Easy Site Audit App
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Snag: Easy Site Audit App

A Complete Site Auditing Solution

Easy Site Audit App is an auditing app developed by our iOS developers that provides a paperless auditing tool for all site inspection activities. Using this customizable app, users can easily create projects and report issues for any industry. Users may generate and share customized reports in a totally paperless manner.

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Easy Site Audit App

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We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.


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Easy Site Audit Solution

About Easy Site Audit App

Easy Site Audit App is basically a site inspection app. It is the best punch list app for construction sites but is customizable for any industry that needs it. It is an iOS app and is available on the Apple App Store.

This snagging app provides a complete auditing solution to inspect and audit sites. It is loaded with features to create projects, report issues or snags, edit reports, include images of issues and edit signatures. The unique feature of this site report app is that paperless reports can be shared via email. Manage multiple projects, reports and issues without having to visit the site again and again.

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  • Provided Services UX / UI Design, App Development, QA
  • Platforms iOS and Web
  • Year 2016 – 2017

Key Features Present of Easy Site Audit App

Create and edit projects

Users can create multiple projects for different sites using this site manager app. Each project is created with a unique title, reference and date. Users can also save client and company details to organize the projects without confusion.



Create and edit reports

Considered to be one of the best snagging apps, creating reports has never been easier. Users can report single or multiple issues along with photos. These can be taken from the phone gallery or clicked by the camera. Comment on the issues and assign them to respective action takers.

Edit images

The app is loaded with advanced drawing tools like pencil, line, rectangle, circle, arrow, numbers, text and many more. These can be used to add annotations and highlight areas that need attention. Users can even add notes to explain any issue.



Generate and share reports

Users can generate customized paperless reports that they can share by sending them via email. Tracking the progress becomes easier this way. There is also an option to reduce photo quality if the report size is too big to send via email.


The app can be customized to any industry. Users can customize the issue label to snag, defect, observation or anything. Users can also put a custom logo for their company, auditor name and signature, and even footer on the report.




All the data of this mobile audit app can be backed up to iCloud. Users can also decide the interval at which this backup process should occur. They can export and import this data as well. This way, they can have a record of all projects in one place.

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