5 Best Web Development Project Ideas in 2024

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for the best web development project ideas? Are you looking for web based project ideas that help you make real money? If yes, you have landed at the right blog.

Being a leading web development company in Canada, we often get multiple queries from our clients about what can be the best idea to develop a project, to resolve the actual problems.

We know that the software industry in Canada is thriving. According to the Business Development of Canada, 40% of Canadian companies plan to invest in technology solutions in 2023. But what can be the best technology solution to invest in?

So, here we have represented the five advanced web project ideas that you can look forward to in 2024.

After reading this blog, you will have five different project ideas for web application development and the reason for investing in these web development platforms.

5 Advanced Web Development Projects Ideas for 2024

Here is the list of the top 5 web application development ideas for 2024.

  1. Electronic Healthcare Solution With Security Tools and Firewall
  2. Online Trading Platform with High Processing Speed
  3. Online Travel Platform with Easy-to-manage Inquiries
  4. Event Management Platform
  5. Fleet Management Platform with Real-time Dashboard
  1. Electronic Healthcare Solution With Security Tools and Firewall

  2. Electronic Health Record

    During COVID-19, manually using paper-pen or excel sheets to keep tabs on how each patient is doing, documenting new symptoms, prescribing the medicine for each new sign was quite a tiresome process. In such a scenario, if EHR is used, it can track the treatment progress for patients across multiple departments of a hospital.

    However, developing an electronic healthcare solution can be considered as one of the best web development project ideas in 2024 as its market size is expected to reach USD 42.47 by 2028 as per Research and Markets. Most of the EHR software contains medical history, medications, laboratory results of patients, which acts as a tool for the care providers to make decisions about the patients.

    But in such software, there is always a potential threat of security and firewalls. How about customized EHR solutions? A solution that safeguards patients’ details against potential threats and data loads with automatic backups, data encryption, and secure messaging systems.

    One of The Best EHR Solutions in The Market


    point click care

    Image Source: PointClickCare

    Canada-based PointClickCare (Unicorn in startups) is an electronic healthcare software that provides immediate, point-of-care access to deep, real-time insights at any stage of a patient’s journey.

    More than 26000 skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and home health agencies rely on this software for the expected outcome.

    Started InFounderTotal FundingFunding RoundsPrimary Investors
    1995Dave Wessinger, Mike Wessinger$230M4Hellman & Friedman and Dragoneer Investment Group

    Advanced EHR Solution Ideas

    • You can integrate feature-rich dashboard functionalities that provide you with real-time reports.
    • Use business intelligence to get the accurate data analytics of patients and healthcare providers.

    Want to Create a Custom EHR Solution?

    Let’s talk. We have experience in developing custom EHR solutions.

    Cta Image
  3. Online Trading Platform with High Processing Speed

  4. online trading platform

    If you are looking for a web app or development project, consider developing an online trading platform. Trading online is one of the best solutions to buy and sell financial products like shares, currencies, bonds, and stocks through the E-Trading platform. In addition, an online trading platform refrains users from visiting a brick-and-mortar trading store and organization.

    This platform is for web-based brokers and provides a bundle of features like real-time quotes, charting tools, news feeds. You can even develop a customized platform for specific markets such as stocks, futures markets, and currencies.

    Speed is always a significant concern in this web development project as many users book their shares simultaneously. In such a scenario, you can hire web developers or get guidance from a website development consulting company and develop it using the latest technology stack with high scalability.

    One of The Best Trading Platforms in The Market


    Wealth simple

    Image Source: Wealthsimple

    Based in Toronto, this software is a startup unicorn offering financial tools that help to manage and grow the business. The company even allows the investors to plan the financial milestones and suggest the potential risks associated with the investments.

    Wealthsimple has features like portfolio review service, free tax-loss harvesting, access to financial advisors, transfer fees, and the tools that help you save money. It has received various accolades, including:

    • 3.8K five-star reviews on the Appstore
    • Best financial service website by the Webby Award
    • Most innovative companies in 2019 by The Fast Company
    • Top 25 Canadian Startups by LinkedIn
    Started InFounderTotal FundingFunding RoundsPrimary Investors
    2014Brett Huneycutt, Michael Katchen, Rudy Adler $900.4M9Ryan Reynolds and Meritech Capital Partners

    So, developing innovative trading platforms like Wealthsimple or Interactive Brokers could be considered one of the advanced web development projects. Let’s learn in detail how you can develop such a web application.

