10 Benefits of Roofing Software for Roofing Contractors

If you are a roofing contractor, and your day-to-day tasks include:

  • Building and repairing roofs
  • Manually assigning jobs to the teams
  • Choosing tiles, wood shingles, and other necessary roofing materials
  • Ensuring roofing projects are delivered on time

Do you want to ensure that your roofing projects are managed properly, and you get the best out of your roofing project?

If yes, this blog is for you.

If you are managing the roofing projects manually, you may have to go through a lot of paperwork, phone calls, or excel sheets to know the whereabouts of a single project.

What if you are managing multiple projects?
How time-consuming and stressful can it be?

According to the data from IBISWorld, the below image shows the revenue of roofing contractors in the US market size is $51.9 billion and is expected to increase 3.8% in 2021.

ibisworld Statistics

Image Source: IBISWorld

To be competitive in the roofing industry, you need to use custom online roofing solutions software to streamline your roofing process and manage everyday responsibilities.

Why invest in custom roofing software?

What are the benefits of roofing software?

What is Roofing Software Solution?

Roofing software is generally referred to as cloud-based software that helps roofing businesses manage customer data, day-to-day schedules, invoices, roofing jobs and ultimately streamlines the life-cycle of the roofing process.

Roofing software helps to stay organized & save time and can be considered a project management tool for roofing companies, project managers, and employees. Stack, Contractor Foreman, Projul, Knowify are some of the popular roofing software in Canada.

Before understanding the benefits, know the challenges faced in the roofing industry to get an idea for using roofing software.

What are the Key Challenges in the Roofing Industry?

  1. Roofing companies involve several employees, including roofing workers, plumbers, masons, architects, managers, and more. Each employee has a list of tasks to work on. If roofers carry out a manual task list using an excel sheet or paper-pen, it is difficult to get a bird’s eye view of the roofing projects.
  2. You need a sales professional to ensure that accounts payable and receivable are in sync and no error occurs during the entire billing process.
  3. If your roofing worker is on-site, it is difficult to communicate with the team if they face any challenges. Apart from calling and describing, there is no real-time solution.
  4. How to allocate the job if you do not have a full view of available resources? Calling each roofer and assigning the task can be time-consuming.
  5. Most often, roofing companies end up with errors in data logs with the manual process. This results in a mismatch between the system and reality.

Recently, we have developed a web-based roofing software solution that helps our clients to resolve all these challenges. This helped our client to go completely paperless and manage customers using a mobile device, schedule the tasks, and helped to set up customized alerts.

Want to Create a Custom Roofing Solution?

We have developed a roofing solution that helps our client to streamline the tasks, manage time schedule, and enables to visualize the project planning.

Now, you might have got a general idea of why it is necessary to use roofing software for your roofing business. Let’s understand in-depth about its benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of Roofing Software

  1. Provides the Complete View of Entire Project

  2. Undoubtedly planning, budgeting, time, and cost are some of the essential things that lead to the success of your roofing business.

    • How do you plan the entire project?
    • How do you assign tasks to each member?
    • How do you communicate with the team?
    • If you assign the jobs manually, then how would you keep track?
    • How would you ensure that the payment is processed to the proper authority?

    The solution here is to use roofing software.

    If you use roofing software, everyone in your team gets

    • Clear status of who is dependent on whom and why it is important to complete the task on time.
    • A real-time view of the deadlines to manage their tasks.
    • A chance to be on the same page by discussing the challenges or issues with everyone in the team.
  3. Optimizes the Overall Lead Management Process

  4. What do you usually do when you get a lead? You write it down somewhere or make an Excel sheet. Then probably you may forget to keep track of some of the important business tasks.

    If you use a roofing solution or contractor project management tools, you can record all information you require at your fingertips. From salespeople to contractors to marketers, everyone can have access to the lead information.

    Roofing CRM system gives you tools to capture leads and guide your lead through the conversion funnel. It helps you close more leads by keeping track of the customers throughout the sales process and enabling you to focus on important business tasks.

  5. Streamlines Bid Management Task

  6. For roofing mechanics, any successful roofing project begins by bidding, especially when managing and qualifying subcontractors. From open bidding to negotiating contracts to submitting proposals, the roofing contractor needs to spend hours selecting the right sub-contractors.

    Moreover, manually creating invitations to bid and providing each invited bidder with information, plan, and specification is a time-consuming and monotonous process. Apart from this, follow-up emails, agendas, calls, search folders, and files for qualifying documents and comparing bids is just another inconvenience.

    Roofers can simplify their pre-roofing process with a cloud-based solution to collaborate with each bidder from a single platform. You can quickly identify who you want to invite to bid, share estimation, specifications, and agenda with the bidders.

    With the pre-defined templates, you can share it across with anyone, which saves you from time-consuming tasks. This ensures a better understanding of the project and helps to clarify the expectations from each subcontractor.

  7. Automates Invoicing Process

  8. As a roofing contractor, you have to manage invoices and pay back the bills promptly. While this process may seem easy, it can be burdensome once the business starts scaling. Moreover, writing down invoices for every job assigned to the team members or customers in a spreadsheet can be tedious and time-consuming.

    Roofing software enables you to automate most of the invoice management process, whether it is a quoted value, time and materials, or job costs. As soon as the work is complete, you can raise an invoice for the roofing job in seconds to the customers. In addition, both accounts payable and receivable can be entirely automated, eliminating the chances of duplicate payments, misplacement, or wrong data entries.

