6 Challenges of Enterprise Application Development

Read this blog, if:

  • You are an entrepreneur and need to implement a centralized software solution.
  • You are a large-scale business and want to streamline your business processes.

You might be familiar with the names of these companies, Airbus, BMW, and Citrix. These companies leverage the benefits of enterprise applications to streamline business processes.

Let’s check out the benefits of using custom enterprise level application:

  • Better coordination across departments
  • Easy management of operations
  • Quick task allocation to members
  • Better utilization of human resources

In fact, you might be surprised to know that the market revenue of enterprise application software is going to reach the size of 334 US billion dollars by 2025. This data shows the importance of enterprise applications and how enterprises are shifting towards mobile apps and web-based enterprise solutions.

But, developing enterprise applications is not that easy.
It requires a lot of understanding and execution in the right direction.
It comes with challenges.

If you are planning to develop an enterprise solution for your business, you might have this question, “what are the challenges before developing an enterprise application?”

In this blog, we have discussed the top six challenges of enterprise application development along with their solutions.

Let’s get started.

Challenges You Might Face While Developing an Enterprise Application Solution

  1. Scalability Issues in Existing Applications

  2. The scalability of the application indicates the application is able to handle more requests of users at a time. And timely software updates with the latest technologies allow avoiding issues of slow responses or server crashes.

    However, it might be difficult to scale your existing application. The problems that arise while scaling the business applications are the integration of new technologies with existing ones and database integration. Because it directly affects the functionalities of the application and interactions between the components.

    Before developing enterprise application software, you need to know certain questions related to your organization, such as:

    • What departments of business do you need to focus on?
    • Which problems need to be resolved using enterprise software?
    • Which departments will use the enterprise app?

    When you outsource your enterprise application solution, you must make sure that your tech team is following these eight points properly. You might need to cross-verify these points.

    Ensure the following points in the software development process:

    • Use of MVC UTF standardized database
    • Code reusability
    • Follow proper architecture
    • Code loosely coupled
    • Use of new and scalable technology
    • Server configuration
    • Database indexing
    • Code optimization
  3. Lack of Centralized Software Solution

  4. Here we will discuss if an organization doesn’t have a centralized system, then what are the challenges they can face. And how implementing centralized systems can be helpful in business.

    At present, business owners face these challenges if they don’t have a centralized software solution:

    • The problem of scattered data and difficulty to manage it
    • Tracking problems in the process of project management
    • Poor quality of data because of duplicate versions of information
    • Difficult to track the work status of each department

    It becomes difficult for a business owner to make strategic decisions and to improve the overall business productivity. So, developing centralized software solutions eliminate the chances of mismanagement by improving productivity, meeting industry regulations, and improving the flow of work structure.

    Being a leading software development company in Canada, we help businesses in making custom applications that help to enhance productivity and improve management.

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    Some of our developed enterprise software are aviation maintenance solution and meat processing software, here are the details of them.

    Custom Meat Processing Software

    Custom Meat Processing Software

    It’s a custom meat processing software that helps the meat processing industry people in Canada to automate the entire process of receiving, managing, and tracking orders via a single platform. With this software, companies can improve productivity by 60% and reduce 70% time in generating reports.

    Aviation Maintenance Software Solution

    Aviation Maintenance Software Solution

    It’s an cloud-based software inspection software for FBO (Fixed-based operations) service providers. This software helps to automate the process of FBO, fuel tracking, and inspections. Thus, there is no manual mismanagement and no chances of human errors.

    Now, let’s see an example of how a centralized solution helps Amazon.

    Example: Amazon uses a centralized ERP software, SAP, as it allows the management of several operations of an organization like finances, logistics process, human resources, and order management and sales.

  5. Managing Variety of Data in Excel Sheets

  6. Using traditional methods include maintaining large excel sheets. This makes the whole business process challenging for business owners. You might need to scan through all the excel sheets in order to find a simple result. However, this is not only time-consuming but also leads to mismanagement.

    In case you still managing large data set in excel sheets, then you might face the below challenges:

    • You don’t have error control
    • Lack data reusability
    • Scalability is difficult
    • Limitation of formulas
    • No automation for data
    • Lack of collaboration tools

    So, it becomes difficult for you to perform the data collection and consumes valuable time in making the strategic decision for business progress. Thus, adopting custom software development can bring fruitful results like collaboration with different tools, proper documentation structure, and better security checks. Want to know more about custom software development? Check our guide on what is custom software development?

    Also, enterprise mobile app development allows you to have full control of your data and eliminates the process of manual management.