    Advanced Trading Solution Ideas

    • Get the mobile and web-based solution developed that provides in-depth investment analytics and educational tools.
    • Connect your data with the charting library to compare the results of competitors.
    • Choose the revenue model in a way to provide free human advising, free consultation from the financial experts.

    Want to Build a Custom Trading Solution?

    Get your free consultation today. We have experience in developing a custom trading solution.

  5. Online Travel Platform with Easy-to-manage Inquiries

  6. online travel platform

    The Covid crisis disrupted travel plans globally. But since Covid is in control across the countries, the travel industry is all set for its comeback.

    According to Mckinsey, a recent survey conducted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of 4700 respondents from 11 countries revealed that 72% would soon meet their friends and family. Thus if you are looking for the best web development project idea, it is the right time to invest in an online travel web development platform.

    With a travel management web development platform, you can automate the booking process, manage the upcoming trips, track and report the previous trips, consolidate travel invoices, and even record the travel expense. In addition, it has functionalities that reduce the administrative burden that arises due to messy paperwork.

    One of The Best Travel Management Solutions in the Market



    Image Source: Hopper

    Hopper is a travel booking app that uses predictive analytics to analyze millions of flights. It predicts future flight and hotel prices and provides recommendations for flight bookings. By using the Hopper, travelers saved 40% of the time during their trip booking.

    Based in Montreal, Canada, and one of the unicorns in the travel industry, Hopper has more than 63M mobile app installs, and the number keeps on rising. It provides refundable ticket plans, and travelers can instantly rebook their flight without any extra costs if the flight is delayed.

    Started InFounderTotal FundingFunding RoundsPrimary Investors
    2007Frederic Lalonde, Joost Ouwerkerk$598.7M10GPI Capital and Capital One

    Advanced Travel Management Solution Ideas

    • Integrate intelligent chatbots with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide quick and personalized customer service.
    • Most tourists look for hotels, cafes, and local attractions nearby once they reach their destination. In such cases, if you develop a bespoke travel app with GPS, tourists can track the location and get quick results.
    • If tourists plan to visit a country with a language difference, communicating can be challenging. Integrating a translator can be a boon for tourists as it scans texts and provides real-time voice data and written texts.
    • Crossing time zones can confuse tourists in tracking the exact changes in clock times. Instead, you can integrate the world time clock in your travel app for different time zones across the globe.

    Want to Create a Travel Management Solution?

    We have experience in developing web and mobile app-based travel management solutions.

  7. Event Management Platform

  8. event management platform

    Successful event planning is not easy; it requires attention to the minute details. Moreover, carrying out a multitude of tasks manually takes a lot of time and money. In such a scenario, an event management platform can be a beneficial solution.

    The event industry faces cut-throat competition. Thus, the event management companies, planners, or startups invest in this full-stack web development project to easily manage multiple events.

    Moreover, it is forecasted by Markets and Market that the size of the event management platform will grow from USD 3.6 billion in 2020 to USD 6.4 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 10%. So, if you are planning to invest in innovative web development projects or app-based projects, event management can be considered one of the best ideas.

    An event management solution is one of the best web app project ideas and provides easy ways to handle the entire event life cycle with ease. Whether it is tracking the registrations, promoting the event, or buying tickets, everything can be handled from one platform.

    One of The Best Event Management Solutions



    Image Source: Hopin

    Hopin is an event management platform that helps create, host, and manage live events for up to 100,000 attendees. Being an all-in-one platform, it enables the administrator to host online webinars, conferences, workshops, and businesses in real-time.

    Started InFounderTotal FundingFunding RoundsPrimary Investors
    2019Johnny Boufarhat$1.0 BillionAltimeter Capital, DFJ Growth, and Institutional venture partners

    Advanced Event Management Solution Ideas

    • Develop a solution that helps users to upload pre-recorded videos.
    • Use the latest technology stack and networking facilities to get the best video feed on YouTube and Instagram.
    • Provide in-depth reporting and real-time syncing of attendees’ data.

    If you plan to develop a custom event web development platform, we at Space-O can help you streamline the event planning and management process. We can help you design and create a platform that enables you to manage multiple events, schedule events, and organize attendees.

    Our web app software developers can help you make the event management process more straightforward and hassle-free. Check out an event management software solution designed and developed by us.

    Want to Create a Custom Event Management Solution?

    Let’s talk. We have experience in developing a custom event management portal.

  9. Fleet Management Platform with Real-time Dashboard

  10. Do you have a field staff and require monitoring day-to-day? If yes, fleet management software can be the next billion-dollar business opportunity. According to Statista, below is the image showing that the global fleet management market is predicted to reach 28.66 billion dollars.