    If you plan to use roofing software, you can even develop customized roofing software as per your business requirements. Off-the-shelf roofing solutions may not have the functionality you require for your roofing project.

    You can even hire web developers from the top web development company like Space-O who have experience in developing solutions for various industry verticals. Apart from developing solutions, we help to streamline the overall web development process; keeping you in the loop for all the whereabouts regarding your project. Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients named Frank Boyce based in the USA who was amazed at our web development process.

    Frank Boyce

  9. Provides Accurate Aerial Measurements

  10. Traditionally the team of roofing contractors has to check the site before getting a roofing estimate physically. But how dangerous can it be; climbing up the ladders to measure the roof for shingles manually and putting measurements into an estimate.

    As per the data of Wikipedia, in the United States, the death rate in 2018 was 51.5/100,000 for roofers. Isn’t it unsafe to take aerial measurements manually? So how about managing the entire process digitally, saving you time and hundreds of lives, and also reducing roof measurement errors?

    With the roofing software mobile app, you can quickly and accurately gather the measurements and assess the current roof condition. And when you have accurate numbers from the beginning, you can reduce material wastage and avoid miscalculations. Apart from money saving, this solution is much faster and safer than on-site.

  11. Enables to Capture and Upload Job Photos

  12. It is always recommended to take photos of the job site to:

    • Know how everything looks before any crews have even set foot on a job site. This makes it easier to deal with customer disputes.
    • Build accurate estimates and schedules. Then, when your salesperson takes the right photos, everyone can get a crystal idea of what the job entails.
    • Monitor the job progress from beginning to end.

    If you use a roofing solution, you can make the photo documentation of your customer. Many roofing software companies even provide the ability to share it with customers, subcontractors, and insurance providers. Having handy photo documentation helps to speed up the decision-making process and can save you significant time.

  13. Improves Communication and Collaboration

  14. A miscommunication between teams can affect a company’s decision. What if someone in the team forgot to inform them about the lead status? What if there is a communication gap among team members?

    Software for roofers can be considered a centralized place for all the action and the task within your company. Therefore, whenever you or your crew wants something important about a particular project or task assigned, you can easily log in and find the real-time update.

    By login into roofing software, one can quickly know:

    • Current status of the project
    • The job assigned to the team member
    • Which team is working on which project
    • Photos of job progress

    By implementing roofing CRM, you and your team members can have streamlined communication with each other.

  15. Offers Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

  16. As a roofer, you always wish to provide top-quality customer service, but what if the project is delayed due to incorrect information or inaccurate estimates are delivered? This may result in dissatisfied customers.

    If you use roofing software, your customers are always aware of whereabouts regarding the project. In addition, most roofing software offers community logs where the team can directly connect with the customers regarding the updates or modifications they need. If you provide the roofing service as per the customer requirements or keep your customers in the loop, it means fewer customers will get dissatisfied.

  17. Helps to Achieve More in Less Time

  18. What if your sales team spends hours creating estimates and contracts? And what if there occurs a human error in making an estimate? How would you help your team to focus on actual tasks? Isn’t it challenging to keep your roofing teams engaged and productive?

    To avoid such scenarios, many roofing businesses are using roofing software that helps to calculate estimates automatically. It enables uploading the contractor’s data easily to a specific location and reduces the amount of time spent on not-so-important tasks, and helps the team to work on new projects.

    Do You Have a Roofing Solution Idea but Don’t Know What to Do Next?

    Consult with our developers who are experienced in the web development industry with the construction domain.

  19. Organizes Administrative Tasks and Secures Information

  20. What if you do not get essential data at first glance just because it is not organized? You may end up wasting time looking here and there, searching for essential data. If job files, calendars, or billing statements are not organized, it leads to problems in your business.

    But if you use a roofing solution, you can organize your data and streamline the roofing process.

    Let’s check.

    You can track close-ratio, lead source reports, and other key performance indicators that are crucial for your businesses from a single source. This reduces the number of admin resources and keeps your customer happy. Moreover, with the roofing solution, you and your team can easily handle multiple roofing jobs while enhancing the company’s reputation.

Still, have doubts about a roofing solution? Have a look at the FAQ section.

FAQ About Roofing Software

  1. How much time does it take to install the software?

  2. Most of the roofing software is based on the cloud and doesn’t require installation. You just have to sign in to the software and get going.

  3. Why choose custom roofing software?

  4. Here are the reasons to use custom roofing software for your business if you want to:

    • Add customized features like calling team members, aerial measurements, notifications, photo capturing
    • Create reports i.e, comprehensive by using technologies like data analytics
    • Update and modify the software in a long run
    • Scale your roofing software as and when your business grows
    • Develop roofing software’s mobile app with high-end features that track job costs, job status, tasks managing appointments, create time log reports, and streamlines project management
  5. How much time does it take to develop customized roofing software?

  6. Developing roofing-specific CRM technology takes around 2.5 months. However, it even depends on the features you want to add, project needs, and business goals.

Want to Develop a Customized Roofing Solution?

In this blog, we have discussed the in-depth benefits of roofing solutions so that you can streamline your roof management process. However, it is up to you whether to select ready-made roofing software or a customized one. If you want a personalized roofing solution as per your roofing business requirements, fill out the contact us form to discuss your project and get a free quote.

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