development
  • Full-stack Development
$25–$49/hrgoogle_map_iconSpace-O Technologies
ScienceSoft 4.8
(37 Reviews)
  • Web Portal Development
  • Website Development
  • Web App Development
  • eCommerce Development
Bairesdev 4.9
(51 Reviews)
  • Web Application Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • Front-End Design & Development
  • Back-End Web Development
netsolutions 4.7
(46 Reviews)
  • Web Development Consulting
  • Web App Development
  • eCommerce Platform Development
$25-$49/hrgoogle_map_iconnet solutions
Digis 4.8
(65 Reviews)
  • MVP Development
  • Web Application Development
  • eCommerce Platform Development

This is just an overview of the top 5 outsourcing companies. To get detailed information about the best outsourcing firms, you can check out this blog about top web development companies. This helps you find a reliable partner to outsource your web project.

Let’s check out the cost associated with the outsourcing.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Web Development?

The average cost of web development outsourcing ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 and more, depending on the type of web project, location, expertise of the development team, and the complexity of the website features.

Here is the table containing the cost breakdown by the type of web project.

Type of Web ProjectWhat Does It IncludeCost Range
Simple Informational Website
  • A few pages with basic information
  • Responsive design
  • Basic contact form
$20,000 – $30,000
Custom Website with Advanced Features
  • Custom design and layout
  • Interactive elements and animations
  • Advanced functionality (e.g., search, filters, etc.)
  • Content Management System (CMS) integration
$30,000 – $50,000
Custom Web Application
  • Custom development
  • Integration with third-party APIs
  • Advanced functionality (e.g., user accounts, data management, etc.)
  • Real-time data processing
  • Scalability and performance optimization
$30,000 – $100,000+
eCommerce Website
  • Product catalogs
  • Shopping cart and checkout
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Inventory management system
  • Order tracking and management
  • Customer reviews and ratings
$15,000 – $50,000+

You are now aware of the costs associated with the different types of web projects. To help you understand it better and provide more clarity, you need to consider the location factor as well. The cost varies depending on the country you choose to outsource in.

Check out the below table that contains cost breakdowns by country. This data is compiled from the Clutch platform, following an analysis of the cost ranges associated with companies within each specific country.

Here is the table containing the cost breakdown by country.

CountryAverage Cost Range
USA$50 – $250 per hour
Eastern Europe (e.g., Ukraine, Poland)$25 – $100 per hour
India$10 – $75 per hour
Australia$50 – $150 per hour
United Kingdom$40 – $180 per hour
Canada$40 – $170 per hour

The costs mentioned in both tables are not precise as the exact cost to outsource websites or web apps depends on multiple factors as shown below.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Choice of technology stack and platforms
  • Outsourcing locations and labor costs
  • Level of customization and web design requirements
  • Integration with third-party tools and services
  • Scalability and performance requirements

Now that you know the cost depending on the type of website and country to outsource. If you want to know the exact cost, then you can either check out this blog on the cost of web application development or use this cost calculator for a tailored cost analysis based on your unique requirements. This helps you understand the cost breakdown and make decisions based on it.

Types of Web Development Services to Outsource

Here are the types of web development outsourcing services.

  1. Website Development Services

    Choosing website development services means investing in your online presence. This approach helps you in developing a visually stunning and responsive website that is optimized for performance and user experience.

  2. Web Application Development Services

    Using web app development services allows you to design personalized, interactive apps that are suited to your company’s specific requirements. This transforms client engagement and simplifies operations while providing unique functionality.

  3. eCommerce Development Services

    Investing in eCommerce development services is essential for entering the online shopping industry. Partnering with Space-O Technologies ensures you create a safe, user-friendly online store that makes the purchasing experience satisfying for your consumers.

  4. UI/UX Design Services

    Investing in UI/UX design services ensures that your website or application not only looks visually appealing but also provides an intuitive and seamless user experience, driving higher user satisfaction and retention.

  5. API Development and Integration Services

    API development and integration services enable you to connect different software systems, applications, and databases, allowing seamless data exchange and functionality across platforms.

  6. Frontend and Backend Development Services

    Outsourcing frontend and backend development services helps you build the client-side and server-side components of your web applications, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability.

  7. Full-stack Development Services

    Full-stack development services include both frontend and backend development expertise which offers an approach to building web solutions. This approach ensures that each aspect of the web project is optimized for performance from UI design to server-side functionality.

Outsourcing web development services helps you create various types of websites like eCommerce, educational, and healthcare websites. For example, if you want to build a healthcare website or web app, here is our guide on healthcare web development. This guide covers the process, cost, timeline, and challenges involved in outsourcing healthcare web development projects. Now, let’s have a look at the team structure involved.

Outsourced Web Development Team Structure

Here is a table containing the team structure involved with outsourcing web development.

RoleResponsibilitiesTechnologies & Tools Used
Project Manager
  • Oversees project progress
  • Serves as the main point of contact
  • Ensures deadlines are met
Jira, Trello, Asana, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Harvest, Toggl, Smartsheet, Microsoft Project
Front-end Developer
  • Implements interactive elements
  • Ensures user experience and interface design fidelity
  • Optimizes application for maximum speed and scalability
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Git, Webpack, Gulp, Jest, Mocha
Back-end Developer
  • Develop server-side logic
  • Maintains the database
  • Integrates front-end elements with server-side logic
Python, Java, Node.js, Django, Spring, Express, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Postman, Swagger, Docker, Kubernetes
UI/UX Designer
  • Designs layout and navigational structure
  • Creates wireframes and prototypes
  • Conducts user research and tests usability
Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Axure, UsabilityHub, Lookback.io, Google Analytics, Hotjar
Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist
  • Tests the website/application for bugs
  • Ensures the product meets quality standards
  • Documents testing phases and defects
Selenium, Cypress, Jira, Bugzilla, LoadRunner, JMeter, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs

After having an overview of the team structure. Now, let’s learn about the benefits of outsourcing.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development Services

Here are the major benefits of outsourcing web development services for your web project.