    Fleet Management Platform Statistics

    Image Source: Statista

    Thus, fleet management can be one of the best project ideas for web development. However, fleet management is not easy.

    Because you need fleet management software, fleet management web app, or mobile app to cut operational costs and manage fleet vehicles.
    What are the benefits of a custom fleet management solution?

    A good fleet management system helps you:

    • Monitor the real-time location in the fleet
    • Save fuel cost
    • Eliminate theft and waste
    • Reduce maintenance cost

    One of The Best Fleet Management Solutions in the Market



    Image Source: Samsara

    Based in the USA, Samsara is a cloud-based fleet management solution that helps to automate the manual field process. It uses IoT to bring real-time visibility in field operations. This fleet management software has more than 20000 customers across the globe who are using this web app or software to address safety, track the physical location, and monitor the driver’s behavior.

    Samsara awards include:

    • 2021 Top Startups – LinkedIn
    • 2021 Cloud 100 – Forbes
    • 2021 Top 100 Software Companies – Software Report
    • 2021 Emerging IT Vendors – CRN
    • 2021 AI 50 – Forbes

    Advanced Fleet Management Solution Ideas

    • Integrate business intelligence, artificial intelligence to provide real-time visibility of the fleet.
    • Provide automatic reminders and push notifications just before the job starts.
    • Offer easy-to-use tools so that your fleet has a less learning curve.

Want to Create a Custom Fleet Management Solution?

We have experience in integrating advanced features like real-time tracking, fleet alarms, driving behavior analysis, route planning, and monitoring.

Approximate Cost to Make the Web Development Project

The cost to develop a web app or website development solution depend on your project type, functionalities you want to integrate, and advanced features that you want to build. We have mentioned the approximate cost to develop a small, medium, and complex website.

Here’s a table for the tentative cost.

Type of WebsiteApproximate Cost RangeFeatures
Small Business Website$10,000 to $25,000
  • Basic customization
  • Web design
  • Search and filter functionality
  • CMS integration
Medium Website$30,000 to $40,000
  • CMS (content management system)
  • Design layouts
  • Unique features
  • Analytics integration
  • Search Console integration
Complex WebsiteStarts from $50,000
  • Purchase products
  • Payments
  • CMS blog platforms
  • Multimedia creation
  • Customization
  • Analytics integration
  • Search Console integration

We have experience in developing web apps for various industries. Below are some of the projects developed by us.

Recent Web Apps Developed by Us

Do you have any good ideas for web development projects? Still, have questions about the web development projects ideas? Then, check the frequently asked questions.

FAQ About Web Development Ideas

  1. How to get the funding for the web development projects?

  2. Here are a few options to get the funding for your web development projects

    1. Personal loans
    2. Bank loans
    3. Angel investors
    4. Government programs
    5. Crowdfunding
    6. Bootstrapping
    7. Funding contests
    8. Business partners
  3. How to validate the web development project’s idea?

  4. Although there are multiple ways to validate web development ideas, here is a simple process to validate web development ideas.

    1. Determine if your idea already exists
    2. Use Google Trends to research your idea
    3. Analyze your competitors
    4. Make MVP or POC
    5. Collect feedback
    6. Decide to proceed or pivot

    Want to know more? Here is a complete blog about how to validate the idea.

  5. How do web development projects help to make money?

  6. If you have unique project ideas for web development, you may be wondering how to monetize the projects. Here are a few monetization approaches that you can use in your web development.

    1. Advertisements
    2. Subscriptions
    3. In-app purchases
    4. Transaction fees
    5. Referral marketing
    6. Collecting and selling data
  7. What if the web development project idea already exists?

  8. If your web development project idea already exists, do not drop your plan to make a solution. This actually means you have an existing audience interested in your app idea and are most likely to use your app services. Existing web apps may not have a fair share in the entire potential market. You might have a chance to expand your business or target those customers.

    For instance: Uber and Lyft both have a fair share of target audience and have different USP & business models to target their consumers.

    So, research and come up with unique features that can make your idea unique.

Let’s Start with the Web Development

We have mentioned ideas for some of the best web development projects which can help to earn money. However, if any web development projects appeal to you and you want to develop a customized version of it, get connected with one of the top web designing and development firms like Space-O.

We help you design and develop web app and website development projects according to your requirements and budget. Connect with us by filling up the contact us form to discuss your idea and validate it for free.

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