  7. Difficulty in Conducting Data Analysis

  8. As the company grows, the data of the company also increases at a rapid pace. The chances are that the amount of data production increases too. When a large amount of data is accumulated, data processing becomes difficult, and a little mistake can lead to errors, resulting in the loss of the company.

    Another aspect of concern is the collection of meaningful data. Analyzing massive data is difficult and employees can get overwhelmed with that and may not be able to fully analyze the data.

    In addition to that, if employees are manually taking insight and performing analysis, then it becomes time-consuming. Also, it results in delays in arranging marketing campaigns. So, what to do in such a case?

    Tip: Making enterprise apps with the concept of a master-slave database. It helps to optimize the performance of the software to work faster.
  9. How to Transfer Business Digitally and How the Processes Will be Managed?

  10. Running an enterprise business is difficult as it includes management of various processes like sales/marketing, quality of product/service delivery, product development, accounting, administration, and resource management.

    When you want to scale your business around the world, it becomes necessary to bring digital transformation into business.

    But, it is not as easy as it seems. Because once your business develops at an international scale, it requires you to manage employees and operations. So, for enterprise software development, it is essential to know how to incorporate the features and functionalities that match business processes.

    So, how to develop a custom enterprise application development?

    For that, you need to answer the following questions before developing an enterprise app for an organization.

    • How the processes of different workers will work co-currently?
    • In different use cases, which process will be set up to provide sensible answers to users?
    • What types of risks are involved in transforming the business into a digital platform?
    • How will the project be managed in the development phase during development?
    • What will be the challenges faced while taking the business to a digital platform?
  11. Migration of Data

  12. When you use ready-made software to manage your data of the application, then you might have faced the challenge of customization. For this, you need to opt for custom software that makes the whole migration process easy and helps to take care of your data into the new software.

    But is it as simple as it sounds?

    No. The migration of data is a critical process and has standards that need to be followed. While data migration, it is required to ensure the following points.

    • Make sure no loss of data
    • Security of your data

    Data plays a crucial role and helps to make strategic decisions for any business.

    According to the Whitepaper published by Moor Insights & Strategies, around 44% of respondents observed a lack of understanding of critical technologies in data migration.

    The challenges that companies face while migrating the data are:

    • What if the data is lost accidentally and unable to retrieve it again?
    • What if the migration process fails in mid?
    • What if there is a knowledge gap in the migration project?
    Tip: Select an experienced software development company that can analyze your data and help you to migrate data with the right strategies. So, you don’t need to suffer from challenges, such as data compatibility, data loss, increase in cost, and incomplete migration.

Looking for Custom Enterprise App Development Services?

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FAQ About Challenges of Enterprise Application Development

  1. Why should you choose enterprise applications?

  2. As your organization grows, the need for scalable tools becomes necessary to maintain the data of business. So, when you have enterprise business, it becomes a reasonable choice to opt for enterprise application development. Enterprise applications built with the latest technology like cloud computing can help you to scale your company data.

  3. Which are the four key enterprise applications?

  4. Enterprise applications are a group of different applications that help and support organizations to achieve their goals by applying for the cross-functional work, company-wide communication system. Using such enterprise applications allows employees to enhance consumer knowledge, and helps to improve the overall productivity of an organization. There are four types of applications that are used by organizations to handle the different departments.

    • Knowledge management system
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP system)
    • Customer resource planning
    • Supply chain management
  5. What are the examples of business application software to manage the business?

    • Communication software
    • Scheduling management software
    • Inventory control software
    • Human resource planning software
    • Learning management software
  6. What are the benefits of implementing enterprise applications?

  7. Integrating enterprise application software in your organization helps you in different ways. Here are a few of the benefits of using enterprise applications.

    • Allows to automate the workflow of your processes
    • Enhances the management process to build proper coordination across departments
    • Allows to enhance the efficiency of overall work
    • Helps to streamline the resource management of organizations
    • Enterprise application integrations allow decreasing the IT complexity
    • Get a room for scalability as the business grows

Want a Custom Enterprise Application Solution for Your Business?

Enterprise app development can help your organizations to connect better and improve business operations. On top of that, it helps you to have control of your enterprise data. As you read the blog, you have learned about challenges and solutions for enterprise application development.

When you are looking for a software solution that can help you structure your business operations as per your business needs, contact us. We will help you in custom enterprise applications development.

Being an enterprise application development services company in Toronto, we have expertise in developing several types of applications of different categories. Want to discuss your business requirements for enterprise software development? Let’s connect and talk.

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