  1. Maximizes Cost Savings with Outsourcing

    If you are a startup or an enterprise and want to outsource a web development company, you have a wide talent pool with cheaper labor costs than in your own country. This cost-benefit helps you stretch your budget while still receiving superior expertise.

    Outsourcing also helps to reduce the expenditures on infrastructure, software licenses, and employee benefits. This is a benefit in terms of cutting overhead costs.

  2. Provides Access to Top Experts for Your Project

    Outsourcing provides you with a pool of highly qualified professionals with technical expertise, strong communication, problem-solving abilities and project management skills. These experts are proficient at dealing with design, coding, testing, and deploying. Outsourcing firm helps you avoid hiring and training new staff members while still providing extensive experience.

  3. Accelerate Time-to-Market with Swift Development Cycles

    By outsourcing web development, you expedite the timely delivery of projects and bring your web application into the market earlier. Agile or DevOps development methodologies are used by externalized companies for iterative development and rapid prototyping.

    Also, providers have departments dedicated to individual customers, speeding up the response time.

  4. Enhance Scalability and Flexibility for Dynamic Growth

    Outsourcing firms easily adjust resources based on web project requirements. This scalability reduces the need to recruit and train more employees or invest in infrastructure during peak periods. Outsourcing is scalable on-demand development, allowing you to rapidly scale or reduce resources as requirements change.

    Also, you get access to various engagement models like hourly rates or fixed-price contracts, which allow you to match expenses with project milestones and budget limits. This flexibility allows you to adjust fast to market opportunities and challenges, contributing to dynamic growth.

  5. Prioritize Core Competencies by Outsourcing Tasks

    Outsourcing non-essential tasks such as web development enables you to concentrate on your primary capabilities and strategic goals. Delegating technical tasks to external specialists allows you to redirect internal resources to more valuable activities.

    Not only this, but outsourcing website development frees up management time and that allows you to focus on strategic decisions and innovation and drive competitive advantage.

Looking to Develop a Scalable Web Solution?

Our team of 50+ experienced web developers are experts at developing secure and scalable websites.

Web Development Outsourcing Challenges and Its Solutions

Here are the major challenges when it comes to outsourcing web development.

  1. Lacks Effective Communication

    Since outsourcing requires getting work done with diverse locations, maintaining effective communication becomes challenging. Language and cultural barriers further complicate this issue. And, this poor communication causes misunderstandings, delays, and sometimes unsatisfactory results. When working with distant teams from different time zones and backgrounds, the difficulty becomes much more evident.


      You need to use clear communication channels, frequent updates, and project management tools like Jira and Trello. Also, address language and cultural barriers by providing language training and encouraging teams to learn about each other’s work styles. This approach helps streamline communication and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the project.

  2. Not Able to Ensure Quality Work

    Another issue faced during outsourcing is ensuring quality work from contracted web app development agencies. Without direct supervision, you may struggle to maintain the appropriate level of quality throughout the development process. This issue becomes more severe if the provider lacks the knowledge of your industry or specific requirements.


      You need to set up quality standards, conduct processes like screening developers before hiring, and implement frequent feedback sessions. All of these contribute to maintaining and ensuring the quality of work.

  3. Dependent on Third-party Providers

    One of the major issues with outsourcing is you need to rely on third-party providers. You may face concerns about the dependability, availability and performance of these partners. This becomes more difficult when critical project components are outsourced or a single partner is highly relied on.


      You need to diversify the outsourcing partners, develop backup strategies, and maintain open communication channels to mitigate this risk and ensure continuity in project execution.

Now you know everything about the web development outsourcing. If you still have any doubt then check out the FAQ section.

FAQs About Web Development Outsourcing

  1. What are the key factors to consider when outsourcing web development?

    Here are the factors you must consider when outsourcing web development.

    • Ensure the web development company has a strong track record and relevant expertise.
    • Assess if their technology aligns with your project requirements for seamless integration.
    • Establish clear communication protocols to prevent misunderstandings and delays.
    • Consider project costs within your budget while accounting for complexity and additional services.
    • Discuss timelines and milestones to align with your project deadlines.
    • Address data protection measures to safeguard sensitive information.
  2. Where to find the best outsourcing web development companies?

    Here are the best sources to outsource your web development project, each listed based on extensive user reviews and the ability to connect businesses with reliable web development partners.

    • Clutch: A leading B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps you find top web development companies like Space-O Technologies, ScienceSoft and BariesDev.
    • LinkedIn: A professional networking platform where you can search for and connect with web development companies.
    • Google Search: Use specific keywords related to web development outsourcing to find companies.
    • Freelancer, Toptal, Upwork or Fiverr: Freelance platforms where you can find skilled web developers and teams for your project.
    • Referrals: Recommendations from colleagues or industry contacts with successful outsourcing experiences.
    • Industry Events: Attend conferences, meetups, and workshops to network with professionals and discover outsourcing partners.

Why Choose Space-O Technologies for Web Development Outsourcing

Space-O Technologies has developed 300 web applications with a team of skilled developers who are experts at building secure and scalable web solutions. Our outsourcing team not only excels at developing web solutions from scratch but also specializes in revamping and optimizing existing web solutions.

Space-O offers engagement models that include a dedicated development team for personalized attention and full web development outsourcing for end-to-end project management. Whether you need a team to integrate with your existing operations or prefer to outsource your development process.

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